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  3. Live Sound Glossary of Terms. By Line6Tony. April 6, 2012; stagesource; line 6; speakers; glossary; terms; mixer; how to; live; Absorption -The attenuation of sound level that occurs when a sound wave passes through a medium or strikes a surface, which result in the conversion of sound energy into energy such as heat
  4. A general term embracing a range of products or constructions intended to absorb, diffuse or reflect sound waves in a controlled manner, with the intention of bestowing a room with acceptable reverberation times at all frequencies, and a neutral overall sound character
  5. es loudness. Anechoic 1. The complete absence of reflected sound (echo). 2. An environment that prevents (through dissipation and absorption of sound waves) all reflected sound, as in an anechoic chamber
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Audio terminology can be very confusing and ambiguous. Below is a basic list of most common words related to audio specifications and terminology. Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment - not marketing slogan For more audio terminology, see our glossary or search this site. Amplifier: A device which increases the amplitude of a signal. More info: Amplifiers. Ambient Audio: The background noise present in a scene or recording location. More info: Ambient Audio, Matching Ambient Sound, Wild Sound, Room Tone, Buzz Track Audio Engineer (or Sound Engineer) - someone who records, edits, mixes, or masters audio. Usually works in a studio or live concert setting. Bounce - Another word for export. If you are bouncing a track, that means you're just exporting a session into a listenable format, like an mp3 or wav file. BPM - Beats Per Minute. It's the. In terms of the four stages of a sound (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release, or ADSR), a sound's attack is the point where the sound begins and increases in volume to its peak. Attenuation - The reduction of electrical or acoustic signal strength

Sound - aka Nat Sound, Nat S-O-T,or Ambient Sound - Background voices, music, machinery, waterfalls, and other environmental sounds that are recorded on-scene and used to create a sound bed for a recorded or live report. Primarily used for setting a mood or providing atmosphere for a report. This technique is frequently overused, bu Recording Guitar Bass Keyboard Drums Live Sound DJ Computer Worship Glossary Since its launch in 1997, Sweetwater's Word for the Day feature has presented nearly 4,900 music and audio technology terms

Live Sound Microphone Test 1. 97 terms. Jacobgant13. Other Quizlet sets. Pathophysiology exam 1. 71 terms. nicolenorris2019. Pulm - Intro to Asthma. 54 terms http://LiveSound101.com - Welcome to the first video in my Live Sound 101 video series. This is a great place to start if you're new to live sound. 00:25 How.. A production element, usually instrumental music or sound effect played in the background of a spoken commercial, promo or other announcement

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NAT Sound - Natural sound on video that the microphone picks up. Example: Including sound of a rally with video of a rally. News Envelope - A summary segment in which the main headlines are broadcast in brief (around a minute or less.) May have local or national sponsorship. OC or On Cam - Abbreviation for on camera Narrowband Noise and a glossary of audio engineering terms and definitions. Live and learn audio engineering at Recording Connection music production school. Get Started (800) 755-7597. Home. Locations. Programs + Audio Engineering & Music Production Advanced Audio. Live Sound Terminology Public Address (PA) systems - most often describes systems for voice i.e. sports venues, paging systems Sound Reinforcement - describes systems for live music i.e. concerts and live performances

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Diegetic sound. Diegetic sound refers to the sound that is present and/or captured during the recording of the video. Diffusion. Diffusion simply refers to material used on lights to reduce harsh shadows by softening light. Digital Zoom. This is a method of giving an appearance of zooming without an actual optical lens change It can be created live on stageor . pre-recorded. Sound effects are often called for by the play (for examplea document on set design and in the glossary. When you are designing sound or analysing a sound design, you should carefully consider the . with sound design by Gareth Fry with Pete Malkin. You can read more about the production

The term sound engineer is also applied to the person who uses a Sound Desk to mix the signals coming from a band on stage or during a studio recording. Sound Manager - Another name for a sound engineer. Although instances may occur where a sound manager runs the system and a sound engineer runs the desk Sound Manager - Another name for a sound engineer. Although instances may occur where a sound manager runs the system and a sound engineer runs the desk. Sound Reinforcement - The term given to all the processes which are needed to amplify sound for projection at events. Sound reinforcement will require a sound system or P.A Live Sound Applications The most important characteristics for live headphones is their ability to seal out the overwhelming sound level in the house so that you can hear what's going on in your own mix. Onstage: When it comes to live headphones, in-ear monitors (also called earphones) are by far the most popular format The Medialink Broadcasting Glossary was prepared by and used with permission from Richard Weiner from his book, Webster's New World Dictionary of Media and Communications-- a 678-page book with 35,000 definitions of slang and technical terms from advertising, film, journalism, printing, public relations, radio, telecommunications, television, theater and other fields

About Live Sound. In order to create great live sound a variety of factors needs to be given serious consideration. In addition to having a talented engineer controlling the mixer to optimize the sound one must consider the venue's size the music being performed and if the speakers need connection to a powered mixer asynchronous sound. A term that describes sound that does not have a visible on-screen source. Also referred to as off-screen sound. audience. The viewers (and listeners) of a film composed of individuals whose habits and preferences may be researched through the use of tools such as surveys and testimonies. boom Board - The console that is used for controlling the audio mix and output during a live broadcast or studio recorded sources. Board Op - the person physically operating a console in the radio studio who makes sure that a live program runs smoothly or that a recorded program airs properly In the performing arts, front of house (FOH) is the part of a performance venue that is open to the public.In theatres and live music venues, it consists of the auditorium and foyers, as opposed to the stage and backstage areas. In a theatre, the front of house manager is responsible for welcoming guests, refreshments, and making sure the auditorium is set out properly

Streaming: Data streaming, commonly seen in the forms of audio and video streaming, is when a multimedia file can be played back without being completely downloaded first. Most files, like shareware and software updates that you download off the Internet, are not streaming data. However, certain audio and video files like Real Audio and. DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting. There are two competing systems. IBOC favored by the US. Eureka147 favored by Canada and Europe. DAT Digital audio tape.. Dayparts Periods or segments of broadcast day: 6-10a.m., 10a.m. - 3p.m., 3- 7p.m.. Dead air Silence where sound usually should be; absence of programming Choose from over 35000 tracks, 90000 sound effects and 170 genres in our audio library. 150000 creators are already making magic with our music. Sign up for a free trial today

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The differences between studio engineering and live sound are like the differences between porn and sex. One is manufactured. It's designed to be as appealing as possible and there's little concern for realism. The other is about experiencing something in the moment and reacting to situations in real time An understanding of these concepts is an enormous asset when communicating your needs to a live sound technician. Signal flow refers to the path that electronic signals follow through the components of a PA system. This article is organized to follow that path from the input devices to the output devices and through all of the stages in between Compress audio so that it conforms with specific settings, for example, reduce file size. Crosstalk Two channels on a mixer are both talking at the same time, like wires crossing paths. Cue Cue is the beginning of a track. It's often used as a mark to prepare before starting something, for example, a presenter about to do a live show. Cue Ligh sound or the manuals for whatever sound system you are using. Even more important is hands-on experience, and watching over the shoulders of experts. Some references are listed at the end of the Guide along with some Web sites for more info. The below includes essentially no coverage of many highly important components of live sound. Notabl live sound, a mix is the ultimate destination for all of the audio with which youÕre workingÑin recording, the mix goes to your mixdown recorder; in live sound, it goes to your stage speaker system. ¥ As a verb, to mix is the act of managing and shaping audio andÑfinallyÑthe creating of a mix (the noun). Audio Comes In to a Mixer

This is a mask that defines the transparency portion of an image. When creating graphics for live production, alpha channels obviate the need for keying, and should be used in favor of keying, if supported by your live production switcher or switching software. Audio Follows Video. Where the audio source is the same as the video source language associated with sound. • To demonstrate a variety of activities to help students gain deeper understanding of key sound terminology. • To review and critique a range of film titles to illustrate how and why sound techniques are used. • To facilitate understanding of theoretical concepts through practical filmmaking activities

Before you learn important broadcasting terms, you first have to know its key elements. Television broadcasts involve several major parts, such as an image source, transmitter, sound source, display device, receiver, and sound device. All these tools work hand in hand to get the video and/or audio transmitted over the air to your television set. Warm audio gear is the most popular type of gear on the consumer market right now. Warm sound has a tilt towards the bass frequencies. The bass and vocals are more prominent, and the higher sounds, though present, are quieter and subdued. Warm headphones and speakers tend to sound comfy, musical, and pleasant Referencing: Please use the date you accessed the page as the date of publication, as the Glossary of Technical Terms is continuously updated. Author: Jon Primrose at Theatrecrafts.com. Some of this content has been taken without credit by the authors of the Academic Dictionary of Film Television and Theatre Here are some common terms in radio journalism used throughout the Newswriting for Radio website and their definitions:. actuality recorded segment of a newsmaker speaking, generally lasting from 10 to 20 seconds; this is what people outside of radio journalism often call a sound bit An introduction to some basic video camera terms. Transition: Shots are linked (edited) in a sequence to tell a larger story. The way in which any two shots are joined together is called the transition.. Usually this is a simple cut, in which one shot changes instantly to the next.More complex transitions include mixing, wipes and digital effects.A moving shot (e.g. pan) can also be thought of.

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Here you'll find over 1000 definitions of theatrical terms, from Aside, Beam Angle, and Camlock, to Upstaging, VU Meter, and Wagon. Fully searchable, our glossary is helpful for technical staff, directors, actors, producers, or anyone wanting to better understand the inner workings of theatre BROADCAST TERMINOLOGY. A short sentence selling the story, similar to the function of a newspaper headline. For anchor reads, usually one sentence; for reporter packages, usually 3 sentences, the third sentence containing the reporter's name, written in all capital letters. READER Digital and optical are important terms to understand when shopping for a new camera. Digital means the effect is achieved through software, not physical parts of the camera. Optical is always better than digital. These terms are usually used when referring to a zoom lens (on a compact camera) as well as image stabilization Live Sound Design Ltd

Audio consoles - Mixing consoles or a digital mixing console or audio mixer, also called a sound board or soundboard, is an electronic device for combining, or mixing, routing, and changing the level, timbre the dynamics of audio signals. A mixer can mix analog or digital signals depending on the type of mixer Check 21 Act. Check 21 is a Federal law that is designed to enable banks to handle more checks electronically, which is intended to make check processing faster and more efficient. Check 21 is the short name for the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, which went into effect on October 28, 2004

Listen live to MSNBC audio all day, every day. MSNBC live streaming audio offers in-depth analysis of the latest breaking news stories and headlines. Sept. 22, 2020, 11:19 AM PDT. Tune in to the. Music and sound effects can be used to: create mood and atmosphere. build tension. strengthen an emotion or empathise the action onstage. help set the scene. indicate a change of time or location. Audio Streaming Pilot. Approved district courts and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims are participating in a pilot program to livestream audio of certain involving matters of public interest. The Judicial Conference of the United States, the national policy-making body for the federal courts, authorized the pilot program in March 2020

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See www.redlightfeverproductions.com Live Sound page for a complete list of the equipment currently available. Set-up time and breaks will be billed at the agreed hourly rate. Set-up times may vary, but expect at least 2 hours per set-up for full sound system Dry and wet sounds or signals are familiar terminology in the audio or sound industry. Both are basic types of sounds and signals. A dry sound or signal refers to a sound or signal that has no effects or any kinds of modifications. It is considered as the raw, unprocessed, original sound. Examples of dry sounds are raw or direct recordings of. Looking for some descriptive words for music? Is that types of music, sounds of music or effects of music? We have examples of them all, from folk to funk and tempo to timbre While Latin hasn't been regularly spoken or written for hundreds of years, save for the occasional scholarly text, its legacy is still felt throughout the lexicon of both Romance and Germanic languages today.Whether you're launching an ad hominem attack or adding etcetera to the end of a list, it's likely you're peppering your speech with Latin phrases without even knowing it The audio file must not comprise the primary value of the end product. No remixing, mashups or other alterations for the purpose of creating a new music track. Only minimal modifications are allowed. Audio files cannot be incorporated into templates, logos, or other corporate branding. For full audio license terms see our Terms & Conditions

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Common Jargon . 360 deals: An increasingly common major label deal structure in which the label not only earns income from the sale of the recorded music of their artists but also gets a cut of other artist income, including money generated by touring and merchandise sales.; Agent: Someone who liaises with promoters and venues to book gigs for bands.. Expand your Outlook. We've developed a suite of premium Outlook features for people with advanced email and calendar needs. A Microsoft 365 subscription offers an ad-free interface, custom domains, enhanced security options, the full desktop version of Office, and 1 TB of cloud storage 08 Aug 2021, 13:26 Live Sound & Performance; Re: The old active speaker chestnut dickiefunk > 08 Aug 2021, 13:21 Live Sound & Performance; signal interference alexhedleymusic > 08 Aug 2021, 13:03 Recording: Gear & Technique

You can turn captions on to view subtitles as everyone speaks during a video call. You can use captions in English in all locations. If you're in the Asia Pacific or European regions, you can use captions in: English, French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain). If you're in North America or Latin America, you can use. If you wind up in the emergency room because, say, you were trying to launch bottle rockets out of your anus, you can expect to hear this term thrown around. Latin, or pseudo-latin, is often used to convey unflattering terms and make it sound grandiloquent to the uninformed (or faecal-encephalopathic) ear Aggie Terminology. Aggies use unique terms and phrases when they speak to one another. Learn more about each term by clicking the dropdown below. Former Student Former student is the preferred term for an individual who is no longer a Texas A&M student. This term dates back to the university's early days, when many students would attend. Gender terminology 101 01:41. Transitioning: The social, legal, and/or medical process a person may go through to live outwardly as the gender with which they identify, rather than the gender.

The Unemployed Millionaire: Escape the Rat Race, Fire Your Boss and Live Life on YOUR Terms! [Morris, Matt] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Unemployed Millionaire: Escape the Rat Race, Fire Your Boss and Live Life on YOUR Terms MSNBC is the basic cable & Satellite channel owned by the NBC universal group. The channel is the sister of the group of eight others which include CNBC, CNBC World and six others. MSNBC replaced America's Talking (1994-1996). It is an American television network channel provides political discussion and news coverage from NBC on current issues Facebook builds technologies and services that enable people to connect with each other, build communities, and grow businesses. These Terms govern your use of Facebook, Messenger, and the other products, features, apps, services, technologies, and software we offer (the Facebook Products or Products ), except where we expressly state that. 'Live-End Dead-End' is a room design technique used in studio control rooms.The front end of the room containing the monitors is made dead with soundproofing, which absorbs the reflections coming off of the live back-end of the room so as to not interfere with the engineer's listening during a recording session

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An audio engineer (also known as a sound engineer or recording engineer) helps to produce a recording or a live performance, balancing and adjusting sound sources using equalization, dynamics processing and audio effects, mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement of sound. Audio engineers work on the technical aspect of recording—the placing of microphones, pre-amp knobs, the setting of levels Speaking Terms by Snail Mail, as recorded by lamiresonique & AliceCoopacabana, live at Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona in 2019.Original videos taken from..

atmos : Short for atmosphere, the British term for ambience. See ambience. attack: (1) The way a sound begins—that is, by plucking, bowing, striking, blowing, and so on. (2) The first part of the sound envelope. attack time : The length of time it takes a limiter or compressor to respond to the input signal Digital Audio Extraction: A method of retrieving audio samples from an audio CD in order to create a computer audio file. This is also known as ripping. This is also known as ripping. This can be accomplished at CD quality or MP3 quality MP3, being a digital compression format, will take up less space than a CD quality file on a. Live Sound International is dedicated to the art and science of sound reinforcement. Each issue provides current and proven techniques, analysis, applications and business insight specifically intended to help live audio production and installation professionals stay on top of industry trends and further their business

sound effects (SFX) Contrived audio, usually prerecorded, incorporated with a video soundtrack to resemble the real thing. soundtrack The audio portion of a video recording, often including voiceover, background music, sound effects, etc. stereo Sound emanating from two isolated sources, intended to accommodate the spatial capability of human. framing Act of composing a shot in a camcorder's viewfinder for desired content, angle and field of view. headroom Space between the top of a subject's head and a monitor's upper-screen edge. Too much headroom makes the subject appear to fall out of the frame. long shot (LS) Camera view of a subject or scene from a distance, showing a. In the world of live audio production, small things have a huge impact on sound quality. In this post, we explore what balanced and unbalanced audio means. In the post, we address cable types like XLR, Quarter-Inch TRS, RCA, and Quarter-Inch TS Essentially, phase refers to sound waves — or simply put, the vibration of air. When we listen to sound, what we're hearing are changes in air pressure. Just like the ripple of a stone in water, sound is created by the movement of air. And just as in water, those movements cause a rippling effect — waves comprised of peaks and troughs

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Intertwined in this list, there are some broad video editing terms that refer to videography as a whole as well as video editing terms specific to the process of editing footage. Study up because these video editing terms are important to know! 1) Aspect Ratio. Aspect ratio relates how the width and height of your video relate to each other 15 Phrases You Should Start Using to Sound More Professional. Once you've spent significant time in the workplace, you'll start to pick up the lingo. It's as if everyone speaks a different. Musician's Friend offers hundreds of live sound packages to match a wide range of performance needs and budgets.. All-in-one Modular PA Systems. For solo acts, duos and other smaller groups that play in venues lacking a built-in PA, a modular tower system can be a clean, simple way to get heard with a minimum of fuss Glossary of Thai Linguistics. acrophonic. A system in which an alphabetic letter is represented by a word that starts with—or otherwise represents—that letter. allophone. The phonetic realization of a phoneme, that is, a particular phonetic instance of some abstract meaning-carrying unit in a language

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Words that sound similar can be confusing, especially medical terms. Words that sound alike but have different meanings are called homonyms. For example, pear (fruit) and pair (a set of two things). Homonyms may either be homophones or homographs LiveXLive Media, Inc. (NASDAQ:LIVX) is a global digital media company dedicated to music and live entertainment. Watch live events and festivals around the world including LiveXLive TV , 2021 iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina , 2021 iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina , Fever 333 , Twiddle | Double Down , Fever 333 , Fever 333 , Mike Einziger of Incubus , iHeartCountry Festival '21 , Fever 333 , Mike Einziger. Sound, voice and music are integral to most films and/or film viewing experiences. Even the earliest silent films were often shown with live musical accompaniment. Sound enhances the imaginary world, it can provide depth, establish character and environment, introduce a new scene or cue the viewer to important information. We have organized the page accordin

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Try the Online Quiz on Poetry Terms to test your knowledge of these terms.You might also like to try the Online Quiz on Prosody to test your knowledge of scanning poetry. Alliteration: The repetition of identical consonant sounds, most often the sounds beginning words, in close proximity. Example: pensive poets, nattering nabobs of negativism Terms to describe poor midrange performance include peaky, colored, chesty, boxy, nasal, congested, honky, and thick. Chesty describes a lower-midrange coloration that makes vocalists sound as though they have colds. Boxy refers to the impression that the sound is coming out of a box instead of existing in open space This word set can be confusing, even for word geeks. Let's start with the basics. A homograph is a word that has the same spelling as another word but has a different sound and a different meaning:. lead (to go in front of)/lead (a metal). wind (to follow a course that is not straight)/wind (a gust of air). bass (low, deep sound)/bass (a type of fish). A homophone is a word that has the same. Break the chains of usual music reproduction. Additive Manufacturing and virtual free forming. Natural and artistic sculptures with perfect proportions. Fundamentally Superior Acoustic Engineering. Shapes to make the difference in any room architecture. Tactile skins with individual engravings and textures NONDIEGETIC SOUND: sound, such as underscored music on the soundtrack that is not part of the world of the film's narrative. In other words, the characters do not hear it. NONLINEAR EDITING: Random-access editing of video and audio on a computer rather than physically cutting the film. Example of non1inear editing systems (NLEs) include AVID.

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Go live with a 30 day free trial. Go live. Live stream music without takedowns. Play music on the only streaming platform that handles music copyright for you. TRY FOR FREE. The Groove Dealer Show by VIL. Collect Radio. 16 #techno #abstract #ambient. AZIMUTH NIGHTS-THE BEST 80'S SHOW IS BACK 06/08/21 How to Sound Like the Bee's Knees: A Dictionary of 1920s Slang. Prohibition be damned, words were just better in the 1920s. If you don't request extra foot juice tonight at that dive bar where you. Sign Up For Our Monthly Newsletter and Learn About Our Newest Releases, Greatest Hits and More. Read the latest newslette Yes, by using Mixcloud Live studio you can stream with just a webcam and a microphone. To find out more about using Live studio, see our guide here. What are the best audio and video settings for using Mixcloud Live with a stream key? The best settings for streaming on Mixcloud Live are: Audio quality: 320k Video quality: 720p to 1080

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The 5 rings will be judged according to the Station audio recording (for the avoidance of doubt the sound of a ring ring shall count as one ring, not two). we reserve the right to defer decision making to an off-air adjudicator to check the audio recording with reference to these terms and conditions. live in Scotland and North. Yamaha CL series digital mixing consoles represent a new level of refinement. They offer an evolved experience in accessible mixing, plus sonic purity with sound shaping capabilities that will give the most imaginative engineer unprecedented creative freedom. The CL series embodies the leading standards in live sound in their most advanced, most expressive form Stream Live TV channels, shows, news and sports online. With cloud DVR, never miss new episodes, games, or breaking stories again. Watch live TV or on-demand, when you want, where you want. Commitment Free. Start a 7 day free trial WebRTC for New Users: Terminology and How It Works. June 1, 2020 by Rose Power. WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication. It's a low-latency technology that uses JavaScript APIs to access your computer's camera and microphone, thereby enabling media to be sent back and forth directly between two peers. With WebRTC, you can live stream.