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UK made car gas struts with an extended 2 year warranty and next day delivery. Free video fitting guide to replace your old struts in minutes Tesla tires are built to optimize performance, safety, reliability and durability. Since tires degrade over time from the effects of ultraviolet light, extreme temperatures, high loads and environmental conditions, always follow the recommended tire rotation schedule.For more information on ways to optimize the performance of your car, see the recommended practices for car maintenance Flat tires can ruin your trip, but keeping a compact tire repair kit in your vehicle will ensure you get back on the road in a snap. The next generation Tesla Tire Repair Kit contains an air compressor to regularly top off your tire pressure and a one-piece sealant canister to patch up punctures. In the event of a puncture, simply attach the transparent hose from the top of the kit to the tire. With a 19 wheel on the Model Y Tesla specifies a tire load rating of 104 (1984 lbs). The reason, as I have come to understand, for the tire load rating exceeding the gross axle gross axle weight rating (for 19 wheels the front and rear GAWR are each 3607 lbs per axle, or 1804 lbs per wheel) is that in case of a blowout of one of the tires the.

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I got a flat tire! The Model 3 doesn't have a spare tire, so what do you do when you get a flat? All the info is in this video. As a bonus - help me figur.. Recommended Tesla Tire Replacement Intervals. Tesla recommends rotating the tires every 6,250 miles—and a few more or less shouldn't make much of a difference. Also, you should rotate your tires if the tread depth difference between them exceeds 2/32 of an inch. Disadvantages of Tesla Tires. Tesla tires, though higher quality, aren't. For use specifically with theTesla Tire Repair Kit, this sealant is a replacement for when the sealant included with the tire repair kit has been used or reaches its expiration date Tesla Model S Long Range & Plaid 19 inch Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Packages. 19 inch Tesla TST, TSS, and Forged Wheels for Tesla Model S Long Range & Plaid by T Sportline. Shop turbine style wheels, arachnid style wheels, and forged aftermarket Tesla wheels for your Tesla Model S Long Range & Plaid * For Model S and Model X vehicles produced in 2012-2020, Tesla recommends replacing the cabin air filter every 2 years. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter If your Tesla is equipped with a HEPA filter, Tesla recommends replacing it every 3 years.. Tire Rotation, Balance and Wheel Alignment Tesla recommends rotating your tires every 6,250 miles or if tread depth difference is 2/32 in.

When my 20 tires wear out, to be safe, I plan to order the rims from Tesla and purchase the tires locally from Discount Tires along with their warranty plan. What you lose in visual appearance with the 19s, you will gain back with lower cost tires, the ability to rotate and extend life, slightly better efficiency, and easier tire to find in. I always knew electric cars were cheap to run, but this is ridiculous. After I bought the first set of replacement tires for my 2013 Tesla Model S (at 26,000 miles), I crunched the numbers and. You can have the replacement done at a certified Tesla Service Center, by your mechanic, or do it yourself. Provided you have picked your preferred set of tires, you can replace the tires yourself. Tesla Model 3 Replacement Tools. Four jack (low profile, rated 2.25 tons) Jack pads; Torque wrench (129 pound-foot) Screw sockets; Plastic pry too

When reading customer reviews and forums, we found that the most common maintenance services your Tesla will need within the first year are a tire rotation, replacement of windshield washer fluids. This will likely be shod in a 255/40R20 tire, losing some aspect ratio (tire sidewall height) in order to fit the taller Induction Tesla wheel. There are also listings for the Model Y Performance Upgrade running on huge 21-inch wheels in staggered form, with 255/35R21 tires up front and 275/35R21 tires in the back

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I just had to replace a tire on my Model X Tesla wanted $365 for 1 back tire I ordered it from discount tire for $292. the Model X has staggered tires and they or not kept in stock. Discount tire was the best price I could find. I had to cover the seats with everything I could find due to the white interior but besides that a job well done Tires. Normal: Tread depth 4/32 or greater, and all tires must meet Tesla size and rating (speed and seasonal). Excessive: Tread depths less than 4/32; tires that do not meet Tesla's standards for size and/or rating (speed and seasonal); mismatched tires (other than brand); or dry rot, cupped, cut, or sidewall plugs. Wheel. Normal: Scratches, gouges, chips, or dents less than 3 per. For use specifically with the Tesla Tire Repair Kit, this sealant is a replacement for when the sealant included with the tire repair kit has been used or reaches its expiration date. It looks like you are using an outdated browser that will prevent you from accessing a variety of features across our site..

Tesla should offer an all season tire option for those of us who don't live in SoCal where temperatures tend to remain warm all year long. I would like an all season tire that will last 40,000-50,000 miles, has good grip, is somewhat more efficient than the super sticky Pilot Sport 4S summer tires, is relatively quiet and doesn't cost $330. 2. ITM Set of 4 08017DXS TPMS 433mhz Tire Pressure Sensors w/Gloss Black or Matte Black Aluminum Valve Stems for Tesla Model S 3 X Aftermarket Replacement (Matte Black) 9.5/10 our score. Buy Now. Pre-Programmed 433mhz, Simple Install & Drive Vehicle For Auto Re-Learn or Reset Onboard Computer. 5-6 year battery life

For use specifically with the Tesla Tire Repair Kit, this sealant is a replacement for when the sealant included with the tire repair kit has been used or reaches its expiration date How do you replace tires on Tesla cars? I have done it two ways: 1) I called Tesla and they sent a van that contains a complete tire shop. They have repaired punctures for me and sold me new tires - at my home and at my office. In the earlier da.. How I change out a wheel on my Model 3.Support my channel by using my affiliates links. I used this Milwaukee M12 Fuel Stubby 1/2-in Impact Wrench to quickly.. With regular tire rotations (every 6K miles) and keeping the car aligned front and rear, I think I got ~25-30K miles out of them (if I remember correctly). They get loud and squirrely at the end of their lifetime, though. Even so, I was happy to see they make a size to fit the 18 Aero rims. That will be the tire I buy when I need to replace them

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  1. Ok I will finally buy a replacement set of 18 tires for my LR RWD. I have 32,000 miles and I am down to 2-3/32, nearly at the wear bars. There is a good reason that Tesla is picking Michelin tires - these are among the best tires in the world for cars in general. 0. beaver
  2. Thanks for sharing. I used TireRack and Firestone for my Acura tire replacement but went with America's Tire for the Continentals on my Tesla just in case there was an issue with the new tires. 0. hokiegir1. October 2019 edited October 2019. Just to update this,.
  3. Tire replacement: happy with the Continentals (updated) using a straight edge to compare the two tires when mounted on the Tesla M3 wheel, the 245mm Pirelli tire sticks out from the rim by about 3/16 whereas the 235mm Continentals were recessed by about the same amount. Leaving the rim fully exposed
  4. For example the MICHELIN PILOT SPORT PS2 XL, 265/35ZR-21 that I needed to replace is available from TIRE RACK for $344, a 22% discount on Tesla's price. Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 staggered.
  5. I should also note that tire weights are pretty close enough. Indeed, there are other brands/models of 245/45-18 at Tire Rack that are actually a tad lighter than the 235/45-18 Michelin MXMs. However, the 235/45-18 tires have very few models available, as opposed to the much more common 245/45-18
  6. Tesla Tire Replacement. Accessories. Close. 14. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. Archived. Tesla Tire Replacement. Accessories. I'm just hitting 30,000 miles with the stock 19 Goodyear Eagle Touring tires (245/45R19 98W) on my 2016 Model S 90D. They're ready for replacement (down to 3/32) -- I'm a 'spirited driver' so I am happy with the.
  7. The correct way to change a flat tire on a Tesla Model X or Model SBuy the Murphy's Law Jack Pad Adaptershttps://www.ebay.com/usr/murphyslawjackpadsKeeping t..

Skytopia > Articles > Best Tesla Model 3 compatible tires compared using Tire Rack and Tyre Reviews (article last updated 2019-09-19 ) Best Tesla Model 3 compatible tires compared using Tire Rack and Tyre Reviews. For any Tesla owners looking to buy tires for their Tesla Model 3 (AWD, RWD or Performance, here's a handy guide to the best Normally offered as a staggered configuration, with a wider rear wheel / tire, during 2015, Tesla briefly offered a square configuration, with all 4 wheels utilizing the 21x8.5 wheel before returning to the original staggered offering Tesla charged $230 per tire plus $55 for the labor, for each tire. We're looking at $25 difference per tire without taking into account the Costco discount, $42.5 if you take into account the discount for buying 4 tires at the same time TSS 20 Tesla Model Y Replacement Wheel and Tire from $825.00. TST 20 Tesla Model Y Replacement Wheel and Tire from $775.00. TS5 21 Tesla Model Y Replacement Wheel and Tire from $1,050.00. Tesla Wheel Lug Nut Cover Set in Black - Model Y $50.00. Tesla Wheel Lug Nut Cover Set in Silver - Model Y $50.00

Tesla owner cuts open Model X tire to reveal acoustic foam used for noise reduction. A video uploaded on YouTube showcases Tesla's use foam-lined tires to ensure that its vehicles are as silent. Every Tesla Model S and Model X owners want to know about how to get the most of out of tires and wheels on their Teslas: from tire rotation and noise reduct.. All about the Tesla Model Y, to complete Tesla's S-3-X-Y lineup. Press J to jump to the feed. User account menu. 0. Wheel and tire replacement. Close. 0. Posted by 1 day ago. Wheel and tire replacement. 1/2. $525 wheel and tire replacement for 20in induction. I don't deserve nice things . 6 comments. share. save. hide. report. 38%. TESLA ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE POLICY . replace a damaged wheel or tire. Service Centers may repair or replace your damaged tire at your cost. Please make arrangements with your Service Center for this service. Pricing and availability is subject to change based on location. Loaner wheels must be returned to the Service Center within three days.

Accepts factory Tesla center cap, factory Tesla lug nut, factory Tesla TPMS sensor, and factory 20 tire. Great alternative to 20 Tesla Model X factory wheel, 22 Tesla Model X Turbine. View our Model X Wheel Guide Here. Color matched T Sportline center cap included, but you can use a factory Tesla center cap If you're interested in buying a Tesla and would like a special discount, please consider using my referral code: erik17075. The current discount is 1000 m..

Model 3. May 25, 2021. #491. ModelThree said: It sucks Tesla hasn't gotten one of their tier-1 tire suppliers like Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Hankook, etc. to offer a Tesla-spec version of an all season for the Model 3 Performance (235/35R20) Jason Fenske (Engineering Explained) faced trouble in his Tesla Model 3 road trip. It was a pothole that cost him US$ 2,668.26 to fix the damage. Learn why that happened Nitto NT421Q - Best Highway. The Nitto NT421Q is the perfect highway tire for Tesla Model X drivers looking for durability, long lasting treadwear, and extreme comfort. With upgraded add-on shoulder inserts, there is an extra layer of strength to handle potholes and road bumps with ease Model 3 Replacement Tire Discussion (OEM sizes only) SUPPORT THE SITE AND ENJOY A PREMIUM EXPERIENCE. Welcome to Tesla Owners Online, five years young! For a low subscription fee, you will receive access to more features on the site. We now offer yearly memberships too Jack pads for my Tesla Model 3. Used them to help lift the car up for a DIY tire rotation. The pads fit great and did exactly what they were meant to do: Protect the under body of the Tesla. I was really surprised with the quality and the great price as some sellers are asking 4x as much

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Tesloop didn't often change all the tires at once, which makes it harder to get a clear look at how long the tires lasted, but the Tesla Model X ended going through 42 tires over the 400,000 miles Model 3 All-Weather Floor Liners. $225. View Details View Details. Model 3 18 Aero Wheel and Winter Tire Package. Model 3 18 Aero Wheel and Winter Tire Package. $2,000. $2,000. Quick Add +. View Details 19 Tesla Model 3 Sport Wheel Size: 19X8.5 Offset: +40 PCD: 5X114.3 Center Bore: 64.1mm Weight: 25.0lbs Lug Nut Spec: 21mm Hex, 14X1.50 Thread Lug Nut Torque Spec: 129lb-ft Price: $1,500 Tire Spec: Continental ProContact RX or Hankook Ventus S1evo3, 235/40-19, 96W Details: This is the optional +1 size up sport wheel that costs an additional $1,500 when ordering a Tesla Model 3

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  1. Cheapest Tire for Tesla Model X. Milestar MS392 XP+. If saving money is your number one goal in a new set of tires for your Tesla Model X, then Milestar has the solution. The MS392 XP+ is an ultra high performance all-season tire with more all-season capability than most
  2. Tire rotation: Tesla recommends rotating the tires and balancing the alignment every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. Brake fluid test : Tesla owners should have the brake fluid tested every two years and.
  3. What is the average mileage on Tesla Model 3 tires? This answer will depend on two things. What version Model 3 do you have? How much do you like to flex your throttle foot? If you bought a RWD single motor Model 3 you should expect to get a littl..
  4. 4 Pcs Metal Car Wheel Tire Valve Stem Caps for Tesla Roadster Model S Model X Model 3 TESLASUV Decorative Accessory Logo Styling Decoration Accessories.Black 4.7 out of 5 stars 291 $8.99 $ 8 . 99 ($2.25/Count
  5. Reset tesla model s tire pressure sensors. Reset tesla model s tire pressure sensors
  6. Your Tesla vehicle is protected by a New Vehicle Limited Warranty and a Parts, Body and Paint Repair Limited Warranty. These warranties cover the repair or replacement necessary to correct defects in the materials or workmanship of any parts manufactured or supplied by Tesla that occur under normal use during the coverage period
  7. Cars Tesla Tire Costs 10× Battery Cost, & My Plan To Deflate Tire Costs 90%. When I saw Tesla's Battery Day, I was impressed with both the breadth and the depth of the plan they presented

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  1. Tesla is accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy with electric cars, solar and integrated renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses
  2. Find tire sizes for each Tesla Model 3 year and option. Well help you find TESLA-compatible tyres that are an exact fit for your car as well as your driving style and conditions. It details the pressure of each tire. - It is not an exhaustive list of Model 3 compatible tires 23545-18 23540-19 23535-20. No Charge Tire Spec
  3. Fits all Tesla Model 3 variants (Single Motor, Dual Motor, Performance). Fully tested to the JWL, VIA & SAE J2530 standard. Accepts factory Tesla center cap, factory Tesla lug nut, factory Tesla TPMS sensor, and factory 18 tire (235/45-18)
  4. Crothers is the local tire shop here. Tesla only offered the same OEM tires I had originally. Their pricing was a bit higher than the local tire shop and didn't include the mounting, balancing and disposal of the old tires making them a few hundred dollars more than the local tire store and in a much less convenient location
  5. Shop These Wheels. 20 inch Varro VD38X Custom Satin Black on a Lowered 2021 Tesla Model 3 AWD. Shop These Wheels. 20in Staggered Lexani Ghost Gloss Black On On A Tesla Model 3. Shop These Wheels. 20x9 5x114.3 +35mm offset w/ 245/35/20 Nitto NT-555 G2 20x10.5 5x114.3 +45 offset w/ 285/30/20 Nitto NT-555 G2
  6. 20 Tesla Model Y Induction Wheel Size: 20X9.5 Front & Rear Offset: +45 PCD: 5X114.3 Center Bore: 64.1mm Weight: 31.55lbs Lug Nut Spec: 21mm Hex, 14X1.50 Thread Lug Nut Torque Spec: 129lb-ft Price: $2,000 Tire Spec: Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 255/40-20 XL 101W Front, Rear Details: This is the optional wheel that costs an additional $2,000 when ordering a Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor

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Model Y 19 Gemini Wheel and Winter Tire Package. $2,850. Quick Add +. View Details. Model Y 19/20 Snow Chains. $200. Quick Add +. View Details. Tire Repair Sealant Tesla Model S 20 TS5 Zero G style flow forged wheel is manufactured exclusively for the Tesla Model S. Get Tesla Model S wheels now! Order lightweight flow forged wheels for your Tesla Model S at T Sportline, home for Tesla Accessories, Wheels & Aero Kits The Tesla doesn't have a jack or spare tire so I went to my Porsche and got out the hand crank jack which fit perfectly in the jack point for that wheel. I raised the car until the flat tire was.

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Model Y Replacement Tires... It's sorta embarrassing that I have to post this...I should know this, right? I have a MY with the 20 induction wheels, and its time to change out the tires (its too much fun to go fast). In the past, I have heard that Teslas have special tires that have foam insulation and going with a standard tire would. We are Tesla Owners Club New York State! A group of Tesla owners that want to continue to promote the benefits and impact of electric vehicles. Founded by four Tesla owners, we want to encourage you to join our group and redeem the benefits of being a TOCNYS member! Enjoy Tesla sponsored events, social events, discounts, and much more. Have any questions about membership A staggered fitment means that the rear wheels and tires are slightly wider than the front, providing better traction and a more aggressive stance for the Tesla rims. Additionally, Ohm engineers factor in the related concepts of wheel offset and backspace

Repair your Tesla Model 3 or upgrade the appearance. Our remanufactured and OE replica wheels will give your ride a first class factory look for less Using a quality digital tire pressure gauge, take readings on a cold tire and inflate until the pressure is equivalent to the following Tesla recommended tire pressures. 20″ Tires That's why you should come to see us when it's time to buy new tires for your 2021 Tesla Y. Firestone Complete Auto Care is the place to go for Tesla tires in all sizes, for all seasons. Whether you want a tire that's built to handle diverse terrain, improve fuel-efficiency, or take tight corners, you'll find good tires that match your budget

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Modern Spare designs and sells spare tire kits engineered specifically for your car. Our kits are a modern solution and a vast improvement over the factory-supplied solutions. We offer spare tire kits for many GM, Dodge/Chrysler, and all Tesla models with many more makes and models being introduced soon Unfortunate that Tesla wouldn't prorate replacement tires. Seems like that would be the stand up thing to do. I'm hoping to get 40K from my tires when I get the TM3. $600 feels cheap as far as premium tires go though. I paid $1,500 for my tires on my 350Z and $600 for my tires on my LEAF. 1. Share. Report Save

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View Details. Model X/Y Hitch Rack. $540. Quick Add +. View Details. Model X 20 Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tire Package. $3,000 Tesla Model 3 12V Battery Replacement. Tesla Model 3 SR+ about to get 12V battery replaced. Photo by Zach Shahan, CleanTechnica. Tires should be replaced as the tread gets to low. He told me. The Model Y uses asymmetric, low-profile tires, and they are pricey to replace. The Performance trim has 21 diameter wheels, which are big by any standard. Related : Don't Call Tesla For Tire. Regardless of rating, I also included the default Tesla tires even if they didn't score particularly highly (e.g: the Michelin Primacy MXM4). These are highlighted in blue (along with the tire size). It's possible, but be wary about comparing ratings across season categories. As already stated, ratings for grip and comfort differ according to.

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Tesla vehicle maintenance mostly includes wheel alignment monitoring, tire condition inspection, replacement of key fob batteries, windshield wipers and cabin air filter Tire rotation on the Tesla is recommended every 6,250 miles. Tire rotation is not essential but is a good idea, particularly on Tesla models which use all-wheel drive. It can be done manually at home with the right equipment or performed at a garage. The rotation pattern depends on which wheels of the car are responsible for drive Oh, and one more thing: The good people at the tire shop (Tesla use EuroMaster here in Aarhus, Denmark) made sure the wheels fitted with the new tires where much more balanced than they originally.

Recap: Why You May Need to Replace All Four Tires on Your AWD Vehicle. Mismatched tires are often a primary factor in drivetrain damage. To minimize variances, ensure they all match (same brand, size and type). The tread depth difference between front, rear, left and right tires should be minimal. Check your owner's manual for specifics In 2019, Electrek followed up with a Tesla Model 3 owner who had put 100,000 miles on his car in two years. His general maintenance in that time would have been just tire replacements if he hadn't done things like drive through a stream or slam a door in high winds. His max range did reduce by about 2.5 percent TESLA MODEL S HOL.ALY96249-GGG-A (F) Wheels Rim Stock Factory OEM Used Rims Chrome Replacement Wheel PVD Chrome Black Chrome Wheel Refinishing Repair Straightening Compatible MPN: 106651901A, 106651900B, 1006651900C Option Code Tesla X Tire Pressure Sensor Replacement RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Tesla X Tire Pressure Sensor Replacement is $264. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you A ABIGAIL Car Tire Valve Stem Caps for Tesla Roadster Model S Model X Model 3 Universal for Car,Motorbike,Trucks,Bike and Bicycle Aluminum 4pcs (Black) This was a replacement after I reported that one of the caps came off while on the road The seller provided excellent customer service by providing replacements right away. Definitely would.

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Elon Musk recently hinted at a very welcome and simple update for Tesla's vehicles, especially those which have already replaced their 12-volt batteries in the past. According to the CEO, Tesla. 1. Price Of Tesla Model S Battery. The Tesla Model S battery is predicted to be at $5,000 by the time the warranty of eight years is over. This model was released in 2012. Eight years down the road, in 2020, the cost of getting a new battery for your Tesla Model S will be way cheaper than the figures I share with you here

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ALY97801U30/200189 Tesla Model X Wheel Charcoal Painted #102724500A. Price: $520.95. Order Online - Free Shipping. Make/Model/Year: Tesla Model X 2018. Product Specifications: Product ID: ALY97801U30/200189. Product: Wheel/Rim (Single) Fitment: Rear ⠀ 2021 Tesla Model 3 70 MPH Highway Range Test Nets 310 Miles No more curb rash One of the nice features of the Orbital wheel covers is they are about 3/4 (20mm) larger than the stock aero.

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That includes two rather steep charges from Tesla's in-house service network: $103 for a tire rotation and $210 for an unusual service to lubricate our car's brake calipers, which is called for. The cost for these 660 treadwear, A-rating traction, and A-rating heat tires came to $526.76 installed, $248.48 less than the 400 treadwear, A-rating traction, and A-rating heat tires I found 8. We carry close to 115 Tesla parts and accessories for the last 10 years and 3 different models of Tesla cars - so you're sure to find what you need. Advance Auto is a price leader in new and used Tesla online auto parts. Whether you want to order online, or visit a local store for Tesla parts, Advance Auto can help you keep your Tesla running Tesla Model X S 3 Y Universal Car Wheel Tire Stem Air Cap Cover, Valves Anti-Theft Aluminum Alloy Guard with Wrench Keychain [Tesla Logo Design, Black - 4 Pieces] 4.7 out of 5 stars 62 $13.90 $ 13 . 9 Warranty summary for replacement tires purchased between 02/01/15 and 04/30/15 Treadlife Warranty: 6 Years / 55K Miles H-Rated, 45K V-Rated (1) 6 Years / 40K Miles W-Rated (1) Half mileage for rear if different size than fron