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The same is true for betta. Bettas mostly flare because something in their territory poses a threat to them, and they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. It could be another betta, tank mate, or their reflection. The threat to their territory can make them so stressed out that they cannot even eat Bettas mostly flare because something in their territory poses a threat. However, they rarely simply swim up out of the water or reverse direction because they know what to do to avoid it Why is my betta fish flaring its gills is a common question among betta fish owners. Hopefully, you now understand that flaring is a kind of act, a message sent from the betta fish that is meant to be intimidating. Your fish wants to be bigger than its opponent. However, it could also mean you have a stressed out betta There are several reasons for a betta to begin flaring. If they feel someone or something has entered their territory, they will flare in order to chase it off. This is by far the most common reason for your betta to flare. However, there are a few other reasons, which we will discuss My betta keeps flaring. I have 2 male bettas (blue crowntail and dark purple/red/blue veiltail), so I keep them in seperate tanks next to each other, with a divider and they cant see each other. I noticed one of my bettas keep flaring at nothing. I looked and I can't see any reflections in the tank. I put my fish that wasnt flaring in the tank.

IF they flare LOL. Not all bettas do. If the OP wants to get the fish the exercise of the occasional flare, and the fish won't cooperate, adding the occasional live food is probably a great solution. While the betta hunts (in his enclosed space where he's sure to succeed LOL) he's going to get the circulation going, which helps keep him healthy If you have a hang on back filter, the part of the filter outside of the water can be seen from inside the tank and since it's black, it makes for a very clear reflection As the name suggests, this disease affects the fins and tails of betta fish. It can be caused by bacteria or fungi. The fins and tail appear to melt away or discolor as a result of rotting. It can be prevented by keeping the aquarium or living conditions of the fish clean My guy will not flare in a mirror, occasionally flares at his reflection (black background), but he is CONSTATLEY flaring at his heater. I have no idea why he hates the heater so much, but I am worried it might be getting to be a little too much. I don't necessarily have to have the heater in.. OK, I have a male betta in a five gallon tank. Normally, he's very docile and will only flare at his reflection occasionally. He tends to be more aggressive at night, though, and the darkness seems to stress him. To remedy this, I put a nightlight next to his tank. It helped a little, but he still flared at his reflection

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  1. A common problem that fish owners see is their pet betta keeps seeing his own reflection in the aquarium wall and he won't stop flaring at it. The reason why he's spreading his gills, fins, and tail is because he's trying to make himself look bigger and scare away the supposed competition from his territory
  2. Velvet is a parasitic betta fish disease that causes a goldish-yellow or rust-like sprinkling of color on the betta's body, gills, fins - or all three. It's hard to diagnose and is best identified using a light source, like a flashlight, and shining it on the betta
  3. This is one of the reasons recommend tanks at least five gallons for a single betta fish. Some people put their fish in tanks as small as one gallon and then wonder why the fish spends all day glass surfing. In my opinion, one gallon - or two gallons or three gallons - is far too little space. Bigger is better
  4. So now my tank is a little cloudy, which will hopefully not be such an issue when I move them up to a larger home soon. 6) Bubbles. If you've seen your betta blowing a lot of bubbles, don't worry - that's a good sign. Bettas breathe primarily through their mouths, not their gills
  5. If you don't have the right water conditions for your betta then he's going to become stressed. And one of the common symptoms of stress in bettas is glass surfing. Poor water conditions normally result in a buildup of ammonia as well as other harmful chemicals that are going to cause your betta harm
  6. You may notice that your betta flares at you when you're carrying out maintenance in his tank or approaching the aquarium to feed your fish. That flaring is a sign of stress. Maybe your fish sees you as a giant predator, and that puts him on the defensive. Or perhaps he's just excited because he knows it's feeding time

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Here are some of the most common reasons why a Betta fish is laying at the bottom of the tank. 1. The Betta is Getting Older. Bettas have a relatively short lifespan. In good conditions, these fish will live between three and five years! If you've had your Betta for a while, they could be suffering from the effects of old age Oct 12, 2005. #1. Hi Everyone, I'm new here, and I just purchased my first Betta about one month ago. Unfortunatley, I purchased him from a local fish store and he seems to be having some problems. 1st- He seems to be just getting over his fin rot. and 2nd, the main reason I joined here today, is that he keeps throwing up his food If there is no other fish in the tank it may be because he sees his reflection and thinks it is another betta fish. Bettas are territorial, and the perceived presence of another male will send him into fight mode. He doesn't know it is his own reflection he sees. A betta flares his gills as a sign of aggression

Flaring. This would be the practice of a betta making itself seem bigger. It is often used as an intimidation measure, but it is actually quite beneficial for a betta to do it for at least a minute or so a day. Flaring often makes them poop, as well. Setting up a mirror near the tank can cause your betta to flare. This is not a treatment you. Why Is My Betta Fish Turning Black? Betta fish changing color to black should not be something you should worry about. You only have to get concerned when the fish shows signs of illness, loss of appetite, hiding, or lethargy. Betta fish will also turn black due to the same reason as turning white

Bettas are notoriously territorial and will fight to the death if they see any fish enter their domain! The trouble usually occurs with other males. Plakat Bettas tend to focus their aggression within their species or on fish with a similar look. The fighting behavior is quite fascinating Almost all males will a blow bubble nest from time to time, with no other reason than it has a natural urge to do so. If you do see a nest in the tank it is a very good sign that your betta fish is happy and healthy. However, there isn't a 'normal' time frame or a 'normal' size for a betta bubble nest Male Betta Flaring I have found that my bettas love to flare at objects colored red, so pointing a red pen always seems to do the trick for my boys, making them flare like crazy! Sometimes a betta can see a red or other object from his bowl and will flare away like a madman until the bettakeeper figures out what the offending item is and. HI all, My new copper marble betta, Crumb, just refuses to flare. Not at the mirror, not at my other betta, not at me. He once gave me a half flare when I pointed at him, but quickly let it go and has avoided the topic altogether since then. The breeder said he was flaring in his viewing tank..

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Angry Titan (RIP), originally uploaded by c4lin. Q: L wrote, I got a betta for Christmas this year and he won't stop flaring. I upgraded the small bowl he came in for a larger, 2 ½ gallon tank with a mini-heater. I think he can see his reflection in the glass. Is there anything I [ However, lately he seems a lot more agitated than usual and is flaring his fins quite a bit. He is a solo betta with no other fish in the tank. There are a couple things I have changed since I got him, but nothing major. For example, I cleaned the tank about a week ago and added some betta-specific water treatment my delta, Ichi. NEVER flares his gills. he'll spread his fins wide, but won't flare his gills. even his fin spreading seems half-hearted. lol i don't think there's anything wrong with that. Ichi's just a chill dude(he lived in constant sight of my blind HMPK, before Theo died. 24/7 view, unless he wanted to go behind a plant) hi! i just got a new betta fish because my past betta that lived 7 years passed away a year ago. so i kinda know what i'm doing so i'm confused why my new fish is so sick. i got him 2 days ago and he appeared healthy except he has some brownish coloring but i assumed that was just his natural color. i added him into a new tank 3.5 gallon. Nov 17, 2005. #1. Don't get me wrong, I love my betta. But from the day I bought him he paced his bowl. So I upgraded to a 1.8 gallon. He paced his tank. So I upgraded to a 3 gallon. He' still pacing. He goes the length of the front of the tank, turns around & goes to the other side, turns around & goes back to the others side, turns around.

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  1. Betta fish should flare its gills and fan its fins when there is a stimulus like its own reflection. You can try to trigger this reaction. If your pet fish isn't responding, then that is not a good sign. Water parameters are important for the wellbeing of fish. Clean water does wonder for fish
  2. If he doesn't have some good spots consider adding decor or plants for him to rest on. I've even seen little suction cup platforms sold for Betta tanks. 3) He is mistaking objects for an attractive girl. Don't know if Bettas ever do that but wrapping around the female is part of mating. My guess from what you said and without seeing it would be #2
  3. utes. Transfer to cold conditioned water until cool. Feed 1/2 frozen, thawed and peeled pea per day. He or she should poop within 24.

Changing too much aqurium at once may cause shock to your Betta fish. 3. It's lazy. Sometimes, it's not a lack of sleep but rather a lack of motivation. If the front pelvic fins are moving and supporting a Betta that's sitting on the bottom of its tank, then the fish is most likely being lazy If your betta has nothing interesting to do, it may turn its frustration or boredom to its beautiful and colorful tail. Your betta has teeth, so in case you fail to address this problem, tail nipping can damage its beautiful tail. The boredom symptoms we mentioned above may be the same if your fish is either depressed or stressed During my betta breeding, the female betta became more receptive to mating when a little brine shrimp was given initially. She definitely did not have as big of an appetite and the male was too busy building the nest to eat. However, the little bit of food seemed to signal to the female it's a good spawning environment However, these ray-finned fish look nothing like their wild counterparts. Wild betta fish typically have short fins and sport a dull grey coloring. The betta fish sold in pet stores are a product of selective breeding—the process of breeding animals to develop more desirable characteristics and traits, such as a particular color or size My betta had a tumor just like this. He lived with it for about a year before passing away. I looked up how to euthanize a fish so I had that under my belt, but I didn't have to in the end. His tumor burst and then healed several times, but he was still swimming around and didn't seem in pain

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  1. Like all living creatures, the betta fish gets old and grey. Betta fish have an average lifespan of up to 3-5 years. As the betta fish ages, its color turns to grey, this is perfectly natural as there is nothing to worry about. Betta fish fries are almost transparent when they hatch
  2. Why Is My Betta Fish Making A Bubble Nest? There is one main reason why your fish is building a bubble nest, and it all has to do with breeding.Now, what is interesting to note is that it is not the betta fish female which builds these foam nests, but the male betta which does so
  3. Betta (Fighter Fish) males are territorial, if you have 2 in a tank they will generally fight to the death, its quite possible the other Betta is bullying the newly introduced betta. You need to separate them, you can buy plastic betta barracks to keep them separate - hopefully they haven't shredded each other by the time you read this post
  4. Betta fish are native to Asia, where they live in the shallow water of marshes, ponds, or slow-moving streams. Male bettas are devoted fathers who build bubble nests for their young with their mouths and fiercely protect their babies from predators. Just like us, betta fish are diurnal. That means they're active during the day and sleep at.
  5. The final reason you might have to ask Why my betta won't eat is that, well, it just might be mating season. During betta breeding season, they tend to demonstrate strange behaviors, both singly and in pairs. They sort of dance in the water and often stop moving for long periods of time

2. Red Betta (Betta splendens var. Red) Just as the veiltail shows a dominant trait in all types of bettas, so does the red color. It's the most prevalent of any color, which is why you often see it in pet stores. Bettas of other color types may even have a red wash due to the prominence in their genetic code This is my betta fish getting a little angry and flaring his gills. This is my betta fish getting a little angry and flaring his gills Prioritizing my betta's happiness I got a new tank from Amazon. This time a 10-gallon one. It included a heater so from this point forward my betta started enjoying 78º F temperatures in his tank my betta doen't flare...tried a mirror & placing it nxt to the other bettas. still not flaring. Y izzit like dat? (2 ans, 2437 views) changing food from pellets to bloodworms and nothing helps. He just keeps slowly getting wider. He is alert and hungry when we do feed him but has problem swimming now and sometimes sits on the bottom. If.

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Why Is My Betta Fish Flaring its Gills Velvet is a parasitic betta fish disease that causes a goldish-yellow or rust-like sprinkling of color on the betta's body, gills, fins - or all three. It's hard to diagnose and is best identified using a light source, like a flashlight, and shining it on the betta By Mr. Lipmet, 2 years ago on Tropical Fish The genus Betta contains more than 73 recognized species, but the fish most people are familiar with is Betta splendens, or Siamese Fighting Fish.Wild betta fish are a dull greyish-green with short fins; nothing like the spectacularly colored, long-finned beauties of today Simply adding the fish straight from the transportation bag to the. However, in my case I noticed that my betta was extensively flaring for hours at a time at his reflection, and small tears and holes were starting to develop in his finnage. Nothing too serious - they'd always heal up - but then new tears would appear because he was stretching his fins so much for so long. Not good I'm a new aquarium owner and made the mistake of putting my fish in 40 hours after I got the tank. Lots of ammonia I keep removing using ammo lock, 40% water changes, etc. but it's never reading more than 1.0 and with the lock it's probably harmless. My fancy betta (male I believe) seems energetic and swims around a lot. I don't know if he was this way when I got him from the store 2 days ago.

Flaring: The female will normally swim right up to the male and act tough, she will flare at him from the side and he will typically flare right back and after a few moments the'll move on to the next stage (although if the female was isolated for a long time and they are both ready, and his nest is ready they may skip right down to the embrace) If you've just brought your new betta home, or if you are thinking of getting one, you probably have a lot of questions. This betta fish care guide can help you figure it all out, and give you the information you need to provide your new pet with a healthy environment where he will thrive for many years My betas tail type looks identical to the first fish pic under flaring the colors main color is what is called a purple copper face is two different colors it's like the lights of its darker color is the main part then the darkest of its colors is speckled on top of the other lighter dark purple I know the two colors in the face are not the. Betta's love to swim at all levels, and it's common you'll see your betta cruising along the bottom. You'll need to buy small or smooth gravel so your betta doesn't hurt itself. Your gravel will also play an important role in your tank ecosystem. Benefical bacteria will grow on the surface, helping to break down waste Betta fish are small, with most growing to be between 2.5 and 3 inches long. They can grow to be a lot of different shapes, and most bettas in pet stores have long fins. Healthy bettas live for about three years. The reason bettas are so popular is because of the many colors of fish available

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His scales are turning from purplish pink to almost translucent red hi! i just got a new betta fish because my past betta that lived 7 years passed away a year ago. so i kinda know what i'm doing so i'm confused why my new fish is so sick. i got him 2 days ago and he appeared healthy except he has some brownish coloring but i assumed that was. That's why you find it difficult to understand the sleeping habit of your Betta fish. Quite a number of hobbyists have been unable to tell if their Betta fish is sleeping or dead. Just like other animals and fish species, in particular, betta fish need to catch some sleep One very unique and unusual way to get colored lights to emit from your betta fish is to use white light. The white light can actually change the color of the fish. For example, a betta fish that lives in a tank with a red light can sometimes change from a bright red to a more intense orange, depending on the intensity of the red light Betta Fish Breeding - How to tell if the betta is Male or Female? bettasx - Usually the case is that you can tell from male or female by the ovipositor, stripes, and the size of the mouth and the head of the betta. Females tend to have smaller sharper heads and males with larger wider broader mouths and a larger head. This is from my experiences

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The first step in our 'How do Breed Betta Fish' guide involves setting up at the breeding tank. Bettas become extremely volatile during breeding. This is why you need a separate breeding tank where the mating of your Bettas, along with the raising of the fries, can take place On the entertainment front, many betta owners use a mirror to get their betta to flare each day. The general consensus among many forums is that it's healthy for the betta. Short of that, It is suggested that fish don't experience boredom in the same way that a human does, this somewhat follows my thoughts Which could be why in part you too have become a betta lover. And why you may want to learn all you can about betta fish care to insure their well- being. To be sure there are some things you need to know about caring for bettas before you rush out to the nearest Petco or start to develop a short list of quirky betta fish names

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The fish in your picture looks like the one in my Avatar. He was one of a batch of very pretty young females at MA about 10 years ago. I bought a group of 6. As they grew the became very aggressive with a lot of flaring and posturing. At this point I realised they must be Plakat males and ended up with several more t anks and a split tank. Talk. Why Did My Betta Fish Die? 1.Poor water conditions: Clean water is a must for any fish, especially bettas. 2.Low water temperatures: Bettas are tropical fish and need water temps between 75 and 80°F. 3.Overfeeding: Excess food can kill your fish. 4.Harassment by tank mates: Aggression—both from or directed at a betta—can reduce its lifespan Hey y'all. I have a question about my betta. He has been laying on the gravel curled around a plant everytime I look at him. He comes up to me when he sees me, and he's eating fine, and I don't see any scratches or wounds on him. My other betta in the tank (with a divider) is fine. Any ideas what th.. dle of a flaring session. The webmaster does NOT condone allowing bettas to fight for any reason. It is not cool, it is not exciting, it is not a thing to bet money on. Fighting bettas is nothing less than malicious cruelty and abuse, and not to mention ILLEGAL in most countries Female betta fish are less vibrant than male bettas, but they deserve an awesome name nevertheless! There are so many different ways to name a female betta fish. You could choose an old-fashioned or flowery name if you want your little lady to be soft and feminine, but there's also the option of choosing something more modern from pop culture

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Konsulentstotte. Konsulentstotte. is my betta pregnant or bloate My Betta lives in a 5 gallon tank with an Eclipse filter, but the filter is only on maybe 2 hours per day because every time we turn the filter on, my Betta looks all mopey and hides in the space between his heater and the tank. If you think the filter should be on more, please let me know. <You really should leave the filter running all the time Betta 6 years ago 114,336 views. Aqua One Betta Trio Tank Set Up | This is my Aqua One Betta Trio Tank. I got the one on display as they were out of stock. I used filter media from my other existing tanks and conditioned the water and then added a heater. The Bettas are halfmoons The plakat betta, or PK for short, is a short-tailed variety, which is more closely related to the betta splendens found in the wild than other varieties. They are sometimes mistaken for females (who all have shorter tails), but the difference is the males have longer ventral fins, more rounded caudal fins and sharply pointed anal fins Betta Care Guide states that the key thing to initially watch out for is a betta fish flaring as this is used as a warning sign to other fish. A betta that is feeling threatened, potentially by the colorful guppies in a tank, will flare its gills and open up its fins. This is done as a warning sign when protecting territory or when preparing to.

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That is a vast number..which leads me to my next point. Transhipping Betta singles. Now, this is a thorny subject, and I get a lot of people in the hobby ask me about this, especially through the shop. And that is ordering fish from overseas through the internet. This is what I say. You can buy a Betta fish including online channels or classifieds Betta Breeding Mishaps: My betta has bread with my other betta once before about 2 months ago. They made about 30 fry but in a accicent where my filter got plugged all but 3 died. I went to breed them again and he made a nest, i put her in, they had a whole bunch of babies. The next day i wake up to find he ate all of them. What happened The ideal sized tank for a betta is 5 gallons or larger for a single male or female betta. There are a number of reasons why 5 gallons should be the minimum size you consider, some of which are quite technical. To keep things simple, I'm going to give you the most compelling reason to choose a 5-gallon tan Betta Fish King July 10, 2018 Care Tips. About Betta Care Betta fish are easy to care for, but they have some special requirements due to their behaviors. They are colorful fish, both fierce and fragile. While they are among the most popular aquarium fish the the world, they are also one of the most misunderstood Betta: I am a preschool teacher, and my classroom helper who is 13 just bought a betta. I know nothing about keeping fish. My question is how often should she feed her male betta?? How often should she clean his cage?? He is in a large glass fish bowl. Any information for care on bettas would be helpful. Posted by A

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Keeping a betta without 'maintenance technology' People like the idea of keeping a betta in an aquarium without any maintenance technology, AKA the old 'goldfish in a bowl' philosophy. Given the right conditions, this is possible, although it isn't easy and it's probably best for the betta if you use a more 'complete' set up The traders on network Aquabid often mistakenly considered females in the herd of halfmoon with halfmoon the individual one, or advertising fish tail back long common (veiltail) as is halfmoon, simply because their tails can spread 180 degrees when the individual flaring. Hopefully my article will clarify this issue Ideal tank mates are peaceful and not prone to fin-nipping, and nothing large and colorful that a betta could mistake for another betta and want to fight. Females can also be kept in community tanks or in groups called sororities if the tank is large enough and there are plenty of hiding places, however males and females should not be housed. So, if you want to help your fish exercise and escape boredom, here are 7 ways to play with your betta fish: Place a ping pong ball in the aquarium. Use a mirror to watch your betta flare. Introduce floating decorations. Draw on the fish tank with dry erase markers. Stick Post-its or other pieces of paper on the tank

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Bettas are sedentary fish, they dont swim much, thats why you see them in little bowls all the time. Most of my tanks have no gravel or anything on the bottom (castles and rock formations in the big tanks). In my betta bowls I have dropped a few of the cobalt blue glass pieces, just because I like the color Hi, new Betta owner here. I have kept water frogs over the years and also a few different types of fish. I had a 1 gallon tank already with decorations, gravel, everything I thought I needed. Got him home and realize my 3 gallon tank would be much nicer for him. I want to get rid of the gravel, and use tumbled crystal pebbles The Crowntail Betta. The crowntail is a fascinating variety of betta. Through selective breeding, hobbyists have reduced the webbing between the rays of the fins to create a fringed effect. As striking as this fish looks in this photo, it's nothing compared to seeing a live crowntail on the alert and flaring

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And so, like so many people who are probably reading this now, I bought all the required things to keep my Betta happy. I went to my LFS instead of a big chain store. I had worms in my freezer. I cycled my tank - a 5 gallon with heater. And 3 months later my fish died with no apparent cause- in one hour I went from seeing him swim around. betta-help-new Bettas live in puddles Well actually bettas live in dirty puddles so even though the water in my .25gal (.9L) is brown and smells like its rotting, its tottally okay to keep my betta in there! All that room for one fish? Bettas live in puddles so no I don't need that big of a tan The minimum tank size for betta fish is 2.5 gallons. 2.5 gallons is set as the overall minimum as it's the smallest tank you can hold a steady cycle in while also housing (most) bettas comfortably. Keep in mind that some bettas do require a larger tank due to their activity levels or size. Plakats and females do best in at least a 5 gallon. Often, betta fish are kept alone because they have quite the penchant for dueling with anyone or anything else that comes along. Adults and children alike are enchanted by this fish and spend hours putting their fingers up to the glass tank to watch the betta flare its fins in its telltale threat