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The first thing you need to do is trace all of the items you want to hang. I've traced pictures, shelves, sconces, and even the rough outline of flower arrangements that I would be putting on shelves. This time I was hanging a grouping of 7 photos. All of them were 8×10 size, so I cut 7 pieces of scrap paper all the same size Hanging Multiple Picture Frames of the Same Size. When you want to showcase several same-size pictures, you risk creating a display that's boring or too symmetrical. It can be easy to fall into.

1 of 26. same size frames on a landing wall. 2 of 26. black and white shots in gilded frames. 3 of 26. simple same size frames. 4 of 26. Kaufman Residence, decorated by Phoebe Howard, framed christmas card pictures on stairs----- Over a dozen black-and-white framed Christmas cards are hanging on wall over staircase There are several tips that can make the hanging process easier. Make a template on paper. Place the largest photo in the center, and add various pictures around this one until you find the.. 1. Linear What it is: Pictures are hung in a line - either horizontally or vertically.This style emphasizes rhythm and balance. Benefit: A linear configuration works especially well with pieces that are the same size and are framed with the exact same frame. Size of wall space: When the artworks are hung horizontally, this is a good choice for a larger wall or to emphasize another horizontal. Use different shades of the same color to more closely match each photo; for example, use four different shades of blue. Keep to medium or pale mat tones to help each photo stand out while unifying the group. 2. Paint all the frames the same color. When dry, clean the glass and set into the frames

Once you've decided where you want to hang a picture, make a mark on the wall in pencil (on pieces of masking tape, if you wish) for each hook; use the level to make sure the marks are at the same height. If a room has a slightly sloping floor or ceiling, start by hanging the pictures level; if they look crooked, cheat just a bit so they look. You can hang pictures at eye level for this type of furniture since the lamp(s) will compete for the space directly behind the table. Unless using a stacked arrangement, a lone picture would look strange using the 6 - 8 rule. One exception might be a long narrow picture that fills the space behind the table 4. Hang artwork at eye level. For hanging art height, think of groupings as a single, whole piece. To hang a group of 4 pictures for example, consider hanging it as one entire square.. Then place pictures so that the center point of the piece or grouping is at approximately eye level Apr 5, 2021 - Explore Casey Landaal Ricchio's board Ideas for Grouping or Hanging Pictures...and some cute picture ideas, followed by 765 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about home diy, hanging pictures, decor

If you're hanging a group of 4 pictures, just repeat the same steps for the second 'row' of pictures. I didn't measure the exact distance between the top and bottom row of pictures, just eyeballed it. Then hang your pictures on the wall and readjust as necessary. How I hung my group of 4 pictures 8×10 photos are larger than 4×6 and 5×7 so they are typically used for group photos or portraits. If you are hanging graduation photos in the hall, this is most likely the size you would use. There are a variety of sized frames you can fit a 8×10 photo in, depending on if you prefer a wide or narrow look For example, if you're going for a rectangular look, choose your wall, then place three identical size frames in the center to establish a focal point. Then add rows, grouping pictures about 1-2 inches apart, to form a square or rectangle. Once you've found a shape you like, transfer it frame by frame to the wall Picture Collages. If you want to hang large numbers of photos, but don't necessarily have the space, consider using some picture collage frames. Collage frames group photos together, some of one size, others of several varying sizes. You can hang a single collage, or group two or three together to get in a lot of artwork in a very small space In this video I show how to hang several picture frames level on a wall even if the brackets on the frame aren't in the same place. I show how to measure the..

Clean the surface of your wall with a 1:1 solution of water and rubbing alcohol. Remove the back liner from the adhesive strip, and apply it directly to the wall where you want to hang your picture. Remove the front liner from the strip and firmly press the utility hook against the surface. Hold it steady and in place for 30- to 40-seconds Form a vertical grouping for a narrow space. Make sure that all of the pictures are of the same size, and arrange them in a vertical line with equal spacing between each. Vertical groupings look good on a tall, narrow wall, or in between windows. A spacing of 8 in (20.3 cm) between each frame works well Trend #5 The Picture Grid. Much like a checkerboard, the photos here are arranged in a strict geometric pattern. The borders or frames of your pictures should line up along the edges and the distance between pictures should be the same in all directions. The Picture Grid works best when all of the pictures are the same size Plan picture groupings beforehand. If you plan to hang more than one picture in a certain wall space, that's great - by playing with the precise spacing and arrangement of the pictures, you can create striking visual impressions. Before you hang multiple pictures together, though, make a blueprint for your group of pictures - if you're confident you can erase it, lightly trace the pictures.

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Test ideas by laying the group of multiple pictures out on the floor first. Even better, lay them out on large paper on the floor, and when the magical arrangement is made, you can simply trace around them and mount the paper to the wall as a perfect guide so hanging multiple pictures, one-by-one, will be easy Place the paper template onto the wall so that the bottom is right on the 8 inch mark. Press the painter's tape so tat the paper template sticks to the wall. 7. Take the second paper template and add it to the wall so that it's 2 inches above the top of the other picture When using Hang & Level with this orientation, hang the bottom item first, so the handle of the Hang & Level will not interfere with the picture above. Next, hang the top item followed by the frame on the left. Try out the three options in your own space, and it will become clear which one works best for you. Check out this article if you want. 6. Mixed with a Mirror. The rule of thumb for hanging wall decor over a mantel is that the art piece is roughly the same size as the firebox. In this living room, we chose our Rayne Mirror for it's scalloped border and coppery-blue patina, but it's on the small size. To fill out the proper amount of space, we surrounded the mirror in Bunny Williams' Campbell House dinner and salad plates. If you hang all your photos using the 57 inches rule, then the centers of all of your frames should be at the same height, even if your collection includes pieces of different heights. Measuring from the centre creates a much more cohesive, harmonious atmosphere than hanging all your photos so that the tops of the frames are in line

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  1. The same goes for hanging artwork over a bed. 6. If hanging several pictures together in a row, using an odd number of frames makes it easy to center the middle piece with your furniture and then hang the next one(s) either to the left or right. It doesn't matter which side you start with, as long as you work outwards from the middle piece. 7
  2. Turn your frame over and use your measuring tape to measure the height of the picture from the back . My art is 24″. Divide this number by 2. In my example, the answer is 12″. Find the distance between the top of the picture and the picture hanging hardware. Mine measured 6.5″ from the wire to the top of the frame
  3. How To Arrange Pictures On Wall Different Sizes: Tip 3 The Horizontal Arrangement. The horizontal arrangement is very easy to achieve. Hang the different size of pictures from right to left or from left to right. The gap for each picture should be around 2 until 5 inches. Find ways on how to arrange 2 large pictures on a wall here
  4. How to Hang Evenly Spaced Picture Frames. Evenly Spaced Horizontal Placement. First, we'll find the horizontal placement for these pieces, by subtracting the total width of all three paintings (20″ + 20″ + 20″ = 60″) from the total width of the wall (100″ - 60″ = 40″). Now we divide that 40″ by 4, to give us an interval.
  5. 2) When hanging wall art over furniture, such as a bed, a fireplace or a couch, it should be between 2/3 to 3/4 of the width of the furniture. You can do a similar calculation here for measuring the ideal canvas size above your couch for example. Let's say your couch is 6 feet wide, multiply 6 by 0.66 and 0.75
  6. The two photos above could be fine if you just tweaked them. The one one on the left just needs a piece added underneath it, and the one on the right needs those pieces to be in a grid that forms the shape of a square, properly proportioned to the wall. Those pieces are far too small to be hanging out on their own up there in a tiny little line

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Hanging a picture is about as DIY as many homeowners get. But although it may seem easy, hanging a picture properly is much more than a haphazard task. Here are five favorite tips for taking a one. 02. Select frames of the same color, but vary the design. So you have pictures in a variety of sizes and you wonder how you'll ever find matching frames Have no fear! If you're looking for frames of the same color, let go of style restrictions but hang onto your color of choice. Below we see a grouping of photos in black frames Use templates: If you're hanging artwork by yourself, cut paper templates to size for each piece of art and attach the paper cutouts to the wall with painter's tape. This will give you the option to stand back and see how the artwork's size relates to your room and your furniture. Move the template up and down to find the perfect spot prior to hanging the picture The only exception to this rule is when you're framing the art over furniture. When placing art over a sofa or headboard, for instance, it should span roughly two-thirds of the width of the furniture piece.Hang art so that the bottom of the frame is 8 to 10 inches above the furniture piece; the art should be visually connected to it, not floating high above it Follow these 3 easy rules for hanging art, your home will look like a professional art gallery in no time. 1. Hang your Art by its Center. The artwork's center should be 57 inches from the ground to match average eye level. People shouldn't strain themselves to view the artwork. By placing the center of the artwork at eye level, it ensures.

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  1. Have you tried to figure out how to know where to hammer a nail to hang a picture, and what kind of hook http://amzn.to/2nZtEGT is best to hang a picture on..
  2. This is a rather traditional way of displaying photos. This is a home office and it features a portion of the wall that was covered with photos of the same size, shape, and type. It's a nice way of adding a personal touch to your working space. 24. Horizontal and Vertical Photo
  3. g. And after you've picked a piece, you're not even done. Next, you have to consider where your artwork is going to be hung . Below, a collection of rooms that are getting framed art above the bed right. These ideas are perfect to get you started on decorating your bedroom. Save Pin It See More Images
  4. While many people use 5 x 7 prints or 8 x 10 prints as framed wall portraits, these sizes are more appropriately used as framed pictures on desks or tables. In the collage above, the tiniest picture is a 5 x 7. The next image, which also seems too small for the wall is an 8 x 10. Moving up, the smaller of the two canvases is 16 x 20 and the.
  5. Decor tip: Hang multiple pictures 2 inches apart to create balance between them. 8. Hammer in a nail where the hole is marked on the paper template, putting the nail right through the paper template. This is the exact spot the nail needs to be located on the wall in order to hang the picture at the right height! 9
  6. Pictures are usually displayed all around a room, rather than on just one wall, and rarely match in size and shape. To unify the group, use similar frames or a colour theme that runs through it. When hanging pictures, don't try to line up the tops or bottoms of the frames. Instead, use the mid-point of each picture or grouping as a guide. 11

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The best height for hanging artwork above a sofa. Approx 8-12 inches is usually a happy place for the average size piece of artwork or mirror. When it comes to sofas and sectionals, I err on the side of slightly higher vs slightly lower and would place most average size pieces approx 8-10 inches from the top of the furniture Dos and Don'ts of Artwork and Picture Hanging. Dos. Groups of three pictures could either be hung with the largest in the centre or two of the same size on both sides of the third. It is good if the three artworks are related in character and colour scheme. Small pictures look better when hung at eye-view level For the Bedroom. Siesta Studio. The bedroom is a retreat, a place for relaxation and the artwork should reflect that. The best walls for art in the bedroom are directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. Large scale pieces are best and should be hung at eye level. Look for abstract pieces with soothing colors or tones

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Once you have added photos and selected a size, you can re-generate the photo layout a few times to get a good arrangement. PicMyna photo collage maker has an incredibly smart photo layout algorithm that comes up with a unique arrangement every time you re-generate a photo layout. 6. When you are happy with the photo layout, download a JPG image A gallery wall is a curated display of photographs, posters, or prints arranged on a wall using photo frames. Find out how to create a gallery wall at home

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Keep your picture -- or its frame, if it has one -- 8 to 10 inches above the couch so that they appear visually connected, rather than too cramped or separated. Typically, you should center pictures at eye level, but in a sitting area, hang them a few inches lower, if possible. In an average-height room, an overly tall picture can dwarf the. May 6, 2016 - Explore Misha Tokar's board HOW TO ARRANGE FRAMES, followed by 247 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about home diy, decor, home

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  1. The best way to do this is to first attach the plate hanger to the plate and lie the plate on a flat surface. The top of the hanger should (barely) touch the flat surface that your plate is lying on. If it doesn't, take the hanger off the plate, bend it, and place it back on to see if it's where you need it to be
  2. Art is, and probably will forever be, an integral part of decorating and making a home. What's not vital? Making the same art displaying mistakes that many of us have probably made at least once in our home-decorating histories. These are some of the most common art displaying mistakes that can be avoided. 1. Hanging art too high Some people cringe when they see a picture frame crooked
  3. How to Arrange Art Before Hanging. Save yourself the frustration (and your walls the trauma) of hanging and rehanging a grouping of art. Instead, trace each piece on kraft paper, label the tracing, and cut it out. If you're hanging portraits, draw arrows on the paper to indicate which way the subject is looking
  4. ate excess wall space on the top half. If you want to hang a gallery wall, you can still use the 57 inches rule, just measure the entire collection of frames as the height and width. If you're hanging smaller frames, try to find narrow walls, or hang a.
  5. 8×10 Same-Day Mounted Photo: Large 8″ × 10″ size with 3/4 black edge is ideal for portraits and artwork. Durable mounting board makes photo ready to hang or place on a table. Create a contemporary photo montage by displaying multiple mounted photos together. 8″ × 10″ mounted photo makes a unique and personalized gift
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  7. The repetition of identical shapes will create a ryhtme that will animate the wall section where they are. Reduce the distances between your frames while spacing them regularly (spread them with a hand ie about 9cm). Form a line (3 frames) a square (4 frames) a rectangle (6 frames) The bottom line is that the result is harmonious

For instance, use all the same size photos with all the same frames and hang them in a grid collage on the wall in a hallway or above a table. There are a variety of nice frames that will hold several at once that make sense together, and I'm not talking about those old frames with the different size holes cut out of the matte Woven Wall Hanging. A pretty handmade wall hanging adds a bit of Southwest flair to this desert-inspired powder room. From: Tiffany Brooks. Wooden Ladder. A wood ladder adds instant charm above the toilet, offering a place to hang a hand towel and a basket to store other bathroom necessities With that out of the way, happy hanging. Returning readers may click the calculator icon at the top of the post to go directly to the picture-hanging calculator app. For more insight on the physics of picture framing and hanging, you also might like to read the third article in this series, The Physics of Hanging Pictures The side panels are the exact same size as the panels for Wall #2 and Wall #3. And the panels above the windows were simply drawn to fit the space. And that's all there is to it. Designing picture frame moulding for walls is really just about finding good balance and using a whole lot of masking tape. Lol. Once you confirm the height at which you'll hang your picture, use a pencil to mark the wall. If you're using a wire or more than one hook, use a level to ensure the marks are at the same height.

A 42″ size will fit your 39″ window, and the 72″ size will fit your 70″ window nicely. Don't worry that the 42″ box is 3″ larger and the 72″ box is only 2″ larger than the windows. Once the window boxes are centered the only person who will know is you - especially if you plant trailing varieties on either end of the box How to Design a Gallery Wall | Pottery Barn. close. Pottery Barn. Join our VIP list for inspiration, new arrivals & more. Email*. Enter your mobile number and select to receive automated marketing text messages about new items, great savings and more. You understand that consent is not required to make a purchase

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1/4th the height of the mounting pole or the fence post in inches. At least 1' from the driveway or street, 5.5' to 6.5' from ground to bottom of fixture. Patio Dining Chandeliers. 2/3 or 1/2 the width of the table in inches. Centered above table or living area, 30-34 above the table or 7' above the ground Ready-made sets are guaranteed to look good together, so there's no guesswork—but collections of same-size pieces work great too. To hang, use a laser level to ensure you've got a straight line, and leave at least two inches between the frames Here's the photo of her bed: As you can see, it's a short area between the top of the headboard and the bottom of the soffit above it, but there's still plenty of space to do something fun up there. Here are a few ideas: 1. Rows of frames. I love how the rows of frames add color and dimension and contrast (line-wise) with the curve of the.

Quality Picture Frames Made in The USA . As an American, family-owned framing retailer, Frame Destination believes that every art or framing project should be treated with a custom touch. We offer all types of picture frames to suit your home and office decor, such as traditional wood picture frames and contemporary metal frames Pick up the piece of art and lift up the wire as if it's hanging from the hook. Let's say that this is a half-inch below the frame. Then, that is where your hook will need to be, so that the piece of art is in the correct position. Mark that spot on your traced picture. Hang the entire piece up on the wall Ahhhhh, window curtains. One of my favorite parts of the design process. Yes, designing a room from the paint colors and light fixtures to furniture and accessories is fun. But choosing your window treatments is like that sweet dollop of icing on the cake. There are so many types of window treatments to choose from: Valances, curtains, blinds, shutters—-you name it Below, I've increased the size of the image from earlier 400%. The full file is now 1300×866 px, but I've cropped a 650×433 px section of it so you can compare the two images. Here's a comparison of the original 20+ MP file resized down to 1300×866 px, with a 650×433 px segment cropped out Try out the measurement guideline (distance of wall x 0.6 = ideal artwork size), grab a piece of art that closely matches the size and hang (nail-free!) at eye level for a once-empty wall to now be lovingly filled. P.S. White Pumpkin canvases are now available in the shop in all three sizes! CLICK HERE to get a canvas for your home

There are a few exceptions to this rule: If you have really low ceilings (less than 8-9′), divide the vertical length of your wall into quarters and hang your art in the third quadrant up from the floor. And if you're hanging art above a sofa, allow for 8-10 inches above the sofa back, even if this breaks the 57″ rule Example: A typical store-bought, ready-made frame for an 8×10 photo will have a mat exact opening of 7.5×9.5. This size mat board will overlap the image by ¼ inch on all four sides, allowing it to hold the image down. Mat boards cut by custom frame shops will usually cut the mat with an opening of 7.75×9.75 so there is less masking of the. Here is a helpful collection of layouts for hanging photographs, empty frames or artworks. Pictures, paintings, quilts, and mirrors are beautiful home decorations that look very impressive individually and in groups. Wall decorations enhance an interior design and personalize room decorating. These layout plans can help you decorate empty walls. 3. Hang the thing. Yes, there is a semi-science to the art of getting the height of a piece just right—it's called measuring (!). To be exact, the center of a framed piece of artwork should be. *Our mat opening sizes are shown. Most off the shelf picture frames with mats have a smaller window (such as 4.5 x 6.5 for 5 x 7)that covers more of the image. Other Common Picture Frame Sizes: 8.5 x 11 11 x 17 13 x 19 16 x 20 18 x 24 20 x 24 20 x 30 24 x 36 The most common or popular size of larger picture frames is 24x36

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How to Hang Art in Picture Frame Molding. There's more than one way to do it. By Hannah Marti n and Lindsey Mathe r. March 3, 2017. With the addition of simple strips of wood—molding—walls can. In addition to size, select from framed or unframed, and three types of finish: matte, glossy, or metallic. Designs range from full photos to photo poster collages comprising a selection of your favorite snaps. Same-day poster printing is also available for select options Get the hang of displaying wall art at home with our tips and tricks for putting up pictures. Above a sofa When hanging artwork, a general rule of thumb is that the centre of the image should be at eye-level. In rooms where people are usually sitting down - such as a living room or dining room - eye-level will be at a seated position so. The first challenge in hanging a picture is deciding exactly where you want it. It's not so hard with just one picture. You can ask a helper to hold it up while you stand back and judge the position. Most experts recommend hanging a picture with its center about 60 in. from the floor, or bottom edge 6 to 8 in. above a piece of furniture How to Choose the Correct Size Exterior Light: Tip #1. Lights By Your Door: Your lights should be ⅓ to ¼ the size of your door and trim. If you have a grand entry way with a high ceiling you can go bigger. So, opt for ⅓ the size of your door. If you're in a tighter area, try ¼ the size of your door

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The key to a perfectly composed gallery wall is finding the right balance of art, framing, and spacing.Before you even think of tackling a project like this, first consider the art you'd like to display: A photo wall of vintage family photographs is a classic choice, as are children's drawings, maps, line drawings, and smaller watercolors.Don't rule out striking 3D pieces, as well—think fun. Start by laying out a few bits that are similar in size to the diameter of the screw shaft. Hold the screw so the tip is facing you, and then hold different sized bits, one at a time, next to the screw. Try to find the drill bit that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw shaft, including the threads Hang the pictures at eye level. Eye level is about 1/3rd of the art above and 2/3rds below your eye level. If you are having a hard time visualizing your grouping, try cutting out pieces of paper the size of your pictures and taping them in place with removable tape to try out your grouping before putting holes in your wall Conversely, we might hang them even wider than 8-11″ beyond the outer edge of the window trim if we're trying to fill a large wall space. We might even hang the rod wider on one side than the other if we're trying to make a window look less off-center (more on that here - it can make all the difference!). So it really is flexible

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How To: Framing Large Posters, Advertising Signs & Artwork. How to frame posters is a question businesses, and even individual shoppers struggle with on a daily basis. Hopefully the information listed here will answer any picture, poster, or print frame questions, and offer framing solutions that will exceed expectations The first is that you should hang any pictures at least 8 inches from the back of the sofa. The second is that width of the work, or works of art, should take up about 2/3 the width of the sofa. If you have a small interior, use a mix of small and medium sized pictures to fill up that space the right of the American flag. Flags from other nations should be flown at the same level and to the left of the American flag. When flying with flags from other states and localities, the American flag should be in the center at the highest point. When hanging the flag indoors, the union should be at the top and to the flag's right In general, art should take up 57% - 75% of any wall that isn't covered by furniture or moldings. If your artwork will be hung over a sofa or credenza, it should be 2/3 to 3/4 the width of your furniture. If you are hanging a piece over a standard, 76 wide king size bed, it should be between 45 - 76 wide. Below, I've created a cheat sheet Measuring the plate backdrop. 1. Measure your background. Find the bare wall (or section of wall) where you want to hang your plates, and measure out the width and height of the area you want to.

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The same kind of vertical stacking applies to decorations hung behind chairs in corners of rooms. Just make them narrower. Companion Posts Picking and Hanging the Right size Picture or Mirror over your Fireplace 6-23-2011, Hanging Pictures around a Room 8-3-2011, It's Easy to hang Pictures Up on the Wall 7-17-2011 Hi Sarah! Thanks for the comment. I would use the same rule of thumb to hang roman shades. Hang them as high as you can, so only a small portion cover the top of the window when fully up. Then you can adjust how much they cover the window from that point. Hanging them high, heightens the window more. -Jenn The leader in custom canvas prints online. Save up to 93% on canvas prints. Just choose the size and wrap thickness of your canvas print, upload your pictures or art, choose your border and join over 1 million happy EasyCanvasPrints.com customers

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How to Use A Drywall Anchor. The first step of drywall anchor installation is to use a power drill to make a pilot hole in the drywall, door or tile wall. The drill bit for the pilot hole should be smaller than the width of the anchor that is being used. For example, you'll use a 1/4-inch drill bit for the hole to insert a 1 inch plastic anchor Above the Sofa. If you can't figure out what to put above your sofa, hang a full-length mirror horizontally on the wall. Most will fit beautifully over a seven-foot couch, and some even come with the hardware you'll need to hang the mirror sideways. Acanthus leaf 46 x 33 3/4, Resin mirror, $499, wisteria.com A large clock in a dining room is a nice alternative to a traditional buffet and hutch. In the bedroom: If your headboard is low enough, consider a large clock as a way to keep track of quality 'time' in the bedroom! The entryway: With a console or sofa style table, an oversized clock can be a great way to add style to an entryway

Chandelier size for hall ways should be determined by the width of the hallway. Multiple the hallway's width in feet by 2.5 will be the diameter of the chandelier in inches. For example, the hallway's width is 8 feet. The chandelier's diameter should be about 20 (8 x 2.5) inches. If you want to decorate with chandelier for your long hallways The general setback rule is that cables must be at least 1 1/4 inches from the face of the framing members. In a wall, ceiling, floor, or roof framed with standard lumber (two-by-four, two-by-six, etc.) the faces are the narrow edges that get covered with drywall or other surface material. If the setback requirement cannot be met, you must. In addition to our picture frames, we carry all the supplies and hardware you need to securely hang and position your frames, such as wall hooks, floating shelves, and hanging strips. Get your business supplies in bulk and at a great, low price 365 days a year with MichaelsPro™ Packs

Hanging shelves. From leveling to anchoring, here are 10 tips to make sure your next shelf-hanging project is quick, easy and strong. We'll show you tips for hanging and installing everything from store-bought display shelves to DIY closet shelves.And even if you don't have any shelf projects in the near future, you'll find leveling and anchoring tips here that you can use on other. Work with 8 strands of rope instead of 4. Place the 2 right outside ropes across the 4 center ropes. (Always start with the right side.) Run the 2 left outside ropes over the right outside ropes then under the 4 center cords and up through the opening.; With the outside strands, gently tighten the knot If you're interested in how to calculate these sizes, you simply divide the image size by the PPI. So if your image is 4288 pixels wide, divide that by the PPI of 300, and you get 14.29 inches which is the width of your printed photo. Now that you know how big you can print your pictures at different qualities, let's explore some of the. MEASUREMENT #2. Decide how high you want to hang your rod. The general rule is t o mount the rod anywhere between halfway to two thirds between the top of the window frame and the ceiling or ceiling molding.; You can even go closer to your moldings for maximum impact - 3/4″ from the bottom of the molding tends to look good

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How to Use Molly and Toggle Bolts. Hanging a picture might seem like an easy task. But sometimes it takes more than a hammer and a nail. Hanging objects over a stud is probably best, but not always an option. Wall anchors, like molly bolts and toggle bolts, can make hanging objects easier Step 2: Cut Cardboard to Size. I use scissors, box cutters, and a favorite tool, the paper trimmer. First make a square cut on one edge, rotate the stock so that this edge is at a right angle to the blade, and make another cut. Now cut the blank to size, using the paper trimmer. This can be done with a straight edge and craft knife/box cutter. Using Double-Sided Hooks. Another smart way to achieve a layered look using a single rod is to use double-sided hooks. Though these are often used in bathrooms for shower curtains, they can be adopted in other rooms as well.Double-sided hooks have two hooks on opposite sides, which can be used to hold two curtain panels at the same time First, bring a pencil and mark the spot where you will hang whatever it is you're trying to hang. Make a pilot hole. You can use multiple tools to accomplish this. You should dig the pilot hole less than the size of the anchor. The pilot bit should come with a set; if it does not, the packaging will tell you which size to use The designer has created a curtain shaped to the window. When closed, it attaches by means of a hook and eye or Velcro to the angled wall on the left-hand side; when open, it's gathered tidily away from the bifold doors with a fabric holdback. It's a very neat solution to a tricky window shape. Greenleaf Lighting Ltd

Also, I can always make a copy of my 900 DPI photo scans, and re-size the copies to whatever I want to do. If my HDTV is cropping my 3600 x 5400 digital photos, I just make a copy and re-size the copies to 1200 x 1800. What If You Have Photos That Are Not 4 x 6 The same math applies. Say you have a 2 x 2 photo The patio door is a standard height but still on the 10′ ceiling wall. I'm worried that if I hang my drapes slightly above the windows (at the 9.5′-ish mark), it will look very odd to hang similar drapes at the same mark on the patio doors. There would be a LOT of wall above the doors, between the curtains. Thoughts? Thanks

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4. Figure Eight. Knot type: Loop, Stopper Why use it: You can use the same figure-eight method used in creating this knot to make either a knot or a loop that gets placed at the end of a line. This is one of the strongest on our list and it doesn't easily slide. It can come in handy when you need to make a secure loop in the middle of your rope or for attaching a lure or rig to a fishing line

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