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We have discussed Chinese border crossings in Xinjiang in depth on other pages, see the border crossing articles for Mongolia, Tajikistan (), Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan (Irkeshtam Pass and Torugart Pass).If you need to locate these on a map, see the border crossing overview page.. This page is all about the border closures by steven » Wed Dec 12, 2018 6:54 am. lesisz wrote: actually, you could camp everywhere in Xinjiang Province. Just avoid military space and police station. I would disregard this advice. It goes against everything every other traveler says. If you like Caravanistan: we have opened a tip jar! We love you back! Top

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Journey time is around 24 hours and cost is around 500RMB ($70). The third option, and the one that seemed to make most sense for me in terms of time and cost, was to take an overnight train from Urumqi to Yining 50 or so miles from the border. Then I could take the sleeper bus to Almaty from there. The journey time is 8 to 12 hours depending. The border between Afghanistan and China is a 76-kilometre-long (47 mi) boundary, beginning at the tripoint of both countries with Pakistan administrated region of Kashmir (Gilgit-Baltistan), following the watershed along the Mustagh Range, and ending at the tripoint with Tajikistan.This short border is in the far northeast of Afghanistan, distant from much of the country or urban areas, at. The China-Kazakhstan border or the Sino-Kazakhstan border (Kazakh: Қазақстан-Қытай мемлекеттiк шекарасы, Russian: Казахстанско-китайская государственная граница, Chinese: 中哈边界; pinyin: Zhōng-Hā biānjiè), is the international border between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Kazakhstan The Wakhjir Pass, also spelled Vakhjir Pass, is a mountain pass in the Hindu Kush or Pamirs at the eastern end of the Wakhan Corridor, the only potentially navigable pass between Afghanistan and China in the modern era. It links Wakhan in Afghanistan with the Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County in Xinjiang, China, at an altitude of 4,923 metres (16,152 ft), but the pass is not an official. jippiejee. · 2y Holland. I looked this up recently for someone, and it appeared that crossing is only open to locals. Check the caravanistan website for details. 1. level 2. ayeayedude. Op · 2y. That's the thing -- I thought for sure caravanistan said it was a doable crossing but others said otherwise

The excellent Caravanistan site (a Silk Road travel resource, mostly focused on the Stans) has a nice interactive map of border crossings on the Silk Road; this covers Russia's borders with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and some of China (it shows the crossings with China's Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia regions, but not the. The China-Tajikistan border is 477 km (296 mi) in length and runs from the tripoint with Kyrgyzstan following a roughly north-south line across various mountain ridges and peaks of the Pamir range down to the tripoint with Afghanistan. The border divides Murghob District, Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region in Tajikistan from Akto County, Kizilsu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture (to the north. For more information, check this post from Caravanistan. the second biggest city in Xinjiang province and the only city with an Uyghur majority. Where to stay in Kashgar. Budget Hostel - Kashgar Pamir Youth Hostel - The cheapest accommodation in town. A great place to meet other backpackers and local Chinese travelers USAID via Wikimedia Commons. China and Afghanistan are unlikely neighbors who share a tiny 46-mile border most of which runs 5,000 meters above sea level atop the Pamir mountains. The tale of how it came to pass is fascinating, and is the product of hundreds of years of geopolitical tensions in the region. There is only one way to cross the. The Kulma Pass (Tajik: Перевал Кульма, Chinese: 阔勒买山口) or Qolma Pass, also referred to as Karasu Pass, is a mountain pass across the Pamir Mountains on the border between Murghob District, Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region in Tajikistan and Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County, Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China

Caravanistan is a fantastic, accurate and up to date online resource for travelling Central Asia - they report that no one has had anything installed on devices since September 2019 and Chinese officials have relaxed with foreigners. This was our experience. My advice for crossing the border at Khorgos, China by bicycle. My only advise for crossing this border would be to remove / back up. The Soviet Origins of Xi's Xinjiang Policy By Christopher Vassallo. Behind the CCP's horrific crackdown in Xinjiang is a desperate drive to avoid the mistakes that led to the USSR's collapse Xinjiang's Party chief is a man called Chen Quanguo and he's a man on a mission. It's called Strike Hard Against Violent Terrorism campaign. And let me be absolutely clear: despite the unconscious bias of Western media that deploys the term between brackets, there is a terrorism issue in Xinjiang Kyrgyzstan is lush and green during the summer, with rolling hills and some tall peaks in the more mountainous regions of the country. Comparatively, Tajikistan is 93% mountainous, with over 50%. For more than 100 years, scientists have been trying in vain to unravel the mystery of one of the country's most-visited tourist sites. Just about 120 kilometers from Almaty, on the right bank of the Ili River, is a set of 60-meter rocky gates: the sacred and mysterious Tamgaly Tas tract. At Tamgaly Tas, rock

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  1. Its eastern end bordered China's Xinjiang region, then ruled by the Qing dynasty. Politically, the corridor is in the Wakhan District of Afghanistan's Badakhshan Province. As of 2010, the Wakhan Corridor had 12,000 inhabitants. The northern part of the Wakhan, populated by the Wakhi and Pamiri peoples, is also referred to as the Pamir
  2. Xinjiang today is a highly policed territory, and apart from the constant checks, it is unlikely that a visitor will be involved in acts of violence. Caravanistan is a comprehensive guide to all Central Asian countries, with first-hand experiences of travelers shared daily on the forum
  3. Simple, because there is NO genocide, by any definition, on Uygurs in Xinjiang, or in where else across China. But there are so many proofs of Uygurs are living their normal, peaceful life which is still improving, with their own hardworking (well..
  4. The border crossing between China and Pakistan is the world's highest international border crossing. It's located at the top of Khunjerab Pass, 4,693 meters above sea level. The border is only open from April to October of each year. Check out my guide to the Khunjerab Pass border crossing for more information
  5. The Ultimate Tajikistan Travel Guide Updated August 2021, The Ultimate Tajikistan Travel Guide was originally written December 2016 Where Carib-blue glacial lakes reflect atmosphere scraping mountains, hospitality is something of legend and where travel is just opening up. Without a doubt traveling in Tajikistan is a rewarding experience. Wild and rugged, Tajikistan is a country that attracts.

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The Ultimate Guide To The Wakhan Valley, Tajikistan Updated July 2021, The Ultimate Guide To Tajikistan's Wakhan Valley was originally written in February 2018 The Wakhan Valley, a geographical region that sits mostly in northern Afghanistan, but stretches over into southern Tajikistan. The Wakhan Valley is bound by the Pamir and Hindu Kush Mountain Ranges but its Wakhi people can be found. What it's like to Travel as a WomanIn the Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan Updated April 2021, What it was like to Travel as a Solo Woman in the Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan was originally written in September 2017 Most everyone was questioning my mental stability when I said I was going to visit Afghanistan. Even after I've returned unscathed (aside from the 8 hour Afghan colon cleanse, but.

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Caravanistan is a great resource for all things in Central Asia. You can also fly in by plane, of course! Tashkent, Uzbekistan's capital, is the country's main hub for international flights. Don't try to get a visa valid on or around Uzbekistan's independence day, September 1. You'll have trouble getting a visa for that time What is Turkestan desert? 1. Turkestan Desert - a desert in Turkmenistan to the south of the Aral Sea. Kara Kum, Qara Qum. Turkmenia, Turkmenistan, Turkomen, Turkmen - a republic in Asia to the east of the Caspian Sea and to the south of Kazakhstan and to the north of Iran; an Asian soviet from 1925 to 1991 It is the 15th of January 1934 and Robert Byron is stuck in Tehran on his way to Afghanistan (Oxiana). During a few months he and his entourage are stuck in Persia and Herat (the western outpost in Afghanistan). The headline is the opening line of his diary from that day. I wouldn't go a Tajikistan Border Crossings Caravanistan Afghanistan Map And Satellite Image Languages Of Afghanistan Wikipedia Afghanistan Map And Satellite Image Velina Tchakarova On Twitter Map Afghanistan India China Provincial Map Of Afghanistan Afghanistan Is Located In Central China In Afghanistan Deutsche Welle Iakovos Alhadeff. I've been getting some conflicting information from travel sites and reddit on how open to tourists and travellers Central Asia is. The last thread on r/solotravel on central asia has been really helpful with suggestions like caravanistan and visas, but I'd love to get some firsthand answers too

www.caravanistan.com generally has good info. As others have said, it's probably best to avoid Xinjiang at the moment, or try to enter from elsewhere in China, due to the ongoing genocide there. 48. share. Report Save. level 2. 6 months ago. Uzbekistan already abolished visa for many developed countries (whole EU etc.). 8 Xinjiang and Kashgar; When to go to Central Asia Climate, seasons and festivals. Steven is the creator and editor of Caravanistan, an online travel guide to the Silk Road that was described by the Lonely Planet as a peerless online travel guide to the region. He has been travelling the region since 2010, and has dedicated himself to. Welcome to Tajikistan. The term 'predominantly mountainous' doesn't do justice to a country where over 90% of the land is upland. This fact of nature has given Tajikistan a precious advantage over its neighbours, namely some of the most inspiring, high-altitude landscape in the world. Within an hour of Dushanbe lie multi-hued lakes, peaks that.

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Xinjiang/East Turkestan is home to the most bizarre landscape I've ever seen. Red and orange eroded mountains scattered around the desert are just the foreground to black, jagged ridges and then the snow-capped wall that is the Tien Shan Mountains Kuche and the cross-Taklamakan highway. Kuche/Kuqa is a small city about halfway between Urumqi and Kashgar along the northern silk road, which skirts the northern edge of the Taklamakan desert. Although there are trains that run between Urumqi and Kashgar, stopping in Kuche, the train takes 14 hours and there's only one night train, arriving.

Xinjiang today is a highly policed territory, and apart from the constant checks, it is unlikely that a visitor will be involved in acts of violence. Caravanistan is a comprehensive guide to all Central Asian countries, with first-hand experiences of travelers shared daily on the forum. This article originally appeared on Matador Network The ex-Soviet Republic of Tajikistan is a truly wild country that you don't want to miss in your Silk Road journey. Home to the Pamir range, one of highest mountain ranges in the world, the mountains of Tajikistan attract the most adventurous travelers, especially those wanting to drive the M-41, or Pamir Highway, an impressive road and architectural masterpiece that goes through some of the. The best sources of travel information are fellow travelers and Caravanistan, a site we can't recommend highly enough. Steven and Saule have a treasure trove of up-to-date information about border crossings, road status, visas, embassies, and inspirational articles. This Xinjiang travel site is run by Josh Summers, an American living in. When planning our trip down the KKH in Pakistan (more about that later on) we realized we wanted to make the trip a bit longer. The Torugart Pass seemed like a good enough challenge. Starting in Bishkek gave us a good starting point, before heading down south east to Naryn. In order to get thr

My 7 Best Tips for Solo Female Travel in Central Asia Updated March 2021, 7 Tips For Solo Female Travel In Central Asia was originally written in November 2019 Travel in Central Asia is gaining popularity with each and every year. A frequently asked question I receive about my travels regards solo female travel in Central Asia. I have actually traveled each of the 'stans solo at different. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Via Caravanistan At 2,000 metres above sea level, the Burkhan Bulak Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Central Asia, and considered a sacred place in Kazakhstan, according to Kazakh TV. The ice cold water pours down from 150 metres, and reaches its peak capacity in July when the glaciers are melting These languages are mutually intelligible though some words in Kyrgyz are definitely of ancient Kyrgyz (non kypchak) origin. Y haplogroups differ: over 60% of kazakhs are of C and over 50% of kyrgyz are of R1. Genetically different. Culturally ver.. Tocharian - Once spoken in Northwest China, Xinjiang region . College/University Ancient Silk Road Language Programs MAJOR MULTI-FACETED RESOURCES Palaeolexicon is a tool for the study of ancient languages. Its name derives from the Greek words palaeo meaning 'old' and lexicon meaning 'dictionary'. If you're interested of the ancient world.

The Ugam-Chatkal National park. Ugam-Chatkal is the state national wild nature park, created in 1992 by reorganization of Chatkal biosphere reserve. It is located at Chatkal ridges of Western Tien-Shan, encompassing Akhangaran, Brichmulla and Chirchik lumber reserves, and has a total area of 668350 hectares, which makes it the largest nature. LechatFilms. 559 likes · 9 talking about this. Filmmaker/Photographe Doğu Türkistan/Karamay Bölgesi- Eastern Türkistan/Karamay Region- دوغو تورکیستان کرامای بولگه سی- Karamay - Chin Neringa Urnikyte is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Neringa Urnikyte and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected

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Torugart Pass (Chinese: 吐尔尕特山口; Kyrgyz: Торугарт; Russian: Перевал Торугарт) is a mountain pass in the Tian Shan mountain range near the border between the Naryn Province of Kyrgyzstan and the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China. It is one of two border crossings between Kyrgyzstan and China, the other being Irkeshtam, some 165 km (103 mi) to the southwest Turpan & Jiaohe. The Turpan depression is the lowest point in China, and the second lowest in the world after the Deadd Sea, at 155 meters below sea level. It's also the hottest place in China, with a recorded high of 48°C. Turpan was also my first exposure to Xinjiang, even if it was almost 800 km from the border with Gansu Caravanistan. Cabin. Caravanistan. Want to know more about travelling around the world? Kashgar (Uighur: قەشقەر), also Kashi, is an oasis city in Xinjiang. It is one of the westernmost cities of China, near the border with Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, India and Pakistan. With a population of over 500,000, Kashgar has served as. Xinjiang is a region where the presence of the police is highly felt, checks are frequent, and tanks occupy the streets, but tourists can move freely and are hardly ever bothered. Uzbekistan used to have strict regulations regarding foreign travelers. Until a few years ago you had to register in every hotel and guesthouse you slept in and show.

Trip Reports - To Kashgar: flying/hitching/walking to Xinjiang. - Hello, thanks for popping by. As far as trip reports go, this is somewhat atypical for Flyertalk. There isn't a single Business Class seat. Not a lounge. Not even a G&T, a flute of champagne, a chalice of good wine. Or half-decent wine. Or dishwate To request the 30day visa in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan we approached an agency recommended by Caravanistan. This was our first attempt of applying for a Chinese visa and was in November 2014. We had heard and read a lot of other travellers and wanted to make sure to get this visa. Also we had planned to go to Mongolia, so we only needed 30 days Trip Reports - To Kashgar: flying/hitching/walking to Xinjiang. - Originally Posted by adampenrith Fascinating read. censorship is so demeaning. we have much to be concerned about hi there Adampenrith thanks for reading. It was indeed, under many aspects, a concerning visit; but I was glad to have done it anyway

The Silk Road, the network of trade routes threading east to west, is what has stitched Central Asia together for centuries. It wove together disparate khanates, isolated empires and markets hungry for goods, ideas and information, and the patchwork of peoples from China to Western Europe was shaped by its rise and fall Getting from the border to Bulgan, as mentioned on Caravanistan (a brilliant guide to travelling in Central Asia), costs 5,000 Tughrik per person (USD~2.5), there's plenty of taxi drivers in both standard cars and minibuses. They don't seem to rip people off, they were nice and, as everywhere in Mongolia, with patience it was possible to find someone who spoke a bit of English or Russian auf Border #23 Kyrgyzstan - China: Overnight passport party (part 1) This is a long report in two parts, since the border crossing took such a long time. If you do not want to read the whole story, here's a summary: The crossing took more than a full day, although I never had to queue and all documents were OK; I spent a night in a shabby.

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According to Caravanistan.com, Irkeshtam is the easier of the two Kyrgyz border crossing into China, which does not mean that it is easy. So I was prepared that the crossing would take a while. I was not expecting that it would take that much time, though. But the Chinese side is perfect for a border tourist: There are lots of different. How To Do the Ultimate Silk Road Trip. Angelo Zinna. Feb 28, 2019 · 11 min read. Crossing Central Asia overland is undoubtedly faster and less eventful today than it was for sixth-century merchants looking to exchange weapons for spices, but if you're planning to set out for a transcontinental journey of this kind, it will nevertheless be epic Tajikistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia that borders Afghanistan to the south, Xinjiang in China to the east, Kyrgyzstan to the north, and Uzbekistan to the west and northwest. The ancient Silk Road passed through it. The Persian nation is unique in that the majority culture is non-Turkic, unlike its neighbors to the north, west and east had received their first extension in Xinjiang Province, just like I had done. The Chinese Travel Agency in the Central district said the same thing to me, there is no chance Try a facebook cycling group to get confirmed what caravanistan is saying. If nothing works out - Hong Kong is a nice city . After running out of things to do in Bishkek, we traveled to Min Kush. In olden days, Min Kush, Kyrgyzstan was an industrious Soviet manufacturing hub, and a leading producer of uranium. These days, the town has all but died, and is filled with abandoned factories and crumbling mansions. But that doesn\'t mean there aren\'t warm hearts to be found

Atlas is the Uyghur word for the Ikat dyeing process, as is commonly seen in women's dress in Xinjiang. When open, the silk factory is interesting, and you might be able to see all aspects of the Ikat-manufacturing process, from the raw silk cocoons to the boiling and spinning of the yarn, to the tying and dyeing process, to the weaving of the. detailed Xinjiang map showing road passes to Kyrgyzstan (9,Ulugqat/Erkeshtam and 9,Baykurt, Torugart) and Kazakhstan in the north (6/7 and Burqin) Caravanistan Irkeshtam Pass: Osh-Kashgar The Irkeshtam pass is the easy border crossing between Kyrgyzstan (Osh - Sary Tash) and China (Kashgar), and really, it's not that easy (the landscape.

A good alternative to applying in Kyrgyzstan is to get the tourist visa from Beijing, China. For travelers traveling overland via Xinjiang, this is a perfect solution for obtaining this pesky visa. This guide will focus on the visa process for nationalities who are granted a simplified procedure when applying for a tourist visa The two RU-KAZ border crossings I mentioned are open to foreigners. But yes, going into KAZ would require then transiting China, and getting a Chinese visa (especially if you intend on crossing the sensitive Xinjiang region, which you should never actually tell the Chinese consulate) is a lot of hassle Mar 23, 2016 - Come to see the most famous and scenic sights of Kyrgyzstan in 10 days

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Recent updated on getting a Chinese visa from a bordering country. Chinese visa laws change almost daily, making it incredibly difficult to find reliable information on your personal visa situation. For example, we left China 1 week ago (13th June 2017) and everyone we knew who had gone for a visa-run to neighbouring countries in the last month were declined You should be aware that Xinjiang is currently in an absolutely mess of a state, and you need to be prepared for oddities, horrors, and very strange security measures when traveling to the region. Learn all about the island of Awaji , the largest island in Japan's Inland Sea The Wakhjir Pass, [1] also spelled Vakhjir Pass, is a mountain pass in the Hindu Kush or Pamirs at the eastern end of the Wakhan Corridor, the only potentially navigable pass between Afghanistan and China in the modern era. It links Wakhan in Afghanistan with the Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County in Xinjiang, China, at an altitude of 4,923 metres (16,152 ft), [2] but the pass is not an. Rough outline of itinerary: Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Crimea, Abkhazia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, ferry/cargo ship to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan, Mongolia, (also considering going through Xinjiang but I've heard thats now unpleasant, eastern Russia (Sakhalin I. - though not sure if you can drive.

20-Jun-2021 - This Pin was discovered by Vince L. Falcone. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest Almaty, Kazakhstan. Almaty, formerly known as Alma-Ata and Verniy (Russian: Верный), is the largest city in Kazakhstan, with a population of 2,039,376 people, about 11% of the country's total population, and more than 2.7 million in its built-up area that encompasses Talgar, Boraldai, Otegen Batyr and many other suburbs

The Wakhan Corridor (Pashto: واخان دهلېز‎ Wāxān Dahléz, Persian: دالان واخان‎) is a narrow strip of territory in Afghanistan, that extends to China and separates Tajikistan from Pakistan. The corridor, wedged between the Pamir Mountains to the north and the Karakoram range to the south, is about 350 km (220 mi) long and 13-65 kilometres (8-40 mi) wide. From this. WikiZero Özgür Ansiklopedi - Wikipedia Okumanın En Kolay Yolu . Khorgas, officially known as Korgas (simplified Chinese: 霍尔果斯; traditional Chinese: 霍爾果斯; pinyin: Huò'ěrguǒsī; Kazakh: قورعاس, romanized: Qorǵas), also known as Chorgos, Gorgos, Horgos and Khorgos, formerly Gongchen (拱宸城), is a Chinese city straddling the border with Kazakhstan Presearch is a decentralized search engine, powered by the community

Map of Kyrgyzstan with Xinjiang, China to the east. Boundary Stone. The China-Kyrgyzstan border is 1,063 km (661 mi) in length and runs from the tripoint with Kazakhstan following a roughly south-west line across various mountain ridges and peaks of the Tian Shan range down to the tripoint with Tajikistan Khorgos, [1] oficialmente conhecida como Korgas [2] (chinês tradicional: 霍爾果斯, chinês simplificado: 霍尔果斯, pinyin: Huò'ěrguǒsī, em cazaque: قورعاس romanizado: Qorgás), também conhecida como Khorgas, Chorgos e Gorgos, anteriormente Gongchen (chinês: 拱宸城), é uma cidade chinesa perto da fronteira com o Cazaquistão..

Green Basikal. March 9 at 1:19 PM ·. Recently we have many requests to swap dropbars to straight bars (Cruiser, back sweep, riser, etc), especially from Marin users. Many of Marin's bikes are designed with drops and they are one of the most popular bikes around The Kulma Pass (Chinese: 阔勒买山口) or Qolma Pass, also referred to as Karasu Pass, is a mountain pass across the Pamir Mountains on the border between the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan and the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China. Asian Highway AH66 runs through the pass, which provides for the only modern day overland border crossing along the 450 km boundary between.

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Laura Jacobsen is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Laura Jacobsen and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes.. The Wakhan Corridor forms the panhandle of Afghanistan's Badakhshan Province.At its western entrance near the Afghan town of Ishkashim, the corridor is 18 km (11 mi) wide. The western third of the corridor varies from 13-30 km (8-19 mi) in width and widens to 65 km (40 mi) in the central Wakhan. At its eastern end, the corridor forks into two prongs that wrap around a salient of Chinese.

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What do Kazakhs think about East Asia? There is only 6 East Asian countries. So I will give 5 different answears: 1. Japan Anime, Manga, Samurai, Ninja, Sushi, Perversions, not brotherhood nation, tentacles, our cultures have totally nothing upcom.. Fergana, Uzbekistan - Guide and Tours in Fergana - Advantour Fergana: History and Contemporarity.The city of Fergana, in the south of the Fergana Valley is one of the youngest cities in Uzbekistan. It was founded in 1876, after Kokand Khanate had been included in the Russian Empire. A new town, named as New Margilan was built at a distance of 12 kilometers from Margilan, and Apr 16, 2012 - Some things done....some things not done...yet. See more ideas about bucket list, space camera, ireland pictures