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Attaching to your Fascia Board. Benefit: Utilizes the roof eave as part of the patio cover, allows for taller patio roof heights. Drawback: Allowable Projection Clear Span of Cover is generally much less than wall attachment; with a fascia attachment the allowable clear span is limited by the strength of the Homes Eave Roof rafters and Eave Projection, the Eave must be strong enough to support. Patio cover fascia board attachment patio cover plans designs ideas and design patio cover with starburst gable attached to fascia hundt how to attach a patio roof an existing house legacyusa built with custom corbels and attached to the fascia of house how to attach a patio roof an existing house and 10 fantastic Patio Cover Fascia Board Attachment. Pin On Patio. Here S A Solid Alumawood Cover Attached To Fascia Board This Allows Lot More Headroom Giving You The E Need Enjoy Y Covered Patio Patios. Patio Cover Fascia Board Attachment. Building A Patio Cover Plans For An Almost Free Standing Roof. Benefits Attaching Pergola To House Fascia Garden Landscape Re: Patio cover to Fascia. Knock the fascia board off, run your new rafters past the old rafter tails and hang them, with the correct Simpson hangers, on a ledger board attached with lag screws to the wall. That way, you can walk on your new roof, when you go up to patch the leaks. John Kogel, RHI, BC HI Lic #47455 When I bought my home, the inspection report raised the issue that the covered patio, which extends from the eve overhang of the roof, is attached to the fascia board. After some research I found that the proper way is to attach it to the house framing

Hello, I would like to install a Palram Feria 10x14 aluminum patio cover in my backyard. The problem is that the roof/rafter tails are too low to install a ledger on the exterior wall. Is there any way to mount a ledger over or in place of the fascia and pass inspection? I can't post a.. A fascia board attachment should be a minimum of 8' or more in height. The fascia board should be a minimum size of 2 x 8 to accept the aluminum patio cover rafters, Hanger, or ledger. Attaching your cover directly to your home's fascia without considering rainwater from other roofs can overload the system, which causes leaks How to attach a patio or verandah to a house1st option: 0:00 (Attached below original gutter on fascia)2nd option: 1:07 (Remove original gutter, attach highe.. If attaching a patio roof to a ledger beneath the eaves does not allow for enough headroom, you can set the new patio roof's rafters on the wall's top plate. Where to Attach a Patio Roof Ledger On a one-story house, it is often best to attach the ledger for a patio roof just below the house's eaves

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  1. Now let's assume you attach a 20' x 12' (240 sq. ft.) patio cover to fascia board of the home. For a home located in the south roof load zone, that would add 4,800 lbs. (240 sq. ft x 20 psf of snow) of potential snow load beyond what was intended by the manufacturer of the home (not to mention the weight of the patio cover!)
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  3. Step 2. Attach the cut 2-by-8-inch lumber to the outside of the fascia board, using heavy-duty lag screws and washers. The lag screws should be long enough to sink through the fascia board, fascia header and 2 inches into the roof rafters. Having an attachment point at every roof rafter will create a stronger attachment
  4. Here are 7 different ways of attaching a patio roof to an existing house that you can apply.. 1. Fix The Back Channel to The Fascia Boards Underneath The Gutter Directly. This method may be one of the most ubiquitous ways of attaching a patio roof
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  6. Fascia board cannot handle that kind of load. The proper method is to remove the board to gain access to the ends of the rafters behind it. That's used to attach the new porch rafters. But this is generally not done at the fascia board height, but farther up the roof pitch. This to make sure the new roof has enough slope to be able to slough.

tion, be sure the fascia board is free of rot and is strong enough to handle the weight load. 3) When determining the location of your patio cov er, be sure there is enough height to slope the roof of the cov er. The patio roof should slope one (1) inch for ev ery 12 inches of roof - or a 1:12 pitch. This helps assure proper drainage. EXAMPLE. Attached patio cover #attached_cover, #patio, #terrace, #pergola #patio_cover. Much depends on what you're planning to use it for. The patio cover's levelers (shades/blinds) are motorized and operated by elevator buttons located in built from local woods, the covered room attaches to the home and flows from the living room and NO MINIMUM OR MAXIMUM SIZES FOR PATIO COVER KITS GET EXACTLY THE SIZE YOU NEED. 1. WIDE: Measure the width of the area you want to cover. See Diagram - EXAMPLE 1. 2. PROJECTION (attached to house wall, under eave/fascia board): If your cover will attach to the back wall: Measure from the wall of the house, outwards, to the edge of the area to. The ledger board is attached in a horizontal position. You have to make sure that you place the board in proper height since it will determine the level of your patio roof. For a one-story house, you just need to attach the ledger board right under the house's eave. For a two-story house, you need to tie it into a band joist (rim joist)

Adding Fascia on an Elevated Deck A thin PVC board and a contrasting accent strip dress up the edge of a second-story deck. By David Toht. Often, homeowners opt to cover the rim joists and stair stringers with some sort of smooth, finished-looking material known in the trade as fascia. But many decks look fine without fascia An inside look as to how I came to build myself a patio cover. My 1st time doing some handy work like this. Click here for an update to this video. http:/.. Can you attach a patio cover to fascia? Instructions for How to Attach Fascia Board to Roof Trusses Mark the place closest to the end of the board that aligns with the center of a joist. Use the carpenter's square and pencil to put a straight line at the mark. Cut the board with a miter saw

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  1. Expert advice on how to build an outdoor patio roof or gazebo, with illustrated step-by-step instructions and construction diagrams. Article by HomeTips.com. 14.8k. Casa Patio Patio Roof Pergola Patio Pergola Kits Backyard Patio Pergola Ideas Gazebo Roof Cheap Pergola Porch Ideas
  2. e angles needed where the rafters will meet the ledger board. Rafters are placed on 24 centers, and attached to the beams and settle joists are attached as needed (Image 1)
  3. Then, fix the back channel to the fascia boards underneath the gutter directly. This might be one of the common ways of attaching a patio cover to an existing home. It is simple and easy to do. However, by using this method, your patio cover cannot go high or low. Step 4. Go Highe

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  1. Rooftop Attachments are an option, however Patio Kits Direct does not supply the hardware for attaching a ledger board to your roof, nor supply the wood ledger. We do, however, supply everything needed to attach the patio cover to your pre-installed ledger. We are happy to talk you through the process and let you know what material you will.
  2. imum of two inches thick and allow enough space for the hanger to attach . Can I attach a pergola to my house? Attaching a pergola to a house can save a bit of space while providing the support the.
  3. Re: patio cover attached to fascia looks unsound At the very best this is a poorly done job. Nothing should be hung from a fascia board and the likelihood that there is enough slope on this roof is nil
  4. Option 1: Cut posts and attach to beam or fascia. (A)This option will require careful measuring to achieve the proper slope (at least 6) for water drainage and making sure the front of the patio cover is level. (B) Post brackets (post on slab) should be set in place or holes dug (post in ground)
  5. Add fascia board to the end of your rafters to get the finished look. When you're done building your patio roof, take the time to add shingles or whichever roofing material you prefer. If you want to save a little time and money, you can also attach a patio cover instead of roofing products

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  1. The required bolts and spacing for ledger boards are in the engineering and vary according to the size and loads of the cover. Attached covers may be attached to: The wall directly: The attaching bolts must connect to solid wood behind the stucco or siding. It cannot be supported by plywood sheeting but must penetrate either the wall studs.
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  3. Most common ways to attach a patio roof to an existing house 1. Make the patio roof a little bit higher. Fix the back channel to the fascia boards underneath the gutter directly. Choose a roof pitch 3 12 and roof structure 2×6. Of course the main goal of installing a roof is to enable you to use the patio when the weather seems too harsh.

Patio covers attached to existing roof google search farmhouse covered design deck designs cover plans build your or how attach a an house diy pj fitzpatrick stunning conroe united states gable furniture decorating ideas backyard small rme building for almost free standing fascia archives hundt and decks large poolside board attachment image result pergola Patio Continue reading How To. Fastening A Patio Roof To The House Hometips. Patio Cover Fascia Board Attachment. How To Attach A Patio Roof An Existing House And 10 Fantastic Ideas Homivi Building Deck. Patio Cover Plans Build Your Or Deck. Construction Of A Roof Addition Over An Existing Concrete Patio In Bozeman Mt Part 2 You P. If a patio cover is to be attached to the existing fascia and rafter tails, the new patio cover rafters shall be the same spacing and size- or smaller- as the existing rafter tails. If the existing roof framing is a truss Roof System , complete structural calculations by a licensed Engineer/ Architect will be required. Page 2 of 9 REV 12-14-0 Nov 17, 2020. #9. The proposed porch roof is to be attached to the existing roof rafters thru the fascia via a 2x6 ledger using 4 lag screws at 16 OC. The pitch is 3/12. The roofing material to be used is to be Ondura asphalt corrugated panels attached to 1x3 pickings that are sitting on 2x6 rafters. The rafters are attached to the ledger and.

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Solid Patio Covers may attach to the House Wall, Fascia/Eave or in some cases to the top of the house roof. Wall attachments are the most common, however, in some cases where there is a low hanging roof eave/fascia, you may prefer to attach to the fascia board (Fascia/Eave Mount) An adjustable bracket for raising a patio roof comprising an attachment mechanism attachable to a fascia or eave on a side of a residential structure; a bracket mechanism configured to raise, support, and attach a patio roof member or joist above the fascia or eave; and an adjustment mechanism to provide an adjustment angle of the bracket mechanism relative to the attachment mechanism to. Now you can quote your patio roof kit online. Just follow the steps below and get your outdoor patio project going. The quote is active for 30 days and can be retrieved at any time during this period. ATTACHED OPTIONS. Our roof kit can be attached directly to the fascia board. (Hardware will be provided for this option We would like to build a pergola over a patio outside a sliding glass door. I would like it to be attached to the house on one side and 2 posts on the opposite side. The soffit enclosing the rafters comes right above the sliding door so there is no room to attach a ledger board above the door. The fascia board has a gutter attached to it The patio cover is designed to be a sun shade - not a waterproof cover. The loads are small - either 2x4s for shade or lattice panels. There is a fascia running above the doors. My thinking was to secure the ledger to the header by using HDG lags, 16 O/C, with PT ply standoffs on the inside surface so air circulates

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this patio cover design does not have a setback beam. it comes with a structural aluminum front fascia (gutter) can i have an overhang on the front of the patio cover? this patio cover design does not have a setback beam. the structural front fascia (gutter) supports the roof panels at the front end of the panels. there is no front overhan Aug 27, 2015 - Patio Cover Attachments available for Wall, Fascia or Eave of Roof, Roof Top or Freestanding. Posts bolt to slab or footings for attachments to the Wall, Fascia or Roof Top where Freestanding doesn't need another structure for support however posts must be poured into concrete on Freestanding Aluminum Awnings. Attachment

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  1. How do you attach a patio roof to a house? Most Common Ways to Attach A Patio Roof to An Existing House Fix The Back Channel to The Fascia Boards Underneath The Gutter Directly. Make The Patio Roof A Little Bit Higher. Install Some Riser Brackets for More Height. Prevent The Splash Of The Rain, Let The Air Flow
  2. I'm having an attached patio built by a contractor. I am concerned about the quality of the construction. In particular the attachment of the patio joists to the house rafters. Instead of using a ledger board, our contractor has simply attached the patio joists to the rafters using nails. Is this safe
  3. Choose board. Save. Saved from google.com. Diy Pergola. pergola attached to fascia - Google Search. Saved by Anna Asklund Smith. 2. Diy Pergola Building A Pergola Backyard Gazebo Metal Pergola Pergola With Roof Diy Deck Pergola Shade Pergola Kits Pergola Ideas
  4. Step 3. Nail the first fascia board in place with 2-inch finish nails and a hammer. Drive at least two nails through the fascia into the end of each joist. Butt the next fascia piece to the open end of the first so that it it aligned with the center of the joist where the first board ends. Mark and cut it to length using the same technique

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This Patio Cover Installation Princeton Quote Includes: Average labor costs to install an awning in Princeton, Illinois. Average costs for materials and equipment for patio cover installation in Princeton. All project costs (surface preparation, components and machinery), and cleanup fees Knowing the patio cover installation Lebanon costs is recommended before starting a patio cover installation project. While looking at national averages can give a general idea, such numbers usually do not include factors which may affect the final price, such as local labor hourly rates, material costs and any local permits required for the.

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Placing the load of a patio cover onto a board that was never intended to carry it can easily result in the fascia being torn loose from the house, especially in areas with winter snows Insulated Patio cover installation instructions. Run two beads of caulk along the back surface of the C channel where it will meet the existing building or fascia board. If attaching to a masonary wall, use one 1/4 diameter masonry anchor every 12 on center. (Special fasteners for attaching to brick or other non-wood surfaces are not. 5. Unless a licensed engineer or architect provides structural calculations to justify it, no patio cover/structure will attach to or rely upon the existing rafter tails or roof projection for the purposes of supporting the new structure. 6. Patio covers are for outdoor living only. Use of these structures as habitable space requires a buildin

Step 3: Your Patio Cover Details. Attached to an existing wall | fascia board Freestanding. Height at highest point feet inches. (measured from ground to underside of proposed roof) Projection away from house wall feet inches A patio cover is a one-story structure, not exceeding 12 feet in height, attached to the existing residence and is entirely open on two or more sides. Patio covers shall be used only for recreational and outdoor living purposes. B. LOCATION The location of the patio cover must meet the setback requirements for your property zoning Fascia board attachment. when house fascia board height allows patio attachment, this is a good choice to install a patio cover.. L Shape Attached Solid Patio Cover If backyard design lay out allows this type of design, there isn't doubt it would be a charming addition to your hardscape. Combination solid/lattice patio cover Attached. How To Build Patio Roof Attached To House. If you are attaching your patio roof to the house, check with the city to see if you need a building permit. These patio cover plans describe how i built my own patio cover. Build a patio shade cover without obstructing the view. A patio roof provides shelter

I've been getting some quotes to replace a pergola/patio cover. its roughly 4.5mx5m with polycarbonate roofing. The old one has it attached to the fascia with brackets, but now some say its best to attach to the rafters under the roof tiles, costs more but stronger and better to withstand heavy winds Fascia board repair. The old wood fascia boards must be sound enough to hold the new fascia nails. Check the wood quality by jamming a screwdriver tip into the wood. Replace punky or rotten wood with straight pine boards the same width and thickness as the old. Shingle moldings are narrow trim boards nailed to the top of the fascia if gutters. Fascia refers to a band or ribbon of wood or other material that borders the deck below its surface line. It's like the fascia installed beneath your home's roof, but serving a different purpose. It is usually constructed of 1-by-8 or 1-by-10 boards. Order Samples For Free. Get 5 free samples This is a known issue that is directly caused by capping over the fascia instead of doing a proper job and replacing it. The reduced overhang is even more of any issue on old fascia boards that are warped and buckled - it's best to remove them. 5) Obstruction - Try fully opening a window near the existing fascia boards Ply Gem Vinyl Fascia is a maintenance-free way to cover and protect your home's wood fascia boards. It completely covers fascia boards from the drip edge to the soffit. It looks better than painted wood from the first day of installation, and year after year. Constructed of low-maintenance, durable vinyl, it does not require scraping, caulking.

metal screw in pre-punched hole attaching to front fascia. Move square post connected fascia assembly side to side so that last roof panel is square to fascia board or wall. NOTE: When attaching to wall (no access from top) attach screws from underside into bottom flange of hanging channel (not into screw groove) using #10 x 3/8 sheet. Step 3: Your Patio Cover Details. W Pan Patio Cover. Attached to an existing wall / fascia board Freestanding. Height at highest point feet inches. (measured from ground to underside of proposed roof) Projection away from house wall feet inches A. Insert the 2 x 6 ledger cover (Aluminum material) over the wood ledger material. B. Select mounting position on the wall or roof fascia. Snap a level chalk line to locate the bottom of the ledger board. C. Attach the ledger board to the wall or roof fascia, whichever is applicable, using the chalk line as your bottom reference Plan the location for pergola lattice cover to be clear of all swinging doors and windows and finish with a minimum height of 6'8 to underside of front fascia. METHOD 1: Select this installation option when installing a ledger board kit at house wall METHOD 2: Select this installation option if attaching directly to existing fascia board Fascia is used as a base to attach the gutters to, or as a cover to hide the fixing space between the roof, eaves and wall. More than just functional, Stratco Fascia is designed to form a neat, attractive edge between the roofing and wall surface. Stratco Fascia is also used as a barge on gable roofs

Patio/deck covers, car ports, & screen rooms.Pick up locations in california and arizona.Projection (attached to house wall, under eave/fascia board): Quick quote 3d patio cover designer. Retractable pergola roof diy | retractable patio & deck awnings i would love this for my intended pergola in front of my main doors.See more ideas about diy. permit is required for patio covers. Patio covers shaall be permitted to be ll detached from or attached to a dwelling. Detached patio covers may require engineered design. Patio covers must be located a minimum 5'of from the property line. Patio covers must also comply with the required zoning setbacks for the subdivision

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Because that side of the home had the attached patio cover, it didn't have a gutter and by default, no fascia board. The attached patio cover had an internal gutter system built in, so whatever water that fell off the side of the house, was caught by the attached patio cover and used the gutter system to direct the water flow away from the house In this way, you need to strengthen the backchannel and fascia boards. In order to do that, reinforce two rafters into the cap. Even though this way is convenient and plain, you cannot go high or low. 2. Making the Attached Patio Roof a Bit Higher. This method of how to attach a patio roof to an existing house is so similar to the previous one 2. Use 1-2 nails through each rafter to secure your fascia board. Hold the board in place, and use 2 in (5.1 cm) nails and a hammer to secure it in place. Place your nails in line with the marks on your drip edge and place it in the center of your fascia board. Drive 1-2 nails in per rafter so it doesn't move around Shed patio covered gable roof attached to fascia archives hundt covers and decks window outdoor backyard board house muscle architecture building car abdominal anatomy siding soffit. recognizealeader.clu Prevent Rotting Fascia Board. Water dripping, staining and damage to the fascia or band board of a deck can easily be prevented with this little construction tip. Using your table saw and either a sharp ripping blade or a dado blade, cut a groove down the length of the deck board starting about half the distance of the overhang you have set up.

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We will need a back wall height measurement - either how high on your house wall will you be attaching your patio cover or the ground to eave measurement if attaching to the front fascia board We will need your desired projection and width. If you are covering the entire deck, we suggest a 1' overhang on both sides and the fron Attach deck to house decks how build a attaching the ledger board photo image. After you demolish the old deck but before start work on new one youll need to make sure wood and in house is still good shape. Amazing of attached patio cover to fascia archives hundt covers and decks outdoor design concept good day dear visitor in todays new. Fascia: Wood or composite boards used to cover the face of a deck or patio cover structure. Fascia is also installed on stair risers. Fasteners: Generic term for nails, bolts, screws and other connecting devices. Flashing: Strip of metal or waterproof material used to make joints waterproof primarily the ledger. board that is attached to your. Step 1: Attach a Header Board to the Fascia. Continue reading below Our Video of the Day. Step 2: Stain the Header Board. as little as $1,000 for a small prefab vinyl or PVC kit on the low end to $9,000 to design and install sprawling custom patio covers and structures made out of high-end materials like teak wood

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How to Install Fascia on a Deck (4 Steps) | eHow Fascia boards allow you to create a more finished look by covering visible parts of the pressure-treated framing underneath a composite deck. and creating warpage, as can happen in installations of fascia flush to the deck board ends Sometimes also called soffit board, fascia is a board running horizontally under a roof edge. It covers the openings between the rafters of the roof. Typically consisting of wood, wood substitute, or metal, the fascia board along with the soffit, encloses the attic space of the home. The fascia is commonly helps to hold up, and stabilize gutters B. Patio covers may be attached or de-tached and are permitted only as ac-cessory to dwelling units such as one-or two-family dwellings or lodg-ing houses or to individual dwelling units in multiple dwelling-unit buildings. C. 6 feet 8 inches (2032 mm) of each wall, Patio covers must be open on one or more sides. (CBC Appendix I section 102 and.

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Water leaks will occur, and there are no warranties if your patio cover is being overwhelmed by rainwater from above. Another issue is when the patio cover is attached to your fascia board without its gutter and downspout system. Because again, other roofs are dumping water onto the patio cover, overwhelming the system all at once DOES THE PATIO COVER ROOF NEED A PITCH TO DRAIN WATER? YES IT DOES. THE MINIMUM ROOF PITCH (SLANT) NEEDED IS ½ PER FT FOR THE DEPTH OF THE COVER. IF YOU BOUGHT A 10FT DEEP COVER.THEN THE MINIMUM PITCH NEEDED IS 5 INCHES. IF YOU ARE ABLE TO GET MORE PITCH, WE ALWAYS SUGGEST TO DO IT Attach Patio Cover To Fascia Board. Attach Post To Deck. Dog House With Patio Nz. Add A Patio To Your House. Add On Patio To House. Tin Roof Patio Cover. A Frame Patio Roof. Adding A Roof Over A Patio. Adding A Roof To A Patio. Adding Roof Over Patio. Attached Roof Over Patio. Best Wood For Patio Roof. Patio Deck Roof Ideas

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Jun 25, 2021 - The Sky Lift Hardware roof riser fly over brackets allow your patio cover or pergola to attach to the your structure without compromising the fascia board while providing sufficient shade and airflow. See more ideas about covered pergola, pergola, patio St. Louis Patio Cover Design and Installation by Barker & Son - Your Design Experts. At Barker & Son - Design/Construction, our patio cover design team is second to none. Attached and freestanding structures require an extra level of skill beyond just deck building. Wind shear and snow loads must be calculated, and city codes must be followed 4. Amerimax. 1.25-in x 8-in x 12-ft White Smooth Aluminum Fascia. Model #77104. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 8. Amerimax. 1.25-in x 6-in x 12-ft Brown Smooth Aluminum Fascia Only 50% of the patio area may be covered with a solid cover. Do not attach your patio cover to the adjacent unit; one side must be free standing. Do not attach your patio cover to the fascia boards, outriggers, or any other structure that may requires maintenance. A patio cover must have proper pitch if it is covered. At least The first part on how to install gutters on angled fascia is done by inserting the wedges in between the gutter and the roof support part (under the shingles or in a sturdy area of it that can't produce a leak). But, that is not all. You would need to support the weight of said structure with something else. After all, nature is unpredictable

With the strength of the Flat Pan or W Pan patio cover, they can be attached to an existing structure or free standing. J & J Aluminum Covers offers a 4×6 aluminum fascia gutter that is used around the patio cover. The aluminum has a baked on finish for a long lasting beauty. This type of patio cover is low maintenance and cost effective Evaluate and Plan the Gutter Replacement Project. DIY gutter replacement can save you substantially over professionally installed gutters, but there are a few pitfalls to watch out for. Inspect the fascia and soffit (Fig. B, below) for signs of rotted wood, which must be replaced before you put up the rain gutters.Many houses have a trim board or crown molding nailed to the fascia just under. Composite decking fascia refers to a band of composite boards that borders the patio below its surface line. If you are using timber decking, the fascia will be wood instead of composite decking. Composite decking fascia is similar to roof fascia. Roof fascia covers the roof planks of your house, but decking fascia covers the joists 10. Attach Replacement Fascia. Slide the new fascia into place, then attach it with galvanized nails. Set the nails and putty the holes. 11. Attach Shingle Mold. Attach the shingle mold along the top of the fascia. Use a tape measure to maintain a consistent reveal

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use additional boards to frame the decking in . set the saw depth to trim back existing decking and add secondary support for the framed deck boards. the new decking can overlap the fascia. Thank you! This is a poor detail failure. You could put a fastener every square inch and that Trex is still gonna bow in sunlight

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