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As the Americans flew further into Europe and Germany, the missions became deadlier. One of the worst days of the war for the B-17 and its crewmen was the second raid on German ball bearing production in Schweinfurt, Germany on October 14, 1943. Losses were so heavy on the mission it became known as Black Thursday Most Dangerous Job During World War II: B-17 Bombing Runs over Nazi Germany And this mission proves it. by Warfare History Network When the call came that morning, it was not unlike the 25 times.. B-17: Combat Missions: Fighters, Flak, and Forts: First-hand Accounts of Mighty 8th Operations Over Germany [Martin Bowman] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. B-17: Combat Missions: Fighters, Flak, and Forts: First-hand Accounts of Mighty 8th Operations Over Germany

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The B17 crews flew thousands of missions over Germany and paid a high price for doing so. After the carnage of World War One, many nations looked to a new form of military hardware that would ensure the horrors of trench warfare were never relived The Schweinfurt-Regensburg mission was a strategic bombing mission during World War II carried out by Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bombers of the U.S. Army Air Forces on August 17, 1943 Throughout the summer of 1943, Eighth Air Force B-17 crews found themselves alone in the skies on the long—and treacherous—missions over Germany. In early June the two B-24 groups that made up the entire Liberator strength of the Eighth at the time were taken off operations B-17G 43-38172 of the 8th AF 398th BG 601st BS which was damaged on a bombing mission over Cologne, Germany, on 15 October 1944; the bombardier was killed. [ via] A B-17 of the 100th Bomber Squadron of the USAAF rests in an English airfield after being severely damaged by flak over Frankfurt

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  1. Here's What You Need To Remember: The air war over Germany was incredibly costly. Casualties for the 100th Bomb Group are a perfect example. flew 306 missions during the war and lost 177 B-17.
  2. Flack over Germany USAAF Photo - Public Domain. Flack damaged B-17 that was able to return to base. USAAF Photo - Public Domain. Feltys' 17th mission targeted the oil refineries in Brux Czechoslovakia. Over Frieberg Germany his B-17 was attacked by fighters with 13mm machine guns and 20mm cannons and then hit by heavy flack
  3. I'm looking for a group of B-17 that have turned around over Germany and taken over the direction of England. When March 4, 1944 during the operation of the 8Th AAF Ops: Big Berlin. In these planes I am looking for a group of aircraft between 7 and 10 loaded with 500lbs bombs and another group loading with incendiary bombs
  4. THE MISSION AND THE CRASH On July 21, 1944, the crash occurred on their 7th mission, on the way to Wurzburg Germany. to bomb a Synthetic oil refinery. The plane took off on the daylight mission from Chelveston, England. The general weather over that part of England was as follows: At 7am on Frida
  5. The 384th Bomb Group flew B-17s from Grafton Underwood, Northamptonshire, between May 1943 and June 1945. They were engaged in daylight bombing missions over Germany as part of the Allies' efforts to destroy the effectiveness of the Luftwaffe by..

The two United States P-51 fighter planes overhead seemed heaven sent to Marvin Elsberry Joliet resident Ted Micci is an Italian immigrant, a World War II hero who flew 25 B-17 missions over Germany and the owner of Joliet's De Franco Electric from 1950 until 1988 The mission Summary Chart incorrectly shows 40 a/c scheduled and dispatched. There were 21 aircraft with Non-effective sorties; Low Squadron (12 B-17s) - Lead B-17 dropped early and others followed; Lead Squadron - 1 abort and 2 B-17 jettisoned bombs after being hit by flak; High Squadron (6 B-17s) jettisoned bombs or dropped prematurely Micci's an Italian immigrant, a World War II hero who flew 25 B-17 missions over Germany and the owner of Joliet's De Franco Electric from 1950 until 1988. More than 60 people attended Friday..

B-17 Flying Fortresses from the 398th Bombardment Group flying a bombing mission to Neumünster, Germany, on 13 April 1945. The B-17 began operations in World War II with the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1941, and in the Southwest Pacific with the U.S. Army B-17, also called Flying Fortress, U.S. heavy bomber used during World War II.The B-17 was designed by the Boeing Aircraft Company in response to a 1934 Army Air Corps specification that called for a four-engined bomber at a time when two engines were the norm.. The bomber was intended from the outset to attack strategic targets by precision daylight bombing, penetrating deep into enemy.

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  2. SIXTEEN MISSIONS OVER SIXTEEN MISSIONS OVER GERMANY. This is the true story of a brave, young Ritzville man, Ralph Danekas, who enlisted in the army air corps shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. Ralph chose the almost indestructible B-17 or Flying Fortress as it was affectionately known. and quickly advanced through the.
  3. flew the B-17 Flying Fortress. Aircraft of the 388th had an H on the tail. The first 16 missions in Europe in which the 388thBG participated in are shown at right. For each mission, the 388th would select perhaps 3-4 aircraft and crews from each of its 4 squadrons (the 560th-563rd) to contribute roughly 14 aircraft to the mission
  4. The 8th flew Mission #1 17 August 1942 when 12 B-17s attacked Rouen Marshalling yards and the last mission on 8 May 1945 Mission #986 when 12 B-17s dropped leaflets in Germany. As wounded Staff Sgt. John Hill was helped from his B-17 bomber after a raid on Jan. 13, 1943, the commander of the 305th Bomb Group, Col. Curtis LeMay came up and said
  5. Bizarre B-17 Collision Over the North Sea During World War II. At dawn on December 31, 1944, while the Battle of the Bulge raged, two young airmen took off from Thorpe Abbotts, England, and flew their Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress in formation with hundreds of others in what was to be a 'maximum effort' over Germany by every available flier
  6. Here's What You Need to Remember: The air war over Germany was incredibly costly. Casualties for the 100th Bomb Group are a perfect example. flew 306 missions during the war and lost 177 B-17.

To put this into sobering perspective - the 8th Air Force in Europe lost more men than the entire US Marine Corps did in World War Two - both horrible thoughts to consider. In the early part of the war (1943) when the US was ready to commence long.. Colonel 'Budd' J. Peaslee, Mission 115 commander, would fly to Schweinfurt as copilot in Captain James K. McLaughlin's 92nd BG B-17, and about 10:15 he saw the signal flare that indicated the mission was on. Because of the dense fog and the overcast, which limited visibility to a quarter-mile, Mission 115's status had gone down to the wire The US 8th Air Force, which flew daylight missions over Europe, had a 19% death rate, if you survived being shot down, you had a 17% chance of become a POW. As an aside, RAF Bomber Command, which flew the night missions, had 44.5% death rate and a.. Joseph Dreher, 88, of Rocky River, was on the 29th of 30 required combat missions when his B-17 bomber was shot down over Germany during World War II Martin W. Bowman - B-17: Combat Missions: Fighters, Flak, and Forts: First-hand Accounts of Mighty 8th Operations Over Germany, 2007 Tomasz Szlagor - B-17 Flying Fortress in Combat Over Europe, Kagero SMI Librar

Turned to strategic targets in Germany in Oct 1944, placing emphasis on sources of oil production until mid-Dec. 2nd Lt Robert E Femoyer, navigator, won the Medal of Honor for action on 2 Nov 1944: while on a mission over Germany, his B-17 was damaged by flak and Femoyer was severely wounded by shell fragments; determined to navigate the plane. AAF Combat Subject film #610 B-17 Mission To Bremen Germany October 08, 1943. ARC Identifier 3366 An 8th Air Force Combat Mission Over Enemy Territory Description from the National Archives: Summary: 1) GE0094-101 LS B-17s parked on runway (8th AF). 2) 102-150 CS Group B-17s taxi into formation for take-off

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SEWICKLEY -- Walter Reddy flew 20 missions in a B-17 bomber over Germany during World War II.Now 90, the Sewickley resident has vivid memories of his service with the 457th Bomb Group of the 7th. In all, American airmen flew 20 missions to the place they called Flak Hell Leuna.. Crews that flew to Leuna were part of a deadly duel over Germany's synthetic fuel production, and their success—or lack of it—was watched anxiously by both sides. There was no question that oil was a strategic weakness for Germany

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  1. g point was the marshalling yards near the centre of the city or the centre of the built-up urban area. The report by the 1st Bombardment Division's commander to his commander states that the targeting sequence was the centre of the built-up area in.
  2. Map of B-17 crash sites. Crash sites of B-17 bombers. This map includes not only the crashes in World War II, but all the time since the B-17 has been flying. The markings are mainly based on the data in the MACR or the German KU-Report. A special feature are the purple markers. These mean that also the approximate crash site is not known
  3. The worst B-29 mission, against Tokyo on May 25, 1945, cost 26 Superfortresses, 5.6 percent of the 464 dispatched from the Marianas.. On average, 6,600 American servicemen died per month during WWII, about 220 a day. By the end of the war, over 40,000 airmen were killed in combat theatres and another 18,000 wounded
  4. Two Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses Of The 91St Bomb Group, Based At Bassingbourne, England, Fly Over The Clouds On A Practice Mission Over Europe On 28 January 1944. Lower A/C - B-17G 42-38083 Man-O-War II, Horsepower LTD (coded LG-V) of the 322nd Bomb Sq, 91st BG
  5. On an October 1943 mission to destroy several ball-bearing plants in Germany, 60 B-17s were shot down, which left 564 empty bunks that night at air bases across England
  6. The B-17 bomber Memphis Belle was one of the first bombers to fly 25 missions. The War Department made a stirring documentary about the bomber's final mission over a German port city

B-17 bombardier completed 32 missions during World War II. Thirty-two missions over hostile territory in less than six months. Daylight bombing runs targeted Limborg, Koln, Dresden, Berlin, Leipzig — to name a few of the German cities receiving the brunt of allied bombs On the morning of March 18, 1,329 bombers and 733 fighters of the US Eighth Air Force formed up over England and set a course for northern Germany. The target for 1,221 of the bombers was Berlin. This mission, the largest wartime raid on Berlin, was intended to support the Russian advance by attacking rail stations and tank factories in the city He was a B-17 pilot and stationed at Thurleigh, England with the 306th Bomb Group His plane was named the Susan Ruth after my oldest sister who was one year old at the time he went overseas. He flew combat bombing missions over occupied Europe and Germany and was shot down over Belgium This particular B-17 is one of only about five or six WWII-era bombers that still flies. Beck says it is a war surplus plane that wasn't used until after the war was over. It was mainly used for.

Former B-17 pilot recalls dangerous missions near end of WWII - Combat flight over Cologne, Germany, most hazardous By the time Capt. Bill Haase reached England and the 8th Air Force during the last half of World War II, he was an experienced aviator with 15 months under his belt flying new bombardiers on practice bombing missions stateside While some initially believed that the B-17's heavy defensive armament would protect it against enemy fighter attacks, missions over Germany quickly disproved this notion. As the Allies lacked a fighter with sufficient range to protect bomber formations to and from targets in Germany, B-17 losses quickly mounted during 1943 B-17F's participated in the January 27, 1943 raid on Wilhelmshaven, the first USAAF mission over Germany. The Luftwaffe pilots quickly identified the B-17's vulnerability to head-on attack. Field modifications, typically jury-rigged machine guns, didn't help much. The stage was set for the B-17G, the definitive variant of the Flying Fortress MY dad, a B-17 pilot in WWII, with the crew he flew most of his 25 combat missions over Germany (middle top). The names of the crew: Left to Right: Freeman- Radio Operator, lost on his 25th; Slayton- waist gunner, lost on his 25th; Lyle Sage- Survived the war, raised a family, died of old age 2007 (he provided this information); Broyles Toggler- (at this point in the air war they began to use. Encountering heavy flak and intercepting fighters, it is estimated that 25% of all B-17 crews sent out never made it back - an average of one out of four can complete his duty. However, in early 1944, the tour of duty was increased to 30 missions. Lt. Joseph Hallock, a bombardier on B-17 'Ginger', began his combat career on December 31, 1943

Source: 398th BG newsletter During World War II, one in three airmen survived the air battle over Europe. The losses were extrodinary. The casualties suffered by the Eighth Air Force were about half of the U.S. Army Air Force's casualties (47,483 out of 115,332), including more than 26,000 dead One of these concerned a famous bomber, a B-17 Flying Fortress, said to have returned from a mission over Germany, navigated back to Britain with its squadron, and then executed a perfect landing. There's nothing unusual about that; but when ground crews observed nobody getting out of the plane, they went to check on it themselves and found it. Until the 1944 introduction of the P-51 Mustang to the air war over Europe, the B-17′s impressive distance capabilities meant daylight bombing runs over Nazi Germany would have to be done.

The B-17, although the first of the country's heavy bombers, was not produced in as great quantity as was the B-24. Between January 1940 and 31 August 1945 the AAF accepted a total of 12,692 B-17s. He was a B-17 pilot and stationed at Thurleigh, England with the 306th Bomb Group. His plane was named the Susan Ruth after my oldest sister who was one year old at the time he went overseas. He flew combat bombing missions over occupied Europe and Germany and was shot down over the French/Belgium border on February 8, 1944 The B-17 was the first Boeing military aircraft with a flight deck instead of an open cockpit and was armed with bombs and five .30-caliber machine guns mounted in clear blisters. The first B-17s saw combat in 1941, when the British Royal Air Force took delivery of several B-17s for high-altitude missions 1944 he was transferred to the 453rd Bombardment Group at Old Buckenham (Old Buc). Throughout his combat career, Stewart flew as lead pilot in B-24 Liberators. Stewart's war record included 20 combat missions as command pilot over enemy territory, including raids deep into Germany to Berlin Imagine it's 1944 and you're on a bombing run over Germany. That's exactly what this B-17 was built for. It's named after a famous plane that flew 140 missions in World War Two - plane.

As with the first mission, the English weather menaced the bomber crews. Because of the dense fog and a low overcast, Mission 115's status went down to the wire. Finally, at 10:15 a.m., Colonel Peaslee saw the signal flare indicating that the mission was on. Soon, his B-17 lurched skyward leading a stream of twenty-one B-17s from the 92 BG December 30, 1943 attack over Ludwigshaven, Germany 30 Dec 1943 Dad was assigned to the Army Air Force. He operated machine guns in B-17 bombers when his squadron was sent on bombing flights over France and Germany. Attached is a report from one of the flights B-17 Intro Video. The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and the Consolidated B-24 were the United States' two standard heavy bombers until the arrival of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress in 1944. The B-17 served in almost every theater of World War II, but it was used mostly by the US Eighth Air Force, based in the UK, to bombard German targets

RAF starts CROSSBOW missions against Peenemunde Messerschmitt 109 plant Flushing 1756 1802-1814 Bryas Sud Brays Sud Bordeaux/Merigac Conches, Evreaux/Fauville To cov er B-17s Heavy fighter opposition 78 Fighter Group Goxhill P-38G 332 BG(M) 332 Bomb Group (Medium) Rougham B-26C-6 13 PG 13 Photographic Group F-5 Moling Germany 1 BW 4 BW Spitfire. On 01 Dec 43 mission #85 to Solingen, Germany, B-17G 42-31243 was ditched in the English Channel at Pegwell Bay when the bomber ran out of fuel. The entire 10 man crew was picked by the British. The B-17 Flying Fortress was already legendary in its time. This Boeing aircraft represented more than any other the power of American aviation and that already in the years when Europe was overrun by the Axis Forces. A total of 12,731 Flying Fortresses were produced during the Second World War.During the war, they made aviation history when they began daylight attacks on targets in Western. B-17 Combat Missions was an engrossing read. The author did a great job in setting up his subject with a background and history of the plane and the bombing operation. Each successive chapter then focused on a different station in the B-17 (pilot, navigator, bombadier, etc.) Memphis Belle: Directed by Michael Caton-Jones. With Matthew Modine, Eric Stoltz, Tate Donovan, D.B. Sweeney. In 1943, the crew of a B-17 based in UK prepares for its 25th and last bombing mission over Germany before returning home to the USA

What 1990 film was inspired by the first 8th Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress crew to complete 25 missions over Germany/German-occupied territory, without losing a crew member? Our machine learning tool trying its best to find the relevant answer to your question B-17 Gunner: Air War Over Germany. Summary: You are deep behind enemy lines on a daylight bombing sortie surrounded by enemy fire and your mission is to protect your bomber from the plethora of. In addition to the missions above, the crew would also fly 5 other missions in other aircraft, due to aircraft availability. those missions were as follows: February 4th, 1943 over Emden, Germany. VIII Bomber Command 111. B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 388th Bomb Group fly over Nazi smoke screens. Printed caption on reverse: '73228 AC- The Nazis have released smoke screens in an effort to hide their railroad yards as Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses fly over the target at Bremen, Germany, prior to the release of the bombs. 8 October 1943.

Ford completed 35 missions as a gunner in the top turret of the flying fortress. Ford was often over Germany, fighting off German planes while bombing Nazi facilities. Just surviving was an impressive feat. Early in the war, B-17 losses were as high as 25% each mission B-17 Bomber encounters Nazi rocket fighter Me 163. A B-17 Flying Fortress encounters heavy flak bursts over the target area. The B-17 bomber She -Hasta, ditched on the 29th July 1944, after being hit by flak. Another day, another daylight mission to Germany for the USAAF bombers based in England. This time the target was the Leuna oil refinery. Frank Haight: WWII veteran flew 35 missions in B-17 . Of all the air battles Nick Sanchez witnessed over Europe, none, he recalls, surpasses the one over Merseberg, Germany, on a bomb run. B-17s over Germany - facts and fiction. In every discussion involving B-17s there are wild claims like: B-17s could withstand hundreds of 20mm or 30mm shells! They were named Flying fortresses for that reason! Constructed at the company's expense, the team developed the Model 299 which was powered by four Pratt & Whitney R-1690 engines and. 6. 16 P-51s escort 15 F-5s and 4 Spitfires on photo reconnaissance missions over Germany. 7. 25 of 27 P-51s fly weather reconnaissance missions. Mission 909: 1 B-17, escorted by 4 P-51s, bombs Ettinghausen Airfield in a Micro-H Mk II radar test

This website is about the 50 combat missions my father, Donald Wise, flew in 1944 in the B-17 bomber PIG CHASER. For nearly four months, he flew out of Foggia, Italy, on 50 missions that usually took between 5 and 8 hours each. The missions were hazardous--many beyond description. But the B-17s stayed on unwaivering courses to their targets. Two airmen repairing a B-17 bomber and preparing it for another mission. Over 11,000 aircraft and 156,000 Allied troops were involved in D-Day - which was commemorated for its 75th anniversary. Assigned to the 17th Bomb Group, 34th Squadron, he was the co-pilot of a B-26 Marauder and quickly became the pilot. The 17th Bomb Group flew in all Theaters of the war, but Marty flew all his missions over Europe. Flying over hostile Italy and Germany, he completed 28 missions before he turned 20 Description. B-17 FORTRESS IN THE SKY places the player in the heart of the air war over Germany and the occupied territories in the autumn of 1944. Defend the Lucky 25 through 25 heart-pounding missions over France, the Netherlands, and deep into the heart of Germany. Man each gunner position, avoid deadly flak encounters, and make sure to.

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Captain John W. McGoldrick was a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Pilot who flew 31 missions over Germany and Occupied Territory during WWII from 09/25/1944 (mission #147) to 03/18/1945 (mission #231). This information along with a record of all 31 missions can be verified at the 401st Bomb Group website at this link.There is also a 146 page document of the history of. Mission 759: 10 of 12 B-24s hit the La Pallice coastal battery in France without loss.. Mission 760: A high pressure front across W Europe brings clear weather and the Eighth AF launches a maximum effort against airfields and communications in W Germany; this was the largest air strike of WWII; 2,034 bombers and 853 fighters are dispatched; they claim 92-6-21 Luftwaffe aircraft; 12 bombers and.

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B-17F on a training mission over Rapid City in 1944 B-17 41-9082 gifted to General Montgomery by General Dwight D. Eisenhower B-17s of thw 452nd Bomb Group 2 B-17G 42-97636 IY-H of 401st BG, 615th BS after crash landing at Deenethorpe 20 February 1944 B-17G of the 457th Bomb Group over Germany 1945 Factory fresh B-17F Flying Fortesses, USA 194 Ford was often over Germany, fighting off German planes while bombing Nazi facilities. Just surviving was an impressive feat. Early in the war, B-17 losses were as high as 25% each mission nearly 13,000 B-17 crews. A photo of Pratt's B-17 crew, still in training, could not be located. Pratt's B-17 was part of the 459th Bomber Squadron at Alamogordo. After training, the 459th flew combat missions over France and Germany. different sorties, beginning about 6 p.m. Pratt and his crew were scheduled for mission departure at 1930MW On March 8th, it was hit by enemy fire during the Berlin Raid and one of the waist gunners was killed in action. Shortly after this photo was taken, this B-17 vanished on July 9, 1944. The crew failed to form up as the 379th assembled for the mission, but apparently the pilot, Lt. Hugh Frye, decided to press on

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B-17 Gunner: Air War Over Germany unfortunately does not lend itself to replayability after you have finished your 25 missions, but you can go back and re-fly the missions to improve. Difficulty: In B-17 Gunner, the difficulty increases during each of the 25 missions, but I think that the most challenging aspect of the game is manning the nine. Find the perfect b 17 bomber germany stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now Herbert Meeker, a 20-year-old when he flew 30 missions over Germany as a B-17 navigator, needed no reminders as he took a seat in Aluminum Overcast alongside his grand-daughter WWII B-17 Lands in Pensacola. In 1943, just four days before Christmas, a badly damaged B-17 Bomber piloted by 21-year-old 2nd Lieutenant Charlie Brown flew over Nazi Germany. Half of Brown's nine-men crew were wounded or dead. This was their first mission. Then suddenly a moment commonly referred to as the most incredible encounter. May 8, 2021 • 13 min read. Clifford Jacob Lopp was 20 years old when he began flying missions as a gunner and bombardier in a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress over Nazi Germany. Clifford Lopp sailing into New York Harbor aboard the RMS Queen Mary, flying a captured Nazi flag. Clifford joined the U.S. Army Air Corp and was assigned to the 527th.

A 381st Bomb Group Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress crew returns to England following a bombing raid to Frankfurt, Germany on February 4, 1944. The group had lost twenty men the week before when the 8th Air Force struck Frankfurt on January 29th. That was the 381st's 61st combat mission Shooting film while being shot at is not easy, of course. The Cold Blue is dedicated to Harold Tannenbaum, one of Wyler's cameramen, who was killed on a mission. Indeed, the casualty numbers are staggering. According to the film, 135,000 men served in the 8 th Air Force; they flew three million missions over the course of the war and 28,000 were killed in action

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The 303rd BG was established in February 1942 and was equipped with B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bombers. It was based at Molesworth, England and began flying combat missions over France and Germany in November 1942 As an 8th Army Air Force Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress tail gunner in World War II, Jack Rude, from December 24, 1944 through April 19, 1945, flew 32 combat bombing missions over Germany. Flying most of his missions in a Coming Home B-17 named Miss Green Bay, Mr. Rude with 8 other crew members flew from Debach, England in one hundred-mile long.

Mission No. 5 -- Saarbrucken-Saarguemines, Germany (Oct. 4, 1943) Visits With My Brother. Fireworks Over the Base. Mission No. 6 -- Bremen, Germany (Oct. 8, 1943) Mission No. 7 -- Munster, Germany (Oct. 10, 1943) Alternative Airfields. Meeting the Returning Airplanes. Aborted Missions. Personality of the Airplanes There we took rides on not one but two historic aircraft - a B-17 and C-47. a 95-year-young veteran of fifteen missions over Germany. Casey would later tell me that the 15th mission was the.

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R adar for B-17 Bombing Missions. Some B-17s received radar enabling them to bomb when visibility was low, a condition which rendered the the Norden bombsight useless.. In service throughout World War II, the B-17 served mainly in Europe, but also saw some service in the Mediterranean and Pacific The B-17 and B-24 bombers of the Eighth U.S. Air Force typically cruised over 20,000 feet on their bombing missions into Germany from bases in England. During the Battle of Britain in mid-1940, the German Luftwaffe was already flying their front-line fighter, the Messerschmidt 109

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Exhibit celebrates the valor of B-17 bomber pilots. Throttling up the propellers on the B-17 for takeoff, pilot Sam Bass often thinks about the men who once sat where he does today. The former. The B-17 is a large bomber powered by four 1,200 HP Wright R-1820-97 Cyclone nine cylinder radial air cooled motors. It had a large surface wing [1420 sq. ft] with a wingspan of 103 ft, 9 inches, a length of 74 ft, 9 inches and a height of 19 ft, 2 inches Nov 19, 2018 - He was on his fourth mission over Germany in a B-17 bomber called Sky Wolf when his luck ran out. It was June 13, 1943, their target: the submarine pens at Wilhelmshaven, a major North Sea port. Ed Dostie of Englewood, Fla. was a 19-year-old tech sergeant and upper turret gunner on a Flying Fortresses Was unlucky and got the B-17 daylight mission during October 43 with a Bf110 F-4a. I rolled for target and assumed that means every box is considered an intercept since it's daylight? I concluded a long range attack using sustained fire. On a lucky roll of 2 resulting in the B-17 being DE destroyed. Nice to get that B-17 Prestige but at what cost Prokop was a seasoned gunner when the B-17 took off that Saturday in February with the objective of bombing freight rail yards in Frankfurt. It was his 50th mission over enemy territory

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In 1943, the crew of a B-17 based in UK prepares for its 25th and last bombing mission over Germany before returning home to the USA. Director: Michael Caton-Jones | Stars: Matthew Modine, Eric Stoltz, Tate Donovan, D.B. Sweeney. Votes: 27,045 | Gross: $27.44M The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress was the primary long-range heavy bomber aircraft used by the Allies during World War II in Europe, dropping 780,000+ tons of bombs on German factories and cities. In Blazing Angels, it's the only bomber aircraft usable by the player in certain missions. 1 History 1.1 Conception 1.2 Development 1.3 Deployment 1.4 Legacy 2 Specifications 3 Trivia 4 Gallery On. B-17 FORTRESS IN THE SKY places the player in the heart of the air war over Germany and the occupied territories in the autumn of 1944. Defend the Lucky 25 through 25 heart-pounding missions over France, the Netherlands, and deep into the heart of Germany The Boeing B-17 was the first mass-produced, four-engine heavy bomber. Used throughout World War II for strategic bombing, the plane earned a reputation for its toughness and versatility. Carrying a crew of ten, and 8,000 pounds of bombs on long range missions, the '17 wreaked havoc on Germany during the critical years 1942-45. The Memphis Belle, the first B-17 to fly 25 missions over. The official 457th Bomb Group (H) Association website is dedicated to preserve the history of this bomb group. On the website you will find information on missions, men and machines stationed at Glatton during 1944 - 1945. With this website we hope to provide information to family members or anybody interested in the 457th Bomb Group. This way we preserve and honor those brave men who fought.

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