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Cichlid eggs turning white Day 3. Removing white eggs! - YouTub . This is a instructional video on how to remove white eggs while hatching fish eggs on your own! Check out the video to learn more!Music in this video https:.. Angelfish eggs turning white is often a sign that they're unfertilized As with any eggs, those that are infertile will turn white and rapidly develop fungus. Fertilization Problem : If the male cichlid does not fertilize the eggs after the female lays them, the egg will start turning white. In commercial breeding, males are injected with hormones to increase fertility rates. Who killed Mr Westing in The Westing Game A Friendly Online Community For Cichlid Enthusiasts. Do these jd eggs look fertile. Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:47 am. Eggs that aren't fertile will turn white. Also it'll only take about 3-4 days before they hatch and then another 3-4 days before the fry go free swimming Hi everybody I got a pair and this is like the 7th time they lay egg and it only take no more than 10 hours and all the eggs turn white. They are in a 20L and the ph is 6.5. I just wanted to know why and what I can do to make it happen. :confused

This is a instructional video on how to remove white eggs while hatching fish eggs on your own! Check out the video to learn more!Music in this video https:.. Jewel cichlids are an interesting species to spawn. They generally take very good care of their eggs and young. The white eggs are probable infertile and the will soon be removed by the parents. The eggs are attached to the rock with a filament - is that what you are asking about?

Since parrot cichlids are hybrids, their eggs are usually infertile. Successful spawns have occurred in aquariums, but the fry do not always grow up looking like their parents. Infertile eggs develop an opaque white fungus are usually get eaten within a few days. Fertile eggs are translucent Posted May 31, 2012. Cichlids often lay eggs, even when a male is not present. These eggs are infertile and the white you are seeing on them is actually fungus. She may eventually eat them or you can remove them from your tank. Anytime a fish lays eggs, fertile or not is always exciting

Some eggs became white and the eggs seems being less than before. Some eggs became white and the eggs seems being less than before Does a non-fertilized egg turn opaque within an hour or so of being laid, or does it take several hours before the signs manifest themselves? Do they turn truly white, or do they turn from a deeper burnt orange color to an orange sherbert looking opaque egg? My female lays eggs which typically appear viable, but over the course of 5-24 hours, some (or a large portion of them) turn orange sherbert The blood parrot cichlids are egg bearing fish but they are very dificult to sex. You will find out when and if she/he lays eggs or doesn't. Until then continue to take great care of your fish and do as much reading about her as you can. There is a lot of information on this site plus you can google 'blood parrot cichlid' and learn even more 8,440 Posts. #4 · Mar 30, 2013. Quickly checking, most of what I see says that parrot cichlid is infertile.If the eggs turn white and grow fungas this is true.Here's one link. Blood parrot cichlid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I searched breeding parrot fish,possibly you can find something more accurate. I All cichlid eggs are unfertile 8/7/12 Hi WWM, I had a quick question about my Jack Dempseycichlid eggs. she laid eggs. Every egg went white due to them being infertile and the female didn't eat any of them up

Convict cichlid eggs usually hatch within three to four days of spawning, and the fry will remain in a pit the female digs in the substrate for another few days until their yolk sacs are fully absorbed. Once the fry become free-swimming, the parents may begin to herd them around the tank. Though the parents will continue to guard their fry for. I agree, if the eggs turn white, they are not fertile. If any were fertile, they would last at least a couple days longer before turning white if they die before hatching. If you get fungus, the eggs would appear to be covered with long white hairs. If your female continues to lay eggs once a week, that is very stressful for her

The eggs were laid about two days ago, and almost all of them are transparent. Only two or three are white. I have no other cichlids in there now, but I had a Peacock Cichlid for all of four days before the Blood Parrots killed him(or her) sometime Saturday night. I assumed it was because of the eggs cichlids.com is the place for cichlid enthusiast to share their dedication, expand their knowledge, and do what they love Another disease that infects cichlids is fish tuberculosis, it is highly infectious, and can wipe out an entire tank population within a short period. Symptoms include frayed fins, lack of appetite, a sunken abdomen, and white blotches. If you think one fish is infected, immediately remove all other fish to a new tank She dropped her egg tube and looks ready to lay eggs. Females can lay eggs without a male around. If she does lay eggs and they turn white after a day or 2 you know they are bad. If there is a fertile male parrot around you might get luck The egg tumbler that I use has three parts. The first is a sponge filter with a one-inch diameter lift tube that is at least three inches long. The brand I like is the Hydro-Sponge that is marketed through Ginger Products. The second part is the egg chamber. That is made from the cylindrical carbon filter of a Lee's under gravel filter.

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  1. The convict cichlid can reach sexual maturity as young as 16 weeks, though sexual maturity more commonly occurs at 6 months. Sexually mature convicts form monogamous pairs and spawn in small caves or crevices. In the wild, the fish excavate caves by moving earth from underneath large stones. Females adhere eggs to the walls of the cave
  2. The female lays 150 to 200 eggs on a rock, and both parents care for and guard the eggs and fry. The eggs will incubate for two to three days when the fry will hatch and begin hunting for food. Although the fry is guarded by the male or female fish, during the first two weeks of their lives, the youngsters will stay close to their mother
  3. Unfertilised eggs go milky white, and should be removed quickly. don't remove them, they'll become fungused, and the whole batch of eggs will be at risk
  4. The eggs are transparent in color. And then the male fish fertilizes it. The fertilized eggs turn into darker color while the unfertilized eggs become opaque white. This process can take up to 12 hours. Both the parents protect the egg by taking a turn and will defend the eggs if there are any other fish in the tank
  5. Around 700 eggs on average will be laid and these will be quickly fertilised by the male, once this has occurred the parent fish will both assume parental duties. Caring for the eggs and removing any white eggs that may have contracted fungus or just missed out on the fertilisation

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cichlids.com is for cichlid lovers. Share your fish and tanks with other hobbyists. All American African Malawi Tanganyika Community. Emily Gaston. Riccardo Vinci. sprinklins. Nic Chen. Nic Chen. jexnell The Black Convict Cichlid, also known as the Zebra Cichlid, is one of the most popular members of the Cichlidae family. It is an incredibly hardy fish, which is easy to care for, making it ideal for beginner fish keepers. The Convict Cichlid gets its name from its vertical black and white stripes on its body. Video Player is loading

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  2. Hi folks, i have a German Blue Rams pair and breed last week. A lot of eggs are in the stones attached and well protected by the parents but after a day most of the eggs turned to white and by the next day only few eggs left. How to prevent the eggs to turn white or how to make them..
  3. The eggs will turn white or become blanketed in whitish or grey mold-like material. In the early stages you may be able to treat the eggs with a mild methylene blue treatment, but handling of the eggs can damage or perpetuate the problem. Any other fish in the tank may prey on the eggs and even some parent cichlids may prey on the eggs.
  4. g. The male's job is to guard the territory. That is what he is doing. The female's job is to care for the eggs
  5. Only a few would turn white and the rest would hatch to wigglers but the angels would terrorize all the other fish so I set up a 55gal with a divider and moved the angels. Since moving them every time they lay, the eggs always start turning white about 24 hours later then fungus grows if I don't remove the white ones
  6. Angelfish Eggs Turning White. You do not make trips to a pet Angelfish is a very crucial thing that attracts people think that breed do you plan to buy two males to own a pet Angelfish and Betta Fish are prone to care for the fry hatch make sure the reason . ← Griffis Angelfish Angelfish Firemouth Cichlid.

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  1. Cichlid eggs take approximately 21 days to hatch. An adult couple usually produces about 35 fry per mating. Mouth-brooder couples continue to swim in circles together for about an hour after the fertilization takes place. Warnings. Male cichlids try to eat fish eggs and small fish, or fry. You can transfer a mother cichlid to a different tank.
  2. ant female would mimic the color's of the male Auratus. Female's are less aggressive compared with males, aggression maybe higher in smaller tanks
  3. Breeding Parrot cichlid fish females start by laying eggs on flat surfaces or in caves and the male would then try to fertilize it. Blood Parrot cichlid pairs can breed every 2 weeks to month. Most blood parrot fish will lay their eggs in an area they can easily defend and protect
  4. Step 1: Remove all fish other than the Jack Dempsey Cichlids parents leave them with their eggs they are great parents. Step 2: Make sure the rock where the female Dempsey deposited her eggs are at a 45 degree angle. Step 3: Place air stone close to the 45 degree flat rock the air bubbles will help the female cichlid keeping debris off her eggs.
  5. Eggs Turning White. Do not fret when you see some of the eggs turn white. It is really seldom that all of the eggs will hatch. What to Do When Eggs Start to Hatch. When you see the eggs start hatching, you don't have to do anything yet. The wrigglers do not need to be fed anything at this point. The round sacs they have are all they need to.
  6. If the eggs are yellow in color and semi-transparent inconsistency, you can be happy that your female green terrors have laid healthy eggs. These eggs start hatching within 3 to 4 days. Until they learn how to swim, the fry is kept safe inside sandpits that the green terrors have dug inside the substrate
  7. More often than not, the eggs laid by the female parrot cichlid will be fertilized by a male of another species, further complicating the parrot cichlid's genetic pool. Why Is My Goldfish Turning White? March 15, 2020 0. The 10 Best Schooling Fish For Your Aquarium. February 21, 2020 0. 12 Of The Coolest Different Types Of Goldfish

Temperature - optimal severum cichlid temperature for breeding is between 78.8 and 80.6 ℉. The elevated temperature warms up the water and prepares the fish for breeding. pH and Hardness - the water in the breeding tank should have a pH of not more than 6 to make the water more acidic for the eggs to develop correctly Mind you, the eggs are not necessarily pink colored, we have had fertile eggs with an off white color, the color of the eggs largely depends on the diet of the fish. Do NOT regard whitish eggs as not fertilized, unless you can see fungus on them. Egg hatching depends on the temperature of the water among other things but 4 days is the average The eggs should hatch after 3-4 days but any eggs that remain white are either unfertilised or have developed a fungus, these eggs are useless and should be removed from the aquarium. Once the fry have hatched they will eat their yolk sacs initially so food does not b e provided for them until they become free swimming, at this stage it may be.

Water Change : Poor water is one of the major causes of sunken belly in cichlids. You have to maintain perfect water quality to treat your fish and get it back to its standard shape. Ensure you make a regular 50% change in water to help keep the water clean and healthy for your cichlids. Diet : Another cause of the sunken belly in cichlids is. Generally white eggs are infertile while darker eggs should have developing fry. The yellow lab is certainly not the father as their spawning behavior/habits are vastly different. I'd guess the parrot but I hear male parrots are usually infertile. The firemouth is an option too but I feel parrot x convict pairing are more common. You'll soon.

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Yes, if you keep several Corydoras in the same tank, even with other fish, they will breed. It's pretty easy to breed them and some people have even done it accidentally so keep watch on your fish unless you want to have a school of 20 or more new guys swimming around in your tank. However, if you do end up breeding your Corydoras, it's a. A fully grown adult Texas cichlid can reach up to 12 inches (30.5 cm) in length. Lifespan. This cichlid species has a very long lifespan of 10 to 13 years. Proper care is a must to allow this cichlid species to live a long and healthy life. Behavior. Texas cichlids have several interesting behaviors. For one, they are quite smart

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The Rio Grande Cichlid is typically under 10 inches in length, but can grow longer. The Texas state record measured 2.02 lbs and just over 11 inches long, caught by Chuck Dewey on Lake Dunlop (Guadalupe River) in 2011. The state fly fishing record is 1.59 lbs and 12 inches in length, caught by William Carrington on the Llano River in 2001 Female Blood Parrots however can cross with any male Central American Cichlid or any Hybrid Central American Cichlid and the eggs be viable. South American Cichlid (except Cichlasoma Festae) and African Cichlid can not cross with female Blood Parrots. If the eggs turn white then they are no good and should be removed to prevent dirtying the water Some are white, yellow, and bright red. Fish with these color patterns are most common in captivity. You can also find spotted Red Devil Cichlids with multiple colors. Black-tipped fins and tails are prevalent as well. Red Devil Cichlids have thick lips with a rubber-like consistency. They tend to be a bit smaller in captivity than they are in. After 24 hours, if the eggs were fertilized, the parents could be taken out and put into different and separate tanks. Eggs: Unfertilized eggs will turn white within 12 - 24 hours while fertilized eggs will not. Within 36 hours, fertilized eggs will show two black spots or lines on the outer shields

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You can for instance get a yellow Red devil cichlid, an orange Red devil cichlid, or an orange-red Red devil cichlid. There is also a small number of white Red devil cichlids to be found. Roughly 10 percent of the Red devil cichlids are xanthomorphic and will alter their coloration as they grow older Yellow Peacock Cichlid - Care, Breeding, Best Foods. Yellow peacock cichlid fish is not a naturally occurring pet. It has been developed from breeding different species of pet fishes. You can distinguish it from other peacocks using its color: it is yellow with the male peacock cichlid showing typical egg spots around the anal fin. The female. Cichlid - White Knight Ice Electric Blue 5cm. White Knight s are African Cichlids originating in Lake Malawi. The males turn the Ice electric blue color and depending on what food you provide them, females and juveniles are usually white. White Knight Ice Blues will eat flake foods, algae based flake foods and cichlid pellets

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Malawi African Cichlids Auratus or Golden Mbuna Lake Malawi Mbuna African Cichlid Auratus - Yellow Coloring. Young Male Auratus turning brown. The Auratus originates from the rocky depths of Lake Malawi. The term auratus means yellow or golden. The Auratus is an mbuna or rockfish. It is also known as the Golden Mbuna and the Malawi Golden Cichlid Bumblebee Cichlid (Maylandia crabro) Given the number of bright egg spots, his ability to turn almost entirely black when aggressive and the fact that he is the dominant fish in the tank, he is probably male. Here is a recent picture of Mr. B in in full dominant male coloring

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Here I'll examine the genetics behind the false severum cichlid (Heros efasciatus). This fish is available in a number of colour morphs, with the most common being the wild-type green, red-shoulder green, gold and red-spot gold. The true severum (Heros severus) is of less importance to this topic, as it is nearly identical in appearance The electric yellow (Labidochromis caeruleus) is a cichlid species found in the northern part of Lake Malawi on both shores. However, there is considerable color variation within the species. Some color forms are nearly white, with dark dorsal and anal fins, while others have a yellow spot on the cheek It is known that, being a sterile crossbreed, their eggs are usually infertile. Though they mate and lay eggs, their eggs do not hatch. Sometimes, further cross-species mating with other fish may lead to a successful spawning. The infertile eggs turn white with fungus, and the parents eat them to avoid the spread of fungus inside the tank Ram cichlid (lat. Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) is a small, good looking, peaceful fish. Although it was discovered 30 years later than it's relative bolivian ram (Mikrogeophagus altispinosus) but it is a butterfly cichlid that is widely known and sold.. Though, both these cichlids are dwarf ones, the blue ram is smaller in size then the bolivian ram and it growth up to 5 cm of body length

Also known as Zebra Cichlids, the Convict Cichlid is a species of fish that is incredibly popular in the fish keeping hobby due to their low care requirements, and their beautiful coloring. Perfect for beginner aquarists, the Convict Cichlid is a relatively small fish that will grow up to around 6 inches in length for males, and around 4 inches. Low Prices on White Eggs. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order I find it very rare if all he eggs in a single spawn hatch. I normally expect some to turn white. These are unfertilized eggs. My discus are better at cleaning off the dead eggs than my angels are. Some times the angels lay the eggs and then leave them alone until they hatch, and only then will they pick out the hatched fry and move them

Angelfish eggs turning white is a huge red flag. If the eggs go from a translucent-amber to an opaque white, you'll have to act quickly to save as many angelfish eggs as possible. The opaque-white color of the eggs signals that the eggs are overcome with a fungal infection. You can take two routes when finding white eggs among healthy. Angelfish Eggs Turn White. Breeding angelfish is challenging, yet can be exciting for the first 6 to 12 months. However, getting a mature egg can be difficult because their eggs kept on turning white, and neither of you makes a good fry. The main reason why this phenomenon happened is because of fungal development discus eggs turning white; discus eggs turning white. posted by: February 6, 2021; No Comments. 9. A 3-1/2 or 4 inch diameter clay flowerpot (brand new, and it must be clay; the eggs won't stick to a plastic flowerpot very well). ($1) 10. Some paper (colored if you wish). 11. Two brand new white buckets or pails; the five gallon size will do nicely. Rinse them out many times

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Boiled eggs are possibly the easiest ones to make. However, even boiled eggs are of three different types; soft boiled, medium boiled, and hard-boiled. Why Is Hard-Boiled Egg Turning Really White Mushy? The main difference between soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs is the amount of time for which you boil them. Hard-boiled eggs usually take the. If the eggs are not fertilized, they will start turning white after approximately 24 hours. If they have not been eaten by other inhabitants of the aquarium, unfertilized Scalare eggs will be attacked by fungus and start looking very fuzzy after roughly 48 hours. 48 hours after being deposited, fertilized eggs on the other hand will begin. This weekend I observed a couple of females swimming in my 75 behaving like they were holding. I pulled them and sure enough after stripping them I have a clutch of 43 eggs and another with 18. How do I know if they are fertilized? Right now I have them in tumblers. These fish came from a.. The female cichlid, anxious to protect her eggs, ends up mouthing catfish eggs and her own for a mix of species that she is now brooding. In terms of Synodontis catfish growth rate, the eggs mature faster than cichlid eggs. On average, Synodontis Catfish eggs will hatch after three days, and by the fifth day often have eaten all the cichlid eggs Typical of most cichlids, when they do pair, they will breed readily in an aquarium (although they may take a few tries before they get it right), and both parents will protect the eggs and fry. The female lays between 20-100 eggs in a clutch. Blue Rams are very peaceful fish and will mix readily with a variety of other fish

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Cuttlefish Eggs Pacific Brown Octopus STARFISH: Apple Starfish Bahama Starfish Double Tile Starfish Chocolate Chip Starfish Sand Sifting Starfish White Lab Kenyi Cichlid Kenyi Cichlid LRG Demasoni Cichlid SML Demasoni Cichlid LRG Electric Blue Johanni Elongatus Chailosi Red Zebra SML Red Zebra LRG Blood Red Zebr Water Parameters and Ranges. Firemouth cichlids can handle a fairly broad range of water hardness but are more specific with regard to temperature and pH. pH Range: These cichlids prefer a pH range that is close to neutral but slightly acidic. It's fine if the water falls between 6.0 - 7.5 pH

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Calvus cichlids reach sexual maturity when they are 1-2 years old. They are an egg laying species. Though cases of polygamy have been observed, this species is generally a monogamous one. A male and female will pair off early in life and remain mates all throughout. The reproduction process begins with the female laying the eggs in the substrate Striping, if present, may occur on both male and female fish. Still other cichlid males develop what are known as egg spots on their anal fins. This unique adaptation, present in East African haplochromine cichlids, is thought to represent male quality and may assist cichlids to attract a female, according to Oklahoma State University

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Yellow Lab Cichlids are a threat for snails, shrimps, crabs and other smaller fish. Yellow Lab Cichlids are somewhat chunky with an elongated yellow body. Their dorsal fin has a distinct black line with layers of white colour above and below. The anal fin also develops a black stripe as the fish matures. As these species originate in different. Convict cichlids become sexually mature at around seven or eight months of age. They can breed after this point. To allow them to breed, you will need a paired male and female, and they can spawn throughout most the year - there is not set spawning season. In the wild, female convict cichlids lay their eggs on rocks or inside caves

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Like other cichlids, Blood Parrots will tend the eggs and resulting fry fastidiously. As with any eggs, those that are infertile will turn white and rapidly fungus. The parents will eat infertile eggs to prevent them from spreading fungus to the fertile eggs. Once the eggs hatch, daily water changes of 25% are critical to ensure the health of. The mbuna (pronounced um-boo-nah) cichlids, also known as Mbuna African Cichlids, come from Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi is an African Great Lake located in Tanzania, and is the ninth largest lake in the world. Mbuna live in massive groups, and love rocky places to hide. They're basically freshwater reef fish They're also found in egg yolk, a binder that's often used in home made fish food recipes. In my fishroom, I've added egg yolks and yellow peppers and sometimes yellow snap beans to my home made food to bring out the yellow color in the yellow variant of yellow labs (Labidochromis caeruleus) ... if you have a pair? I know that they will seperate for the group, but I only have 2 adults and 5 fry (1.5). So, if the adults are staying side by side traveling the tank and rarely leave each others side, is that a pair? I would think it is, but the odds of buying 2 fish from 2 breeders.. tested, Laetacara thareri. 100% of these eggs turned white and died after being exposed to water that was 6℃and only 33% of the eggs survived in the room temperature control. Discussion What our findings suggest is that Convict cichlid eggs can survive being exposed to very low temperatures and even being shocked when we took eggs that wer

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Considered dwarf cichlids, the electric yellow cichlid rarely reaches lengths exceeding 5 inches. The male is the bigger of the species, topping out at 4 to 5 inches long when he's fully grown. Females stay considerably smaller -- only 2 to 3 inches in length. The small females appreciate aquarium caves with small openings that they can pass. Oscar Cichlid - This is the most aggressive member in a cichlid group, large in size up to 13 (33 cm) and need minimum 30-40 gallons aquarium to live. These fish are semi-aggressive and need an isolated place to dwell. Jewel Cichlid - This African fish is the crowning glory of a small fish tank. Fish enthusiasts love petting this fish.

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Breeding the Electric Yellow Cichlid. The Yellow Lab is a mouthbrooder fish. The female incubates the eggs in her mouth until they hatch in approximately three weeks. The fry can be immediately fed baby brine shrimp and then finely ground flake food in a few weeks. It is recommended to place the female in her own recovery tank for several weeks Altolamprologus calvus Chaitika white. Trade names: White Calvus Distribution: Cape Chaitika, Zambia in Lake Tanganyika. Max size: Males 5 females 4. Sex differences: Males of the same age are much bigger than the females. Habitat: Rocky areas. Food: Small shrimps, crustaceans and sometimes very small fishes under 1/2 inch

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Considered a specialized mouth brooder, eggs of the Electric Blue African Cichlid are fertilized and carried by the female. Within 12 to 18 days, fry are released, measuring 1/4 inch. Once released, the Electric Blue African Cichlid fry do not return to their mother again. Most members of the mouth brooding variety of African Cichlids are. Differences are that on the P. minutus, the lines cease earlier than the tail fin and are less distinct. Additionally, the Demanson's Cichlid males have an egg spot. That is zebra-type cichlid is a member of a group known as Mbunas. There are 13 genera stuffed with very lively and aggressive personalities of Mbuna cichlids Mayaheros urophthalmus. This classically shaped oval fish has spiny fins, wide vertical stripes, and eye spots on its tail to confuse predators. Generally it is olive-brown to beige, with green-black stripes, yet shows more striking color variations in breeding conditions. These cichlids average about 10 inches long, and are native to Central.

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Females mistake the egg spots as real eggs and as they attempt to pick them up the male releases the sperm into the females mouth and fertilization occurs. In the aquarium, Malawi Cichlids are easier to breed in species only tanks with many hiding places, optimal water conditions, and quality food A peaceful and shy cichlid compared to other African Cichlids, the Electric Yellow still displays distinct social and territorial behaviors. The Electric Yellow will act aggressively towards fish of similar body shape and color perceived to be a threat for food and mate. The aquarium should include a sandy bottom, robust plants, caves, and rocks