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Save Time and Shop Online for Your Kitchen. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Can I remove a neighbor's fence on my property? - 2020 Faulkners Surveyors (Party Wall) was developed in 2010 and has grown rapidly over the past decade as a professional firm providing dedicated and expert services. Our team are devoted to providing a quality service for affordable and transparent costs If your neighbour owns the fence and it is on their property, then they can take away the wall. UK Fence & Gate Height Rules If your not happy with this decision then you are more than welcome to erect your fence on your boundary

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You can't make changes to your side without their permission, such as painting it. If the wall or fence seems dangerous, point this out because your neighbour might not be aware. If they don't repair it, you can report a dangerous wall or structure to your council on GOV.UK. If you own the wall or fence Well, strictly speaking, if the fence has encroached on your land, then you have a common law right known as abatement which does. permit you to remove it and return it to your neighbour. Unsurprisingly, the law does not like abatement and you would do so. at your peril Unless the existing fence is causing a safety hazard on your side, there's very little you can do to force your neighbour to repair or replace it if they don't want to. This is understandably frustrating for you, watching the fence leaning, rotting or falling apart, but legally your hands are tied. Your options at this poin

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Can I remove a neighbor's fence on my property? - Faulkners Surveyors. Faulkners Surveyors was developed in 2010 and has proliferated over the past decade as a professional firm providing devoted and professional services. Our team are devoted to offering a quality service for transparent and reasonable costs Has your neighbour built a fence on your property? If they have, they're trespassing and you can make them remove it. If you don't, and the fence remains in place for long enough, your neighbour could apply to register your land as their own. It amazes me how often this happens As with leaning something against or hanging something on your neighbour's fence, you should only paint, stain or varnish your neighbour's fencing with their permission. However good your intentions, if you do it without their say so it's criminal damage. How can I work out the age of my fencing The landlord is responsible for the property and its impact on the properties around it. They're therefore legally required to have your neighbour remove unwanted items from your fence and repair any damage that may have been caused If a neighbor builds a fence onto your property without permission, it is called an encroachment. But before doing anything, make absolutely certain that the fence is indeed on your property. Is the fence several feet on your property? Or is it a few inches

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  1. Then, can I attach something to my Neighbours fence? Both neighbours may attach screens or trellises to a fence, provided they do not damage it. Freestanding screens or similar structures remain the property of one neighbour and are not considered fences.As a general rule, development approval is not required for a trellis or screen
  2. A landowner can remove a fence, separating his/her land from that of his/her neighbor, when such fence is located wholly upon his/her own land. However, a landowner is not empowered to remove a partition fence without the adjacent landowner's consent. A partition fence is the joint property of adjacent landowners
  3. Can I remove neighbors fence on my property UK? If your neighbour owns the fence and it is on their property, then they can take away the wall. If your not happy with this decision then you are more than welcome to erect your fence on your boundary
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  5. A You can remove the hedge if it is on your side of your property title boundary, ie the legal boundary between the two properties. A hedge planted on the legal boundary may be regarded as a party fence/hedge and therefore cannot be removed without your neighbour's consent. (You can, however, trim it.

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This step is important, so you can understand who actually owns the fence. The wall can be yours, your neighbours, or even shared. A good way to go about this is to look for the house deeds of your property that also contain a plan of the land. You can find the property boundaries marked there A hedge can be cheap to create and last for a long time. It can help bring wildlife into your garden; and its flowers, berries and leaves can add colour and beauty. Getting advice, from the Royal. If you can prove the neighbor installed the fence on your property without your permission, the court should be able to issue an order forcing the fence to be removed. Now to the other side of the.. If the possession is with your permission then, by definition, it cannot be hostile. One of the most common ways to establish that you gave your neighbors permission is to have them sign a simple rental agreement. For a nominal amount (say, $15 per year), they can keep their fence over the property line and use that three-foot strip If your neighbor has taken a few feet of your land when building his fence, you can take steps to take back your land. A caveat, however; make sure you know where your true property boundaries are

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  1. Contact our specialists today to assess the best treatment plan for the Knotweed problem. TP Knotweed Solutions are trusted by thousands of property owners throughout the UK
  2. Fence painting depends a lot on where the fence is on your property. If it's a fence outside the front, where it is containing your garden, then usually, you can do whatever you like with it. When it comes to fence painting, you can do whatever you want to your side of the fence. So, if it is your fence on both the outside and the inside.
  3. Use It or Lose It: Property Owners and Fence Lines. by: Jane M. Myers, Esq. Good fences do not always make good neighbors. A landowner can lose or gain land by a legal concept known as adverse possession. This is a legal principle whereby land may be acquired by someone other than the record owner if certain conditions exist for a period.

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  1. An attorney can advise you of what legal action to take, and if the matter ends up going to court, rest assured that if you have proof that the fence in question is on your property, there's a good chance your neighbor will be forced to remove it -- and possibly cover some or all of your legal fees as well
  2. According to my records, the [fence/hedge/other encroachment] is actually on my property. I've attached a copy of my survey/plat map to illustrate this. I understand you wouldn't have done this on purpose, so I'm writing to you to see if we can clear this matter up
  3. A fence was built by my neighbors 20 years ago. my plat or survey shows the property line extends 120 feet. this fence is approximately 40 feet of the 120 feet. I would like to extend the fence. Can t read more. I have a neighbor who built on his fence (more than ten years ago) 6' on his side of the property line
  4. A common occurrence in our area, given the frequent lack of survey monuments, is a neighbor's inadvertent building over your property line, whether it be a driveway, a fence, a deck or even a portion of a house. Must the encroachment over the boundary line be removed or may it legally remain in place? That, my friends, is the question
  5. My father built the property forty years ago and i purchased the property some 15 years ago. since purchasing i have expended the house and built a wall around the property where by they used to look into my parents garden with a 4ft wire stock proof fence. they have complained about everything three 3 ring binder full of issues
  6. Suit for Injunctive Relief. If the roots of neighbor's row of backyard trees next to your fence have invaded your property, causing damage to your hardscape, and/or threatening your home's foundation, suit in court for injunctive relief may be effective to force them to remove their offending trees, and to grind down the stumps to kill the roots, thereby solving your problem, and stopping.

The 1984 Act deals with trespassers on your land and in your home, but only applies to personal injury (unlike the 1957 Act that also includes damage and loss to the visitor's property). A 'trespasser' has a wide meaning and can be a thief about to burgle your home, but could be a child attempting to retrieve his ball My neighbor is putting up a fence that will encroach on my property. I cannot get my lawn equipment in and out my back gate nor can I maintain my property on the side of my house. Our houses are set back at different points. I did ask him many years ago if he wanted to go in on half the fence between our property but he declined

Survey Says the Fence Encroaches - Now What? By Bob Zierman on February 14, 2012. Posted in Basic Issues. Your survey indicates that the fence encroaches your way; your neighbor's survey indicates that the fence encroaches in their direction; or perhaps you split the cost of a survey and you found that the fence encroaches one way or. Here are some of the outbuilding limitations currently active in the UK: The building should be at least 2.5m away from your main house. Must not exceed 2.5m height. Cannot take up more than 50% of the garden space. So yes, you can build a shed next to your neighbor's fence, as long as the things above are still followed 2h UK is 'on your side', and this extension was built along the boundary of the neighbouring property. Can I ask our neighbours to remove a fence built on our land You can cut branches and/or roots back up to the limit of your property, your garden fence, say. There you should stop. You are not allowed to go into a neighbour's garden without permission to cut a tree back. Nor can you lean over into his garden to cut back the 'offending' branch - you will be trespassing If the tree was on your land and fell onto your land, then it will be your responsibility to remove it, or to arrange for its removal. Always remember that tree removal is a potentially hazardous undertaking, especially if part of the tree is still standing, or the tree has landed on top of property. It is wise to call in the services of a.

Patel, Patel (the neighbor) hired a contractor to remove the roots from the large Monterey pine his neighbor (Booska) owned. Patel claimed the roots had started to damage concrete around his property. The contractor dug a 3′ trench along the property line, effectively severing a significant portion of roots needed to survive The fact you thought it was the neighbor's fence may mean they also think it is their fence. You could show them the survey and ask that they agree the fence does not reflect a true property line and can be removed. They can bring a claim for adverse possession especially if you ( or your predecessors) ignored the fence for more than ten years Neighbour is taking down MY fence! My neighbour has planning permission for an extension. I objected to his extension and stated that under no circumstances could he take down the fence. As I left for work this morning, he handed me a builders business card and said his builder is starting work today, and will be taking down the fence You may choose to sue the neighbor in small claims court for the loss of enjoyment of your property, but this will not result in the removal of the fence. If you would like the fence removed, a trial court judge can issue an injunction against the neighbor. My neighbor constructed a fence on the property line dividing the land

If the fence is on or near the property line, for example, the neighbor might have assumed that he had the right to use the fence as he or she saw fit. Indeed, if a fence is on or near the property line it can sometimes be counted as a boundary fence, which means you and your neighbor share ownership of the fence - and equal. Your rights are to use your property up to but not over the boundary line. In general, to the extent that a portion of your fence encroaches onto the neighbor's property, the neighbor can remove it or can take you to court to show that it encroaches and get the court to order or allow its removal If your fence (typically the front garden fence) fronts a road, a footpath or public highway and is more than 1 metre high - then you need to apply for planning permission. If your fence does not front a road (usually the back garden), then the maximum height without planning permission is 2 metres, including any trellis topper If your neighbor puts their property, a fence, or even an addition to their home on or crossing you property line, then you have a boundary dispute. The first step in dealing with this is to talk to your neighbor and then compare deed copies. The exact wording of the deeds should tell you where your property lines are

Maintaining 'presentable' boundaries to your property. Unless it's stated in the deeds of the neighbour's property that there should be a physical barrier or the wall (if it is a brick or stone structure) is listed (as opposed to 'listing') there is no law that says you have to place a physical boundary between your property and your neighbour's, be it fence, wall, vegetation. A common concern is whether it matters how close you place a shed to a fence. In terms of regulations there are no requirements for how close a shed can be too a fence; however, there are advisory rules which you can follow. The problem when placing a shed too close to a fence is the potential build up of damp What Should I do if My Neighbor's Fence is on My Property? http://rdwaller.com You can only do this if your property is registered and a determined boundary will remain valid even if you or your neighbour sell your respective properties. If you want to make a determined boundary application then firstly you need a Chartered Surveyor to draw up a plan showing the precise dimensions of your land Overhanging Branches on Your Property. Even if the tree trunk is on your neighbor's property, you have the responsibility for cutting any branches that extend onto your property line. You are responsible for the cost of cutting any branches you choose to trim. You can cut back anything up to your property line

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Hi Tracy, if your fence is a boundary fence and actually runs on the boundary line then technically the opposite side to your fence is their side to use, but if you originally paid for your fence to be erected, it's still your fence and your neighbors should have asked to do what they did as you can by right, if you did pay for the original fence, is take the fence back down and theirs with it. Can I Replace My Neighbour's Fence? A properly-installed fence can add the finishing touch to a nice garden. Conversely, an old and rotting fence is an eyesore and can cause problems with the neighbours. Despite the fact many of us prefer our gardens to be fenced in, there is no requirement in law to erect a fence along a boundary My next door neighbour has approximately 18 foot of bamboo which is 6 foot high and at various points it has grown into my property and appears in our lawn and up through our patio. I had a conversation with my neighbours back in June when they stated they would remove the offending bamboo from their garden but subsequently changed their minds Type 3: Exceptionally Annoying Neighbors. Common Examples: Psychos, sneaky stealers, garbage collectors, criminals making their bad business right in front of your home. Collect Evidence & Try to Force Your Neighbor to Move. If your neighbor's behavior is exceptionally irritating but isn't life-threatening, you may want to collect evidence and contact authorities (local precinct, cops. If my fence falls on neighbors property and there is damage am I responsible? Posted on July 3, 2014 July 16, 2014 by AgentInsure There are a variety of situations that can cause your fence to fall into your neighbor's yard

If your neighbour's tree is causing a problem. The tree's owner has a legal responsibility to make sure it doesn't damage a neighbour's property, garden, drive or boundary fence. You can cut back roots and branches that overhang or encroach onto your property, but it's best to discuss it with your neighbour first what can the neighbour do to my fence? When I bought my house I asked the neighbours behind if I could take out the old hedge (useless) and put up a fence, at my... Can neighbour put new fence on my land. My neighbour is having a new fence installed. The previous fence was not a solid straight line and had a break in the middle.(no..

Fence disputes between landowners are to be resolved by town fence viewers. You can also sue your neighbor for private nuisance if they build a spite fence on their property. In New York, a spite fence is one that exceeds 10 feet high and was built to block your enjoyment of light or air Describe the violation. For example, the neighbor's hedge or fence is encroaching on your property. Attach your survey or plat map highlighting the disputed area. Explain that you are giving the neighbor notice that she needs to remove the encroaching structure. Specify a reasonable period in which the neighbor should fix the encroachment, for. Create a barrier. When running into issues with a neighbor trespassing on your property, you can place a barrier of sorts to ensure they cannot access your property. This could be a strong fence of wood, stone or metal, or shrubbery to provide privacy. When you have a barrier up, it's an indication to others that you would prefer they stay.

If you are aware that your tree poses a potential threat, you are legally obliged to take reasonable steps to either make it safe or remove it from your property. If a tree that has fallen is deemed to be diseased, rotten or dead, your insurance company will refuse your claim Consequently, can a neighbor remove a fence? In many states, before someone can install a fence, the city or county must review and issue a permit.If you can prove the neighbor installed the fence on your property without your permission, the court should be able to issue an order forcing the fence to be removed.. Beside above, can my Neighbour attach things to my fence

The property should be marked at the corners with buried iron stakes so surveys are typically pretty accurate. I think your only option would be to have a survey done of your property in order to verify. Yes he can make you move your fence if someone encroached on his property in the past with the fence A neighbor has erected a a fence that is approx 9ft from the ground where the posts are set into. It is on her land but she has also attached part of it to the side wall of our property (not a party wall). She has also attached a gate to the same wall. Their used to be a gate their but it was a much lighter construction If your neighbor is unable or unwilling to remove the encroachment, but is otherwise open to resolving the issue, you may wish to consider selling the encroached-upon property to him. That way, you get some money for the loss of your property and your neighbor gets to use the land without worry

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Lawsuit to Eject and Remove Improvements. While more expensive and time consuming, sometimes filing a court action is the best way to stop adverse possession. You can bring a court action to evict trespassers from your property. You can also seek a court order requiring a trespasser to remove any structures or improvements made on your property The neighbor who lives behind me has a palm tree that has grown so that it's trunk is pushing against the property line block fence that divides our property, and has done major damage to it and, if nothing is done, will continue to grow and push against the wall until it knocks down a section of it onto my landscaping (shrubs,block borders. Trophy Points: 0. hm, if the fence is totally on your land chances are that by putting the stuff against the fence the neighbor is committing a tort, which, as the cops rightfully observed, is a civil matter. It is called trespass to land. So if the stuff is touching your ground, or reaching into your ground, you have a cause of action The description of the property in the clerk's office would still be the same and what is purchased would be legally available to sell. It would come down to whether the fence is the legal property of the neighbor or something left on your lawn, which obviously is the latter, but if you destroy it without proof, the neighbor can call the cops

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A fence built on a boundary is typically considered joint property of both property owners. Therefore, a landowner must first obtain the neighbour's consent to remove or alter the fence. Unless ownership and siting of boundary fences and walls is specifically stated in the deeds of each property, both parties share equally in the duty to. neighbour then I'd say that if the deeds don't cover it the fence is yours. Using my own situation as an example the fence on my north side belongs to the neighbours whose houses back on to it and the fence on the south side is the joint responsibility of that neighbour and us. So when the former go If there's a hedge that marks the boundary between your property and a neighbour and neither the boundary or the hedge are mentioned on your title deeds, a court would assume that the boundary between properties runs through the middle of the hedge if no-one knows who planted the hedge, therefore you can't remove it without permission My neighbour has removed my fence and cut down trees in my garden when I was out I own my property and they are housing association tenants, they said the housing association to,d them they can cut them down, I am so angry the Treena have been in my garden for over 60 years and help with the drainage, they also provided a bit of privacy from.

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If your neighbour doesn't need to access your land for repairs, then they should not come onto your land without permission, this would be trespass. There are a number of ways that you can deal with the situation. Firstly, you could try to approach the neighbour and ask them to stop entering your land. You should only do this if you feel safe. The fence is up to the boundary and is my parents fence, I also thought they should allow more space for cladding etc The fence is remaining and no request for access so far. The extension had.

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When you place a fence a few inches inside your property line, you can't forget about the part of your property outside the fence! While your neighbors might mow the additional strip of yard on their side to be nice, it's technically your job to make sure the grass is cut and the weeds are pulled. If your neighbors install a fence inside. Before phoning your solicitor, check to see which neighbour has the better side of the fence. Often when fences are being built, people put the side with no fence posts towards their neighbour's property. This is why looking for fence posts is a good place to start, but if you or your neighbours disagree, the next step is to check the deeds. However, my neighbor is on my property and has their fence attached to my fence. This is what prompted me to get a land survey just to make sure I know where my property line is. Because of this, I will need to request that my neighbor takes down their fence boards and remove their fence post from my side of the property Easements can easily be considered a burden for most property owners. Allowing others to use a portion of your land for specific purposes can feel like a violation of your privacy. If you're dealing with the same problem, you might be searching for different ways on how to remove an easement from your property

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Who can paint or otherwise alter a fence once it's up? Only the owner of the fence may make any changes to it, even where the other side of the fence is on neighbouring property. This means that if you erect a fence in your garden, your neighbour must ask for permission before painting or staining their side of it The encroachment by my neighbor consists of feeding water runoff onto my property by a directed hose and pump, cutting six of my trees off at the trunks, pushing dirt and stones onto my property with a backhoe vehicle, and excavating 3.5 feet into my property. He claims he is not using my property as your definition (fences, shrubbery) indicate Fence Height Rules. Often, 6 feet is the maximum height anywhere on the property, except for: Within 15 feet of a street line or street curb. In the front yard. When traffic sight distances are impaired. In the case of the exceptions noted above, the fence can be no higher than 3 1/2 to 4 feet

If it is on your property, you own the fence! Knowing this ahead of time will help in the event that your neighbors are difficult to deal with and refuse to work with you. If the existing fence is on the neighbor's property, you can not remove it without their approval no part of the fence, wall, gate or any other boundary involved, forms a boundary with a neighbouring listed building or its curtilage. the right to put up or alter fences, walls and gates has not been removed by an article four direction or a planning condition We're trying to paint our two-story house, but my neighbor has completely fenced in her property. Nearly all of one side of my house isn't accessible without her permission, and there is less.

One man's fence can be another man's hideous eyesore. The general rule that applies in most jurisdictions is you do not need permission from a neighbor to build a fence on your property. However, if the intended position of your fence strays onto your neighbor's land, it's a different story. He would have the right to refuse to allow any part. neighbors sometimes argue. Where problems arise In my opinion, based upon 35 years of Extension work and fielding fencing questions, says Matthews, the most common fence disputes are over fence boundaries, maintenance of existing fence and the replacement of an old fence. According to Matthews, disputes ove If a neighbor's tree roots grow onto your property and cause damage, you have the right to remove the roots. Your specific rights and remedies may vary depending upon local law. Check local statutes and ordinances, as well as with your homeowner's insurance carrier, before taking action. The general rule is that any part of the tree. If a property owner installs a fence completely on their side of the property line, the fence is theirs. And so is the bill for it. If the fence is on the property line, the neighbours on either side are, legally, equal partners in the fence. Generally, each must pay half the cost of building or repairing the fence. But there are exceptions

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How to Install a Fence Next to a Neighbor's Fence. Find your property lines. Call your title company and ask if they have a survey of your property on record. If they can't help, a call to your local city government offices may get your answers. Borrow or rent a metal detector and try to locate the property markers on your own You can't erect a garden fence higher than 2 metres unless you have planning permission. This is a general rule and it may vary across local councils. The regulation applies even when the land is steep. That being said, if you're in a big, densely populated city where privacy is cherished, it's not difficult to acquire one.; The fence is only yours if it is located on your property If you do ignore the situation your property lines could eventually be redrawn to give your neighbor ownership of the additional land if you do. Of course, if you build a fence you'll want to protect yourself from accusations that you are building the fence on your neighbor's property, since such an accusation can prove costly and stressful.

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As you neighbours are of the unfriendly variety, your options really are very limited. You could put a new fence on your side of the old rotting one and would then have total control of what grows on it. You could remove ivy from that without having to encroach on your neighbours property. There's no easy solution when neighbours fall out This fence is 1 1/2 feet on my property. I did some measurements with the parkway markers.. I first measured the marker between our properties and the next property to the south. It measurers exactly 50 feet. When I then measured in the middle of my property from the south neighbors fence I get 50 feet when measuring 18 inches past my driveway. A dividing fence is a fence that divides two properties. It usually lies on the common boundary of adjoining pieces of land, though it can lie mainly or wholly in one property. A retaining wall is not classed as a dividing fence. A dividing fence is legally the joint property of both property owners, which means anything that one owner does to. 6. Have your attorney send a letter. If you can't reach an agreement with your neighbor on your own, a letter from your attorney is a reasonable next step. It lets your neighbor know you mean business before pursuing further legal action. The letter should detail the property line violation and ask for a specific action to resolve the situation The median amount paid by insurance companies for settled tree claims was $4,110. Seven percent of all settled claims were caused by a fallen tree. Compare that with the most costly type of claims.