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I have a pimple on my stomach it is about 3 inches above my belly button. it is a white ball and it's red and hard around it. it hurts and had pus. Dr. Chad Rudnick answered Pediatrics 10 years experienc Candidiasis in your belly button causes a red, itchy rash on your belly button and may also cause a thick, white discharge. People with diabetes are at a higher risk for all types of infections...

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Following a surgical procedure such as tubal ligation, some patient ends up with cud-like smelly white discharge from belly button. This will often be accompanied by swelling, redness, and abdominal pain. All this are signs of infection after your surgery The white ring area is sore to the touch and my belly button is more of a flatty then an outtie now, While the vast majority of people have innie belly buttons (where it dips inward like a big dimple), If your belly button is leaking clear or colored discharge or blood, Smelly White


Navel Infection: Seeing small white bumps inside your umbilicus, or belly button, is a sure sign of infection and may require a trip to your doctor to clear up Just use soap and water and your fingertip or a washcloth. If your belly button is leaking clear or colored discharge or blood, you may have a bacterial, fungal, or yeast infection. Crusty skin, strong odor, itching, and redness are also signs of infection This lump of tissue (tumor) bulges into your navel because of cancer that's spreading in your gut. The color can range from white to brownish red. It may be firm or leak fluid. Other signs of..

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A strep infection Streptococcus bacteria is another common cause of skin infections overall and belly button infections in particular, Dr. Lipoff says. Like Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus can.. Umbilical hernias usually happen because of a hole or weak area in your abdominal muscles. Umbilical hernias happen more often in women than in men. The following may increase your risk for an umbilical hernia A urinary tract infection can cause skin rashes around the belly button area in children. As you can see, there are several reasons why your belly button may by itchy, but let's take a closer look at pregnancy-related itchiness. Itchy Belly Button during Pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of the most common contributors to itchy belly button in women The appendix is a very common cause, as it begins in the belly button and travels into the lower right abdomen. Symptoms can also occur when the urinary tract becomes infected. Autoimmune: Conditions that primarily affect the gastrointestinal tract (inflammatory bowel diseases) can result in pain and other symptoms

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  1. Belly button recovery after TT: why is this white dead skin producing so fast in my belly button? (Photos) Stitches out @ 2 weeks doctor says it looks great, prescribed acidic acid 0.25% to compact belly button 2 daily
  2. Because the belly button is a moist and warm area, it is vulnerable to the growth of bacteria that leads to different types of infection. This causes the belly button to produce an unpleasant odor and discharge. The smelly belly button can also be accompanied by bleeding, especially when you have a belly button pierce. This could be a sign of a.
  3. This is caused due to the accumulation of dirt, fungus, bacteria and other germs in the belly button. Well, belly button leaking takes place, when these germs start multiplying and lead to an infection. In these cases, you may have bloody, yellow, white or brown discharge from the belly button
  4. There are several causes for belly button discharge including urachal cysts, patent urachus, thrush, yeast infections, and other infections which may be due to piercing or another irritant in or around the belly button. Discharge from the belly button is usually white in color but can be darker or clear depending on the type of infection
  5. other germs Sometimes a stinky belly button can be a symptom of a condition that needs medical attention, such as an infection or cyst. Look for other symptoms that come along with these..
  6. A look at belly button smell, a common complaint with a variety of causes. Included is detail on why the belly button is susceptible to smelling
  7. The belly button is a place where germs can become trapped and multiply. Too many germs in the belly button can cause an infection, which may lead to discharge through the skin

White patches around your navel (belly button) could be caused by vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disorder that causes the pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) to die. The white patches of vitiligo can make a white ring around your navel and extend into other areas of your midriff. But not all white skin patches are caused by vitiligo Usually, the belly button discharge will be a pale white, off-yellow, or light green color, and will kind of look like snot does when you have a cold. It may also give off an unpleasant, sour. The curious truth about belly button fluff. Some people have belly buttons devoid of fluff - while others must clean lint out of theirs every day. Jason G Goldman discovers why the fuzz is.

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  1. The knot of my belly button looks like it's possibly filled with liquid -- it's swollen so it protrudes out of my belly button but it is soft and I can press it down. I've taken antibiotics from the doctor for the past week which has helped cleared up some of the redness and inflammation but it's still painful and the knot is bulging out
  2. der of the connection we once had with our mothers. It is a hollow or raised site where the umbilical cord was attached to the placenta
  3. The white ring area is sore to the touch and my belly button is more of a flatty then an outtie now. I've been suffering with a cold/allergies for a few months now off and on and with this cold/allergies came a bad cough along with it. So I thought maybe because of my constant harsh coughing it may have stretched my belly button muscles
  4. g out my 11 year old daugthers belly button ?.
  5. Soren White, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City, says that navel fluff is typically only a problem for people who have innie belly buttons, as fibers can get trapped there.In.
  6. Why does my belly button get crusty? There are lots of things that can happen to your belly button, you see. It is dark, warm, and moist, making it easy for bacteria to grow. Candida is one of the examples are there are other fungi that can do the same, infecting the belly button and making it look red and itchy

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Belly buttons can be filled with any number of things: Dirt, sweat, lint and maybe even some jewelry if that's what you're into.But a 2012 study, appropriately titled, A Jungle in There: Bacteria in Belly Buttons are Highly Diverse, but Predictable, found that our tummy holes are also home to 67 species of bacteria on average, since they're uniquely less exposed — and less frequently. I'm a 35-year old woman. Over the past few months, I've had a problem with my belly button (I have an innie) in that it gets moist and kind of smelly. I shower regularly and always dry out my belly button, and this isn't something that just happens after I've been sweaty

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  1. hardness around belly button gigi200601. Not sure what my problem is related to, but I noticed today a hard circular area around my belly button. I have not felt very well for the past 2 weeks. Feel extremely bloated and have not had a normal bowel movement in some time. I took some ladies gentle laxatives this week and they did nothing
  2. g out of it and my belly button is normally tucked in like a hole and rite now its sticking out from my belly by about 5mm!! looks revolting. i was just cleaning it and a white egg like thing popped out! it was like a little hard seed
  3. or belly button bleeding while the.
  4. Subsequently, question is, why is my belly button wet and smelly? Most belly buttons are indented so act as a trap for sweat, dead skin, and dirt. Few people wash the belly button with soap so germs can develop. The most common cause for a belly button smell is poor hygiene
  5. Stomach gurgling (Borborygmi) and churning can tell you a lot about what your body is going through. In this article we will run down a list of answers to the question, 'why does my stomach growl?' Keep reading to find out what causes an upset stomach and remedies to help relieve pain or discomfort. We will also explain some symptoms that are associated with stomach churning and gurgling.
  6. Thoroughly (and consistently) cleaning the belly button area is usually all it takes to send any weird smells packing. But if you step up your hygiene game and your belly button still smells off.

A belly button piercing was not a good idea for me but I hope you enjoy the video. The actual piercing is at the end of this video if you would like to watch.. Dr. Lee says gastritis pain usually occurs in the mid-upper stomach region, just below the breastbone and above the belly button. People describe gastritis pain in different ways, but these. Navel stones are hardened clumps of oil and dead skin cells that camp out in your belly button. Scientifically speaking, they're called omphaloliths. And — you guessed it — there are plenty of great videos to watch on YouTube. If you like blackhead removals, you'll love navel stone removals. If you're deep into the world of gross medical. After going through a whopping 503 pieces of fluff from his own belly button, Dr. Steinhauser can proudly say that he has finally come up with a scientific reason that explains why the muck.

Bacterial Infection: Sweat, lint, or residues of cosmetic products can lead to bacterial growth and infection in the belly button.If you notice a brown or yellow discharge from your belly button, it is an indication of a bacterial infection. Sebaceous Cysts: The formation of a sebaceous cyst in your belly button may also lead to an infection. These cysts are easily infected upon scratching Pain in your belly. You may also feel pain in one or both shoulders. This pain comes from the gas still left in your belly after the surgery. The pain should ease over several days to a week. A sore throat from the breathing tube. Throat lozenges may be soothing. Nausea and maybe throwing up. Your surgeon can provide you with nausea medicine if. Belly Button Bleeding. By. Laran Joseph. 19. 20982. The belly button, technically called umbilicus, is actually a scar from your birth. It left there on your tummy when the umbilical cord is cut off during childbirth. While it is an object of amusement for children, some adults find it seductive. People often get the navel pierced too A red belly button is often caused by a fungal or bacterial infection in the area, states SpeedyRemedies. The most common fungi that causes redness in the belly button region is Candida albicans that thrives in dark, moist and warm areas, explains MedGuidance. Infection in the belly button is often the result of poor hygiene habits

The incision (pubic area) has a white string/thread poking out. I'm assuming it's stitching? But why is it able to be seen, I couldn't see stitches before and they were the kind that dissolve. Anyone ever have this happen to an incision? Surgery was Dec 20, So I'm almost 6wks post-op. Gonna call my.. Common belly button infection symptoms may include: Red or crusty belly button. Swelling. Itchy rash on the navel. Rash around belly button. Belly button discharge, thick, white. Usually mild or no odor. Tenderness. Belly button pain or soreness are less common, although they may be present as well Why belly fat is more than skin deep. Open pop-up dialog box. Belly fat. Close. Belly fat. Belly fat. Subcutaneous fat is the belly fat you can feel if you pinch excess skin and tissue around your middle. Visceral fat is belly fat that accumulates in your abdomen in the spaces between your organs. Too much visceral fat is strongly linked with a. Lump on the belly button hallmarks. Lumps on or around the belly button can occur in both children and adults. The umbilicus, navel, or belly button is a remnant of the umbilical cord, a structure that provides vascular flow between the fetus and placenta during pregnancy

Why Does My Belly Button Discharge, Foul Smell Like Poop or Cheese ? Discharge or a foul smell of any kind in the umbilical area (belly button) is always a sign of a complication. The least problematic of any other is hygiene. If your concern is simply a foul smell without discharge there needs to be an increase in physical hygiene Belly button rashes are quite common and can be caused by a variety of factors. They can be very uncomfortable, but the preventive measures are quite simple if you remember to follow them: have a good hygienic profile, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and consult a physician if you suspect anything wrong

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why is my belly button leaking a yellow substance and the substance smells horrible. MD. Hi, Thanks for your query. You might be suffering from umbilical abscess. You may have to get a culture sensitivity test of the substance oozing and be placed on antibiotics. Wish you good health I had a white discharge in my Belly Button that is a bit painful two weeks ago. I had this kind of scenario also last year. So I went to the doctor and ask for prescription medicine. The doctor gave me antibiotics and antibacterial ointment good for 5 days. My belly button stopped leaking discharge on the last day of my medication Even though belly button hair isn't considered normal for women to have by most of society, almost all women still have hairs sprouting up in the region 1. You have systemic symptoms like fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes or unintentional weight loss along with unexplained bruising. 2. Bruises look like big purple spots with clear edges, and you're younger than 65. These spots, called purpura, are common in older adults but may be a sign of inflamed blood vessels in younger people

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  1. OUFER 316L Surgical Steel Belly Button Rings Clear CZ Navel Rings Belly Rings Belly Piercing. Style: 14G Stainless Steel Belly Rings Navel Piercing. Size: 1.6mm=14 Gauge, 9.5mm Bar Length, Common Belly Ring Size, Easy to Screw Off and On. The Bar is Made of 316L Stainless Steel, High Polished Surface, Safe and Durable
  2. Typically, belly button piercings go through the lip of skin above the belly button. Although most people can technically get these types of piercings, it's best to have a good flap of skin above the belly button for the piercer to put the jewelry through if you want it to heal properly
  3. It means your skin in that area is dry. If your piercing is recent and you've been using rubbing alcohol to clean it, remember that rubbing alcohol does dry out skin. Try using witch hazel (it is drying but it is not as harsh as rubbing alcohol or..
  4. It started a few months ago to the left of my belly button and a little above that too. It isnt a sharp pain, just like a soreness. I had my gall bladder out this last Dec. and I thought maybe it cou;d be scar tissue even tho the gall bladder is to the right of the belly button. Im on percocet due to back problems and do get constipated
  5. One look at a dirty belly button is all it takes for you to shudder, jump in the shower, and start scrubbing. Health providers have removed 'growths' from belly buttons that turned out to.

The most common reason that your belly button producing pus from it is a type of fungus called Candida. This type of fungus loves the nature of the belly button that is damp, dark, and cavity. If this type of fungus infected your belly button you will notice symptoms like redness around your belly button, discolored or itchy Simple carbs -- white bread, candy, pastries, and soft drinks -- enter your blood almost instantly. Complex carbs -- whole grains, fruits, and vegetables -- don't because they take longer to digest White vinegar is acidic and can help stop infections from spreading. Here's how to heal a pierced belly button with infection using white vinegar. Mix two parts of warm water with two parts of white vinegar. Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it on the belly button piercing wound. Leave it for about 15 minutes Infected Belly-Button Piercing. Dr. Amesh A. Adalja, board-certified infectious disease physician and senior scholar at John Hopkins University, stresses that any time something breaches the skin—a key component of the immune system—there will be a risk of infection Stinky/smelly belly button is, in most cases, not a serious health threat but it may point to a certain medical condition. More often than not, it can be linked to poor hygiene, but there are cases when the belly button area produces a smelly discharge, poop or fish-like smell, itching or pain.(you can clikc here if you havepain around your belly button

The belly button is a mysterious part of our bodies—and with a rise in midriff-baring fashion, navel tattoos, and belly button piercings, we can't help but examine each other's navels. While the vast majority of people have innie belly buttons (where it dips inward like a big dimple), there are those who have an outie belly. Find Rings, Necklaces, Charms & More. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders White circle around belly button. Mill83 22/03/14. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else has a white circle around their belly button? I keep meaning to ask my mid-wife about it. If you do have a white belly button have u asked about it I have deep belly button and noticed yesterday have a brown crusted smelly discharge around it. The stomach is a common location for psoriasis eruptions, which cause scaly white spots and inflammation. Another cause of stomach rash is Kawasaki disease, a rare, but extremely serious, condition in children that is thought to have an autoimmune origin. It commonly occurs with a very high fever and rash, which might begin on the stomach

The belly button doesn't get cleaned very often. It can be easy to forget about it! But it's really embarrassing, so you should clean it regularly. Use a cotton swab and light oils like jojoba, safflower, and grapeseed. These oils will loosen up dead skin and dirt, making it easier to remove.. All you need to do is pull your belly button as if you are trying to put on the zip of your tight jeans. Simply pull your belly button in as far as possible by you. Doing this several times in a day can help you reduce your belly. Additionally you can also wear an abdominal splint for the best results Belly button lint is a near universal experience, but some things such as body hair and clothing contribute to it. greg801/Thinkstock. The term belly button lint is a catchall. And, as it turns out, so is the belly button itself. What we think of as lint in our navels is really a combination of fabric fuzz, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria

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  1. Hey! I Got my belly button done 7 days ago and now it has the same things yours is doing..its red aroung the top part of the ring and white around the inner part and it pusses still. I called my piercer and asked him about it he said it is all TOTALLY normal
  2. It took three years of contemplating his navel, but a scientist may have solved the mystery of belly button fluff. Georg Steinhauser, an Austrian chemist, has found a type of body hair that traps.
  3. The healing time of a belly button infection depends upon how severe it is, when treatment was initiated, and what caused it. Usually, it can take between 3 and 9 months. Final Word. Your belly button harbors more bacterial and fungal species than you can imagine, but they usually live in harmony with your body without causing any adverse effects

Side note: You may notice your bellybutton clogs up with lint on the regular. That's because hair circling your bellybutton takes up fibers from your shirts and funnels them down into your innie where they collect, along with skin cells, into lint, researchers explain in a June 2009 paper in Medical Hypotheses . One fix is to shave the hair in this area, but wearing older shirts also keeps. If you keep your belly button piercing during pregnancy, it might start to get irritated as your baby bump grows or possibly catch on your clothing. Watch for redness, which signals that the piercing might be too tight. Dry, tight skin. Pregnancy hormones and stretching of the skin with your growing baby bump can make your belly feel itchy. My temperature is a little raised, but nothing dramatic, but my belly button hurts all the time , is warmer than the rest of the skin, and the pain radiates out a little, and there is a bloody discharge. I'm now at 18 days on and this is getting worse. To me this says infection. But I just don't know anymore

A more common condition is an umbilical granuloma, in which a swollen piece of skin forms in the belly button in the first few days after the umbilical cord is cut. It appears to be a tiny red lump, sometimes covered by a pale yellow or clear discharge; this painless lump eventually hardens and resembles a little ball of skin inside the baby. Worms in Your Belly Button (Navel) April 23, 2014. A reader wrote us a couple of days ago with an interesting and distressing question. She reports that her belly button is a little big, and that sometimes she has worm like movements in her belly button. She says this makes it hard and paralyses me, and also that it's. Some people think it's from the washer and dryer strategically placing tiny holes in the front bottom-area of tops, or to the hungry moths whom have an appetite for destruction just within the belly button area of the shirt, or maybe it's oddly enough, belly button excretions eating through the t-shirt material There are times when people experience sudden pain above belly button. The pain may go away as suddenly as it began. It is possible that if you have just experienced pain above the belly button, you may choose to disregard it and continue with the things that you are doing or you may also want to get to the bottom of the reason why you have felt sudden, abrupt pain

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By the way, I just got my belly button ring 5 days ago and these line's I'm speaking of were there a few hours after I got the piercing.Yesterday I noticed that right under the top ball where the bar enters my skin is a red dot and right around that area is white hard/dry skin It's been 10 days since my op and the nurse removed my stiches on thursday evening even though they were meant to be disolvable ones. I have no infections in my wounds because the nurse has seen them. I'm a bit worried because I have put my belly button bar in again and I have got an infection in the bottom hole Linea nigra is the darkened line that shows up on the abdomen between the pelvic bone and belly button in women. This is actually the Latin name for black line, but it isn't always black. If you see a linea nigra, not pregnant or if you are pregnant, know that it comes from the hormone that stimulates melanocytes in your body Virtually every belly button will have some yellow or green drainage, both before and after it falls off. It may look like pus, but it is really just mucus. You may notice some on baby's T-shirt or diaper with every diaper change. This may go on for one or two weeks, so don't worry. The drainage will eventually stop Infected Belly-Button Piercing. Dr. Amesh A. Adalja, board-certified infectious disease physician and senior scholar at John Hopkins University, stresses that any time something breaches the skin—a key component of the immune system—there will be a risk of infection

Belly fat in men: Why weight loss matters. Belly fat is nothing to joke about. Find out what causes belly fat, the health risks it poses for men and what you can do to lose the extra pounds. By Mayo Clinic Staff. If you're carrying a few extra pounds, you're not alone. But this is one case where following the crowd isn't a good idea About a year ago I started having this intense pain around my belly button. It feels like pins and needles most of the time, but occasionally it feels like someone is stabbing me from the inside. The pain is localized to the area that was cut, my belly button, straight up the abdomen and it stops right before my sternum Bloating or fullness, Cloudy urine with strong odor, Distended stomach and Pain or discomfort. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms bloating or fullness, cloudy urine with strong odor, distended stomach and pain or discomfort including Urinary tract infection (UTI), Gas pains, and Irritable bowel syndrome When there is smelling discharge from belly button application of white vinegar mixed in equal amount of water is beneficial. You can also use a mixture prepared from baking powder and water. Apply it on belly button for a while and then rinse the area with warm water. See that the area becomes completely dry

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The belly button or umbilicus is a scar and when operated on, such as for a laparoscopic port placement, it will heal very firm initially. Over time this will calm down, however, close follow-up with your surgeon is needed to determine if there is another cause of swelling, such as a hernia My Belly button is mot to bad, but then this is the 6th time they went through my belly button. This is my 14th surgery. different things. My problem is 6 days out. My 2 upper incision are really sore the Dr. took my stitches out today and I told him I keep getting these pains that run between my two upper incisions and I guess if I had to.

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What belly button shape reveals about your personality? Did you know that some people have no belly buttons at all and others use them for meditation? Watch. Possible causes of belly button pain: Hernias, constipation, or indigestion. Shutterstock. Some people describe their belly button pain as a sharp, pulling sensation, where the pain gets worse during a stretch or a cough. If this is the case, you could have a hernia. Feel for a bulge near the belly button, as this is the most common symptom So I just got my belly button pierced yesterday, which makes it my fourth time having it done. The first three times it rejected. At the shop yesterday they assured me that their jewelry was practically nickel free, but in case i bought bioflex jewelry I was looking in my belly button and saw a black dot in the way back in the center in the - Answered by a verified Doctor We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them