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  3. Pregnancy Care Tips in Telugu - Telugu Boldsky Prenatal section has articles on prenatal care, Prenatal healthy diet, Prenatal Exercises tips, Pregnancy Food Chart in Telugu and so on
  4. Pregnancy Tips in Telugu - Telugu Boldsky offers information on parenting tips in Telugu, Pregnancy Diet Chat & tips in Telugu, pregnancy care tips, Prenatal Exercises & diet care guidelines in Telugu, postnatal diet & Exercises guidelines in Telugu
  5. Best Baby Care Tips For 0 To 6 months Baby In Telugu English speaking for Real Life - English conversation between parents and children everyday How To Organize Newborn Essentials 2021 | Folding Tips and Trolley Cart Organizatio
  6. Pregnancy care tips first 3 months - Health Tips in Telugu | Mana Arogyam Subscribe To Mana Arogyam : https://goo.gl/L1FJ7n Follow Us On : www.facebook.co..
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Baby Care Tips in Telugu - Telugu Boldsky baby section has articles on babies, babies food, babies skin care, babies body care and so on in Telugu 8.9 months pregnancy Care tips in telugu by kalyan sai talkes plz dont skip this vedio end to watch friends any information for this vedio comment me friends.. Breast Care during pregnancy in Telugu || Breast care || Pregnancy care in Telugu|

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Telugu Pregnancy tips,telugu pregnancy exercise,telugu pregnancy care; About; Pregnancy symptoms In telugu-Signs of pregnancy telugu. Posted on May 18, 2009 by teluguvanitha Telugu p regnancy tips-telugu pregnancy guide Download pregnancy care, parenting skills & baby care advice app & start asking & getting personalised & instant tips from doctors, experts & community of 5m verified like-minded parents. Read blogs, ask questions & participate in Live-chat for tried & tested solutions from our doctors, experts, nutritionists instantly TELUGU WEB WORLD: RUSHULA VYDYA SALAHALU - ANCIENT INDIAN SAGES HEALTH AND MEDICAL TIPS FOR ALL AGES - PART-4 - WOMEN SPECIAL. Saved by sharan. 423. Good Health Tips Natural Health Tips Health And Beauty Tips Beauty Care Beauty Hacks Beauty Skin Ayurvedic Remedies Natural Remedies First Aid Tips

Pregnancy Conceive Karne ke liye kya karna chahiye | Pregnant Hone ke Liye kya karna chahiye 18 Maternity Fashion Hacks Every Pregnant Woman Must Know! My (Pregnancy-Safe) Hair Care Tips for Clean Beauty + my fave products! Teluguvanitha.com-Exclusive coverage of women health issues,Health tips,Pregnancy guidence,childcare ,teen health issues,indian recipes,Entertainment,songs download and diet fitness weight loss tips. There are Language versions Available English and Telugu First Month of Pregnancy - Tips to Take Care of Yourself. Once your doctor confirms your pregnancy, the following pregnancy care tips may come in handy: 1. Prenatal Care. You may start with your prenatal care routine, which should include taking your vitamin supplements. Folic acid is the most important supplement that you may start taking as. New content will be available shortly. Our earlier materials from the 'first wave' of COVID-19 in 2020 can be found below.. While these are still relevant today, some topics are being updated to better reflect our evolving understanding of the disease Telugu Baby Boy Names Starting with B Name Meaning Bhav lord Shiva Bhaumik Lord of the Earth Bhuvik heaven Barun Lord of the Waters Baneet Loved, desired Babeesh Meaning Bahuleya Abundant Bahuliya Lord Kartikeya Baran Noble man Bejul Soul, son of God Bibek Knowledge, conscience Bhevin winner Bankim Lord Krishna Baban happy Badri lord shiva Bhanu right judgement Bheem positive thinker Bichu the.

Learning from India's Postpartum Traditions. In this informative research paper, Birth Institute student Maya D'Costa gives us insight into the traditional ways women are supported during the postpartum period in India. Touching upon the topics of Ayurveda, diet, nutrition, massages, oils, belly binding and postpartum depression, this piece. Maternal Health Services. Pregnancy testing. Public Health Assessments for pregnant women. Prenatal care provided in partnership with Inova Cares Clinic for Women for pregnant residents who meet the required low income level and have no other way to get care. Complete the Maternity On-Line Medical Referral Services (MOMS) eligibility form to apply for prenatal care services

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  1. Jul 9, 2020 - Explore kothapally nagarani's board Telugu baby girl names on Pinterest. See more ideas about telugu baby girl names, baby girl names, girl names
  2. g Care . Le Au, RDH Dental Hygienist Dentistry . Mark Bai, DDS Dentist, Director--Dental Residency Dentistry . Jeremy Bang, RN Registered Nurse.
  3. As many as three out of four healthcare workers and four out of five nurses are women, and it is estimated that more than 300 000 health care workers in the USA alone are pregnant or immediately postpartum during vaccine implementing.5 The dual risk posed by COVID-19 to pregnant healthcare professionals—increased workplace exposure and.

Telugu Pregnancy tips,telugu pregnancy exercise,telugu pregnancy care. Posted on May 1, 2009 by teluguvanitha అమ్మనడక..పాపాయికి మేలు Pregnancy during exercise గర్భిణులు వ్యాయామం చేయడం వల్ల తల్లికే కాదు.. బిడ్డకూ. DeepikaPatneedi #BabyCare #2ndmonthbabycare Second month baby care, growth and development in telugu Hi I'm deepika.. welcome to our channel. twin pregnancy details including diet , personal care ,health tips , proofs with report Pregnancy tips pregnancy tips inward telugu significant pregnancy tips telugu ladies tips indium telugu pregnancy symptoms. Please lookout man it care pregnancy tips telugu Grabhini sthreela kosam. Beauty tips in Hindi Beauty tips in Telugu pregnancy food tips in telugu language How to Make Recipes iTips manpower Health Parenting Advice India, Pregnancy Advice, Baby Care, Baby Names India - Parenting Nation India Select Best Name For Your Lovely Baby From The List Of Names Of Telugu Baby Names With Meaning. Brought To You By ParentingNation.in

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Pregnancy health Doctor appointments Prenatal tests and care Ultrasound scans Natural treatments Illnesses and infections Pregnancy complications Treatment safety Quitting smoking Overweight and pregnant Having another baby Mosquito borne diseases Emotional health Feeling good in pregnancy Stress, moods and depression Relationships and sex Boy. Every pregnant woman has to undergo routine check-ups during pregnancy to understand how the foetus is developing and if special care is needed. There are a number of vaccinations that pregnant women are supposed to take during the period of their pregnancy, and all women are also supposed to take vitamin and mineral supplements during pregnancy

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  1. g. With thousands of award-winning articles and community groups, you can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect with.
  2. Post-delivery confinement is a practice that has been followed in India for generations. As per the tradition, a new mother and her baby have to stay at home for a certain number of days or weeks and follow certain restrictions after delivery. The tradition arose from the need to protect both mum and baby from infection and help the mother recover from the exhaustion of childbirth
  3. Pregnancy and Parenting Guide. Prenatal. Pregnancy Gingivitis: Causes, Symptoms, Complications, Treatments And Other Details. Basics. World Population Day 2021: The Impact Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On Fertility. Baby. How To Take Care Of Your Children During The Monsoon Season
  4. Once you are pregnant, be sure to keep up all of your new healthy habits and see your doctor regularly throughout pregnancy for prenatal care. Learn how to have a healthy pregnancy » References. NIH, NHLBI Obesity Education Initiative. Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults
  5. An Indian diet for pregnancy is rich in all the nutritional requirements that both you and your baby need during the pregnancy months. It will help you gain the right amount of weight and will also provide your body the energy it needs to help support your baby as well as keep you healthy and fit and in good shape for the delivery

Take care of yourself. This list of dos and don'ts in the first trimester of pregnancy might, at first glance, seem a bit intimidating. But don't let it scare you! Most of these can be summed with one simple sentence: Take care of yourself. Be sure to eat healthful foods, drink lots of water, and get enough sleep Congratulations on your pregnancy! A baby is one of life's greatest miracles and he or she deserves the best care and planning along the way. When you select Denver Health, you have choices for your pregnancy care. Our experienced team is here to provide you and your baby with all the tools you need to have a happy, healthy new beginning

Now that you have all the answers to your questions, you can proceed away! Finding a well-suited Telugu girl name for your child should no longer be a task. Read on until the best baby name catches your eye and heart. List of Telugu Baby Girl Names with Meanings Congratulations! It's a boy. Now that your newest family member has arrived, you can't wait anymore to choose a unique boy name. With so many names Telugu boy names available, selecting the one for your little bundle of joy can be confusing. However, this journey of browsing through cute boy names for your newborn is going to be an exciting.

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Pregnant women with marked diseases such as hypertension, asthma, thyroid and diabetes should keep their underlying diseases in check. - Keep a thermometer and a pulse oximeter at home. This is essential for preventive care. - Avoid non-essential travel. - Take the suggested precautions in case someone gets sick in the house The actress-turned-anchor, who is missing in action after quitting her Telugu comedy show Adirindhi, opened up rejecting work opportunities due to pregnancy and how she is quite content with the.

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Antenatal care is the systemic supervision of women during pregnancy to monitor the progress of foetal growth and to ascertain the well-being of the mother and the foetus. A proper antenatal check-up provides necessary care to the mother and helps identify any complications of pregnancy such as anaemia, pre-eclampsia and hypertension etc. in. By the fifth month of pregnancy, the distressing pregnancy symptoms decrease for most pregnant women. Read more about 5th months pregnancy symptoms, what to expect during the 5th month of pregnancy, what changes occur in your body when five months pregnant and the baby's development in the fifth month of pregnancy

As you enter the 28th week or the beginning of the third trimester of your pregnancy, you, and your baby will go through some major changes. As a mother-to-be, you might experience more and more discomfort with each passing day; however, it will also be an exceptional feeling as you will be treated with great care by your near and dear ones This brief provides information and resources on trauma-informed care (TIC) for staff of adolescent pregnancy prevention (APP) programs. The brief describes how a history of trauma can impact youth's well-being and presents principles of trauma-informed care that APP staff can incorporate into their programming to meet the needs of youth with trauma histories

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  1. ated from the U.S. in 2004, cases can occur when unvaccinated people are exposed to infected people, mostly through international travel
  2. To get a woman pregnant, make sure you eat a balanced diet, rich in vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins, which will help improve your sperm count. In addition to eating a healthy diet, try to exercise for at least 3 hours a week, since this gives you a testosterone boost and a higher sperm count
  3. If you think you are pregnant: Call 303-436-4949 to make an appointment at one of our conveniently located Denver Health clinics for a pregnancy test. If you're pregnant, we'll schedule your first prenatal, or OB intake, appointment at a Denver Health clinic near you. You'll see one of our skilled and compassionate health care providers

Some of the best berries to eat while pregnant are blueberries, raspberries, goji berries, strawberries, and acai berries. Check out this blueberry smoothie for some inspiration. 9. Whole grains. Pregnancy calculator is a simple calculator for those who wish to confirm if they are pregnant. This calculator is based on your last menstrual period, existing symptoms and the tests you have.

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  1. The FDA's 2017 guidelines advise pregnant, nursing, or even women considering having children, to eat 2-3 servings (8-12 ounces) of certain varieties of fish each week in order to protect.
  2. Through her story, the author teaches moms 9 steps they can take during pregnancy to better understand themselves and the baby they are growing. The beautiful thing about this story is that you are sure to grow in your own confidence about birth and take charge of your own wellbeing, prenatal care, and emotional states at a deeper level than.
  3. Under NRC's definitions (10 CFR 20.1003), a declared pregnant worker is a worker who has voluntarily informed the employer, in writing, of the pregnancy and the estimated date of conception. The declaration remains in effect until the declared pregnant worker withdraws the declaration in writing or is no longer pregnant

Telugu Baby Girl Names Starting With R Name Meaning Reva sweet heart Riju helpful, innocent Rina peace Rinu smart, beautiful Roja pretty, rose, sensitive Rutu season Rasesh Lord Krishna Raima pleasing, sunshine Ria Singer Raji Shining Rani Queen Reha Star Renu Atom Riha Fragrance Rime Rhyme Rina Peace Rita Child of light Riti Culture Ritu Season Runali Red Coloured Lakshmi Rupriya Beautiful. Your pregnancy care provider can discuss the risks and benefits of additional testing with you and answer any questions you may have. The genetic counselor can also go over options for further testing and answer any questions about screening versus diagnostic prenatal tests, and what various test results might mean for the fetus

Positive pregnancy brings about a kind of harmony to you and your child, hence stay away from negativity. If you are a person who likes to keep record of the monthly changes you can by using journals. 7. Improved Appetite: Fifth month shows improvement in appetite. If you are hungry, eat healthy Taking good care of yourself is the best way to take care of your baby. For example: Keep your prenatal appointments. Visit your health care provider regularly throughout your pregnancy. Take your blood pressure medication as prescribed. Your health care provider will prescribe the safest medication at the most appropriate dose. Stay active About the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program. Although teen birth rates have been falling for the last two decades, 20.3 per 1,000 teens, ages 15-19, gave birth in 2016, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Adolescent pregnancy and childbearing can carry high health, emotional, social, and financial costs for both.

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Proteins are the building blocks of our body. They are considered as the best 5th month pregnancy food. A diet rich in proteins is essential to ensure baby's physical development is on the right course. Muscles, skin and organs need protein to grow and sustain themselves. Include chicken, eggs, nuts, pulses and cereal in your diet 5. Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test. In case you have a delayed period and suspect that you are pregnant, you can use this homemade pregnancy test in place of rushing to a pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test kit. All you need for this test is half to ¾ cup of mustard powder and a bathtub filled with warm water After coming across the pictures wherein Aishwarya and Abhishek could be seen posing with the south actress, netizens rushed to the comment section wondering if Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is pregnant

Diabetic diet chart in telugu pdf the committee recommends a protocolized approach to blood glucose management in icu patients with severe sepsis commencing insulin dosing when two consecutive blood glucose diabetes has become more prevalent than ever due to the all american diet consisting of fast junk food sodas and the variety of other Screengrab of associated video revealed by ANI. Visakhapatnam: A pregnant woman was carried for almost 12-km from her village to the closest main health centre in Balapam panchayat in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday. According to a video, shared by information company ANI, males will be seen carrying the make-shift. Get Health Care in Pregnancy Latest News in Telugu online at TV9telugu.com. Health Care in Pregnancy top Headline, latest photos, videos TV9 Telugu Anaemia in pregnancy is defined e. Renal disease. as an Hb concentration of < 11 gm/dL or a haematocrit C. Genetic - haemoglobinopathies - sickle cell disease, < 0.33 in first and third trimesters, while in the second thalassaemia, etc. trimester a fall of 0.5 gm/dL is adjusted for an increase

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Myths and Facts about Breastfeeding The process and experience of breastfeeding is a mystery to many. With mixed messages on the Internet and in the media, there is a lot of information available and much of the information can be confusing to new mommies Comfortable maternity shapewear underwear are great for smoothing your body and supporting your belly. These pregnancy must haves feature a seamless, breathable mesh with our unique integral support panel for maximum support and comfort. Condition: 100% Brand New Material: Cotton Colors: Pink Yellow Size: M,L,XL,XXL (optional) Specification: Made of quality material, soft, skin-friendly. Discover our range of high quality, effective pregnancy skincare. Clinically proven pregnancy skincare that works pregnancy care products . Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Unknown Saturday, December 28, 2013. Hai.. can u send me a copy of kalari marunthu whichbis given after delivery. My id is prasad.krishna013@gmail.com.tnks. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Seema Tuesday, January 07, 2014 7 Months Pregnant: Common Symptoms. At this stage of the third trimester of pregnancy, it's common to feel the effects of your growing tummy and of your progressing pregnancy. Explore third trimester symptoms & remedies to ensure the well-being of mother & baby in the last stretch of pregnancy. Symptoms can include

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Your baby's development at six weeks of pregnancy. Your baby's facial features are starting to form. He has dark spots where his eyes will form and tiny holes for nostrils. His arms and legs are beginning to emerge. Your baby's heart is dividing into four chambers and is beating twice as fast as yours, at 150 beats a minute It's that time of the year again when the monsoon arrives, bringing much needed respite from the hot summers. However, the rainy season demands extra care for good health, especially amongst pregnant women and children, who are both sensitive to unwanted infections during this time says Dr.Vimala Kumari, MBBS, MD(Obstetrics & Gynecology), DRME, ISOM (MUNICH), Consultant Obstetrics. Six Months Pregnant: Baby Growth & Bodily Changes. Your Baby's Development: At 6 months pregnant, your baby's eyelids will open this month, and he will be able to respond to loud noises. Your baby's taste buds will also be able to taste, through the amniotic fluid, the different flavors of what you're eating Pregnancy Care - Find Pregnancy Care latest News Headlines and breaking news today along with Photos and Videos at HindustanTimes.com. Get other latest updates via a notification on our Mobile App. Antenatal Care DefinitionDefinitions• Planed examination and observation for the woman from conception till the birth .Or• Antenatal care refers to the care that is given to an expected mother from time of conception is confirmed until the beginning of labor. 4. Goals of ANC Goals:* To reduce maternal mortality and morbidity rates.*

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Common Sleep Disorders and Problems During Pregnancy. The most common sleep disorders that tend to occur during pregnancy are obstructive sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and gastroesophageal reflux disorder. Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Weight gain and nasal congestion lead many women to start snoring 7 during pregnancy, which may be a risk. You may be eligible even if you have health insurance. All of your pregnancy care is confidential. To get more information and a referral to a pregnancy care provider, please call the RUMC's PCAP at (718)-818-4570 to schedule an appointment. Your call is completely confidential Diabetes Food Chart In Telugu Language. Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Diet Program Pillar 1 In Telugu. 18 Systematic Pregnancy Diet Chart Pdf In Telugu. Diet In A Pregnant Mother With Diabetes Mellitus Joseph M. The Almighty Almonds Benefits Risks And Scientific. Veeramachaneni Diet Plan For Weight Loss Liquid Solid The Pregnancy Care Service can be contacted on 02 6656 5300 during business hours for appointments and bookings. Women can self-refer to this service or may be referred by a GP for pregnancy care. We encourage women to book their first visit as early as possible, preferably between 10 to 12 weeks. For women experiencing early pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg attaches somewhere else in your body, usually in your fallopian tube — that's why it's sometimes called tubal pregnancy.. Ectopic pregnancies can also happen on your ovary, or somewhere else in your belly. Ectopic pregnancies are rare — it happens in about 2 out of every 100 pregnancies

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Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Jing Jin and her community. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based on your research and in partnership. Prenatal Care. At Denver Health, there are many clinics available for prenatal care.You can select one of our Family Health Centers located throughout metro Denver or you may choose to receive care on the main Denver campus at our Women's Care Clinic. There are several types of prenatal care providers at Denver Health, including physicians, midwives and nurse practitioners Carrying a baby in the womb is the most beautiful experience for a woman. But it is equally essential to take care of your and the baby's health to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Ahead of National Safe Motherhood Day on April 11, it becomes imperative to talk about some tips to ensure that the mother and child both have a smooth experience, said Dr Sonica Chugh, gynecologist and. Topic Pregnancy And Post-natal Care in Tamil - total 14 documents Title: Breast feeding and postnatal care Summary: A translated booklet with information about breastfeeding and postnatal care.The contents of the booklet includes the impact of feeding choice, signs of correct attachment, breastfeeding issues, taking care of you and taking care of your baby Aabhat is a male baby in Telugu that has its origin from Sanskrit. It means shining, Visible and brilliant. The name is now a very popular choice among a lot of Telugu parents for their son. 3. Aabheer: Abheer means a cowherd. It is also a name of a dynasty. This Telugu male names is a favourite among many parents. 4

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Saheli App for Pregnant Women. Saheli is a multilingual mobile App devoted to pregnancy care. It delivers short entertaining and informative daily videos for pregnant women in English, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Guiding them along the pregnancy in a friendly, entertaining and informative manner Mary's Center provides compassionate, quality reproductive care for all women and our doctors and physician assistants are dedicated to providing you the best care possible. In addition to caring for you during pregnancy and birth, we also provide care for your gynecological and reproductive health outside of pregnancy, including: Breast health Back pain during pregnancy can affect more than one in three women. This is usually due to loosening of ligaments and change in posture due to the growing pregnancy. You can help reduce back pain during pregnancy by wearing flat heeled shoes, using chairs with good back support, avoiding lifting heavy objects, and doing gentle exercise Poha. Much like puffed rice, flattened rice ( poha) can be made into a healthy snack with chopped vegetables such as carrot ( gajar ), tomato ( tamatar ), onions ( pyaaz ), beans ( beens) or roasted peanuts added in. Add a few drops of lime juice as well for the taste and the vitamin C. 18 / 20 HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is often called the pregnancy hormone because it is made by cells formed in the placenta, which nourishes the egg after it has been fertilized and becomes attached to the uterine wall. Levels can first be detected by a blood test about 11 days after conception and about 12-14 days after conception by a urine test..

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Healthy Pregnancy Snacks. One of the hardest things for so many women to handle during pregnancy is figuring out how to feel their best with the increased demands on their body. For me, this was particularly true in my most recent third pregnancy when nausea stayed with me for nearly the entire duration of growing the baby 6 weeks pregnant bellies. A number of factors — like your baby's position in your uterus, how tall you are, whether you're having twins or multiples, and whether you've been pregnant before — may affect when and how much your pregnancy announces itself.. Shorter women, and those who have short torsos, tend to show pregnancy more because there's less vertical room for their baby to fill FAQs. How to use pregnancy due date calculator? A normal pregnancy usually lasts for 37 to 42 weeks. If you need to know your due date, choose the date of the first day of your last period from. MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women program provides healthcare coverage, including sixty-day postpartum coverage, for pregnant women whose family income does not exceed 196% of the federal poverty level for their household size. Once eligible, the coverage continues through the postpartum period despite subsequent increases in income. Coverage begins the first day of the month of application If your pregnant molly seems to be close to giving birth, then the first thing you should do is move the mother molly before she gives birth. You will easily know if the fish is about to give birth as mentioned earlier. A swollen belly and dark line at the underside of the molly are sure told signs that your molly is pregnant

During the first 3 months, vaginal bleeding may be a sign of a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Contact the health care provider right away. During months 4 to 9, bleeding may be a sign of: The placenta separating from the inner wall of the uterus before the baby is born (abruptio placentae Pregnancy tips telugu గర్భధారణ జాగ్రత్తలు. 533 likes · 1,524 talking about this. Pregnancy Tips Telugu diabetes, pregnancy-induced hyper-tension, preeclampsia, recovery from childbirth or loss or end of pregnancy, and/or post-partum depression. • PDL does not need to be taken all at once but can be taken on an as-needed basis as required by your health care provider, including intermittent leave or a reduced work schedule