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Welcome! Learn about Alaska's Legislative Finance Division, the Budget Process and locate an Analyst . Covid/CARES Act News. US Treasury Corona Relief Fund FAQs. US Treasury Guidance for CARES Act Funding. CARES Act Summary. Covid-19 Appropriations A report of the State's indirect expenditures analyzed by Legislative Finance Division with recommendations. Historical Information A listing of some historical reports, bills and analyses. See Also. State of Alaska State Legislature Legislative Budget & Audit Committee Division of Legislative Audit: Juneau Office. 430 Main Street PO Box 113200. Legislative Finance Staff. Alexei Painter - Legislative Fiscal Analyst Assigned Agencies: Governor's Office, Legislature University of Alaska Additional Assignments: Training Coordinator, Fiscal Summaries, Fund Capitalizations, Fund Transfers, Specials (907) 465-5434 - Email. Mark Neyhart Data Processing Manager (907) 465-5433 - Email. Amy.

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  1. Committee Proceedings. Name Date. 05/18/2020 09:00 AM SENATE FINANCE 532 Schedule Minutes Audio/Video Documents. 03/27/2020 09:00 AM SENATE FINANCE 532 Schedule Minutes Audio/Video Documents. 03/26/2020 09:00 AM SENATE FINANCE 532 Schedule Minutes Audio/Video Documents
  2. Legislative Finance Division. For the State of Alaska. Home. These are all of the reports currently available for the 2020 Legislative Session. See Also. State of Alaska State Legislature Legislative Budget & Audit Committee Division of Legislative Audit: Juneau Office. 430 Main Stree
  3. Legislative Finance Fiscal Note System. Legislative Finance Division. For the State of Alaska. Home. Operating. Current Reports Historical Reports Amendment Forms Amendment System. Capital. Current Reports Historical/Project Search Amendment Forms CAPSIS. Supplemental
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  5. The state's Division of Legislative Finance is hiring a directoragain. Pat Pitney, Director, OMB, in Senate Finance, Feb, 3, 2016. (Skip Gray/360 North) For the second time this year, the.
  6. Live coverage of the Alaska legislature, including committee meetings, Alaska senate and house floor sessions, press conferences and other legislative events. Senate Finance 532 - Offnet.

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Painter takes the new director position from Pat Pitney who left the Legislative Finance Division to become the interim president of the University of Alaska. Pitney was the director at the Legislative Finance Division for less than a year, she took the role over from David Teal who served in the position for more than 20 years Session Laws & Resolves 2021. Session Laws & Resolves 2022. 1981 - Previous Year Session Law. 1983 - Previous Year Legislative Resolves. Tools. Statute Information Retrieval System. Bill Tracking Management Facility. Past Legislatures (Archives) Committees

The Legislative Finance Division is meant to provide analysis and information for the Alaska Legislature as lawmakers work through the appropriations process. Sometimes that analysis can come into. Directory of State Officials. The Alaska Directory of State Officials is produced by the Juneau Legislative Information Office. If you would like to purchase a directory in booklet form, please fill out the Directory of State Officials Order Form and mail it with your check made payable to Legislative Affairs Agency.. If you have questions send an email to lio.juneau@akleg.gov or call 907.

Accounting State of Alaska Finance Officers (SFOA) Revised 04/161/2021. Email Groups. DOA DOF State Finance Officers (doa.dof.sfoa@alaska.gov) -- Finance Officers, Alternate Contacts, DOA DOF Staff, Misc. Agency Fiscal Staff DOA DOF FinOff Only (doa.dof.finoff.only@alaska.gov) -- Finance Officers and Alternate Contacts onlyPlease contact the DOF Webmaster with updates to this list The Alaska Legislature would be $2.4 billion in deficit if it chooses to pass a full statutory Permanent Fund dividend and a relatively flat operating budget, according to data from the nonpartisan Legislative Finance Division The Alaska Office of Management and Budget gives a presentation to the House Fish & Game Finance Subcommittee 02/21/19 - Sen. Sullivans's annual address Senator Dan Sullivan visits Juneau and addresses a joint session of the Legislatur

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The Legislative Finance Division said a failure to reach the three-quarter threshold would mean $525 dividend checks this year. Both the House and Senate failed to win three-quarters support Campaign finance legislation. The following is a list of recent campaign finance bills that have been introduced in or passed by the Alaska state legislature. To learn more about each of these bills, click the bill title. This information is provided by BillTrack50 and LegiScan

Alaska Legislature passes budget with funding holes. Alaska state Sen. Bert Stedman, seated center, speaks with Senate Minority Leader Tom Begich, right, during a break in a Senate floor session on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, in Juneau, Alaska. Sen. Click Bishop is seen standing at left. (AP Photo/Becky Bohrer Archives Live coverage of the Alaska legislature, including committee meetings, Alaska senate and house floor sessions, press conferences and other legislative events. In addition, we cover oral.

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Vice-Chair, Legislative Budget & Audit Committee. Sen.Click.Bishop@akleg.gov. 907-465-2327. Painter's knowledge and experience will be an invaluable asset to the Alaska Legislature. ANCHORAGE - Today, the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee (LB&A) hired Alexei Painter of Juneau as Director of the Alaska Division of Legislative Finance 04 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 05 * Section 1. AS 06.01.050(3) is amended to read credit union, premium finance company, small loan 09 company, bank holding company, financial holding company, trust company, [AND]. Rep. Sara Rasmussen, R-Anchorage and a member of the House Finance Committee, said the Legislature wants to keep more control over the state spending process than it had with last year's CARES. Services. Prepares annual capital and operating budget, training materials, guidelines, and budget submission timetables for executive branch agencies. Serves as staff to the Governor and Chief of Staff during the budget review process. Coordinates development of the Governor's budget and general appropriations budget bill and prepares the.

Contact Information: 1314 Alaska Highway Located Between NAPA and The Denali Bank PO Box 845 Tok, AK 99780. 907-883-5020/phone 907-883-5021/fax. LIO.Tok@akleg.go Pat Pitney is the director of the Legislative Finance Division and a former vice chancellor of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She has also worked as the state budget director under former Gov. 1292 Sadler Way, Suite 308. Fairbanks, AK 99701. Located on the 3rd Floor of the Alaska USA Financial Center. 907-452-4448/phone. 907-456-3346/fax. LIO.Fairbanks@akleg.gov. Karisse Ackerman - Information Officer Contact Information: 1500 W. Benson Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99503. 907-269-0111/phone 907-269-0229/fax. LIO.Anchorage@akleg.gov. Mike Warenda - Information Officer. Office Hours: M-F 8:00AM †5:00P

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Contact Information: PO Box 1514 Wrangell, AK 99929. 907-874-3013/phone 907-874-3955/fax. LIO.Wrangell@akleg.gov. Sarah Whittlesey-Merritt - Information Officer. Office Hours Related State Laws - Other Alaska state laws which relate to standards of conduct. FAQ's and Links. Contact: Select Committee on Legislative Ethics P.O. Box 90251 Anchorage AK 99509-0251 (907) 269-0150 (907 269-0152 fax ethics.committee@akleg.go Welcome to the Cordova Legislative Information Office, non-partisan and dedicated to serving the legislative interests of Alaskans. The Cordova LIO is a seasonal office and is closed until December 1, 2020. The Juneau LIO is available to assist you year round. Call 1-800-478-4648, or email them at LIO.Juneau@akleg.gov Legislature: Agency RRDS Division of Legislative Audit. 521 - Legislative Audit #330004 [PDF] Division of Legislative Finance. 520 - Legislative Finance #33-520.1 [PDF] House of Representatives. 516 - Office of the Chief Clerk #33-516.1 [PDF] Division of Legal and Research Services. 517 - Research Services #33-517.1 [PDF PO Box 650, 241 5th Ave. Kotzebue, AK 99752. 907-442-3880/phone. 907-442-3022/fax. lio.kotzebue@akleg.gov. Tiffany Creed - Information Officer

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The Nome Legislative Information Office (LIO) is located on the first floor of the State Office Building on Front Street. One of 23 offices statewide, the Nome LIO is your local link to the legislature. Dedicated to serving the legislative interests of Alaskans, our mission is to facilitate communication between the legislature and the public Contact Information: Bank Building. 1078 Kiogak St Suite 118 Utqiagvik, AK 99723-0830. 907-852-7111/phone 907-852-7114/fax. LIO.Utqiagvik@akleg.gov. Laura Welles - Information Officer. Office Hours Finance Committees. Special Committees. Joint Committees. Conference Committees. Other Committees. Minutes. Past Legislatures (Archives) Publications. The Alaska State Legislature . This web site is the place to track bills, locate and contact your legislators , and access committee information Chief Clerk: Crys Jones Phone: 907-465-3725 Thomas Stewart, Rm.202 ; House Sergeant-At-Arms Phone: 907-465-3869 House Chambers ; House Records Phone

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ALASKA LEGISLATURE STANDING, CONFERENCE, AND PERMANENT INTERIM COMMITTEE FILES (EXCEPT FINANCE) ----- 1965-66 House Judiciary 1969-70 House Judiciary 1971-72 House Judiciary House Local Government Conference Committee: HB 208/SB 113 1973-74 House Community and Regional Affair The Alaska State Capitol in Juneau is the functional seat of state government where laws are passed and public policy is set for the 728,903 residents of Alaska. Located at 120 4th Street, the building is open to the public and visitors are welcome to explore the Capitol between 7:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday. Guided tours are available Tuesday. About Our Office: The Kenai Legislative Information Office is one of 22 LIOs statewide sharing a mission to provide Alaskans with the objective information they need to make informed choices about public policy decisions confronting the Alaska State Legislature and to facilitate open lines of communication between Alaskans and their legislators

June 10, 2021 (Juneau AK) - With just over a week remaining in the first Special Session, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy today reiterated the need to address his proposed constitutional amendment, SJR 6, protecting Alaska's Permanent Fund and the Permanent Fund Dividend in the Alaska State Constitution. The proposal further ensures profits are equally divided between Alaskans and their. Contact Information: PO Box 1769 - 302 Railway Ave. Ste. 119 Seward, AK 99664. 907-224-5066/phone 907-224-5067/fax. LIO.Seward@akleg.gov. Marianna Keil - Information Officer. Office Hours Alaska Legislature Alaska Legislature's budget negotiators settle on $1,100 dividend, but upcoming vote could cut it in half . R-Sitka, in a Friday meeting of the Senate Finance Committee

600 East Railroad Ave Suite #1. Wasilla, AK 99654. 907-376-3704/phone. 907-376-6180/fax. LIO.Mat-Su@akleg.gov. Julie Dickerson - Information Officer About Our Office: Welcome to the Valdez Legislative Information Office website. Valdez LIO is located in the State Courthouse, Room 13. Valdez LIO is one of 23 offices across the state sharing a mission to help you stay informed on the issues facing the Alaska Legislature and to provide legislators with open lines of communication with all Alaskans With only 10 days left in the legislative special session, the Senate Finance Committee has yet to hear SJR 6, the governor's request that the Legislature allow Alaska voters to vote on a constitutional amendment for the Permanent Fund dividend calculation. The resolution has been sitting in Senate Finance since May 14, with nothing on the.

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The legislature may exceed this limit in bills for appropriations to the Alaska permanent fund and in bills for appropriations for capital projects, whether of bond proceeds or otherwise, if each bill is approved by the governor, or passed by affirmative vote of three-fourths of the membership of the legislature over a veto or item veto, or. Emergency unemployment benefits (Dependent Upon Legislative Action) Alaska Housing Finance Corporation mortgage relief; Student loan interest waiver - $2.3 million (Dependent Upon Legislative Action) Reduction/suspension of fees across selected state agencies; Alaska Businesses. Establish the Alaska COVID-19 Emergency Business Loan Progra Wasilla - The Mat-Su Legislative Information Office from 6-9 p.m. on Friday. Fairbanks - The Fairbanks Legislative Information Office from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday. Juneau - The Alaska State Capitol Senate Finance Committee Room 532 from 6-9 p.m. on Monday. The Alaska House Coalition published telephone numbers fo Contact Information: State Capitol Terry Miller Building, Suite 111 Juneau, AK 99801-1182. 907-465-4648/phone 907-465-2864/fax. Juneau.LIO@akleg.gov. Tim Powers - Manager, Information & Teleconferencing. Office Hours Legislative Consultants was established in 1989 by former Speaker of the House Joe L. Hayes. For the past 25 years Legislative Consultants has consistently been recognized as Alaska's premiere consulting and lobbying firm, representing numerous state, national, and international companies and associations providing strategic government affairs services to our clients

04-22-2020. On April 22, 2020, Governor Dunleavy issued health mandate No. 16. Health Mandate 16 - Reopen Alaska Responsibly Plan - Phase 1- PO Box 68. Glennallen, AK 99588. 907-822-5588/phone. 907-822-5591/fax. LIO.Glennallen@akleg.gov. Seth Wilson - Information Officer 305 Center Ave, Suite 1. Kodiak, AK 99615. 907-486-8116/phone. 907-486-5264/fax. LIO.Kodiak@akleg.gov. Heather Fincher - Information Officer

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AML is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, statewide organization with a purpose to strengthen Alaska's local governments. Welcome to the Alaska Municipal League, proudly serving Alaska's 165 cities and boroughs. Here you have access to up-to-date information about AML programs and services, local government resources and news, as well as policy. Contact Information: 11 B Gjoa PO BOX 1470 Petersburg, AK 99833. 907-772-3741/phone 907-772-3779/fax. LIO.Petersburg@akleg.gov. Matthew Lichtenstein - Information Officer. Office Hours With support lacking, Legislature puts off budget vote. By: Elwood Brehmer. Alaska Journal of Commerce. Post date: Wed, 06/16/2021 - 9:41am. Sen. Bill Wielechowski, D-Anchorage, talks about a budget amendment on May 18 with fellow senators. Neither the House nor Senate took up the proposed conference committee budget hashed out over the weekend. On March 31, 2021, Governor Mike Dunleavy signed Senate Bill 24 into law in Juneau. The Alaska Legislature unanimously passed Senate Bill 24, on March 22, 2021, allowing corporate shareholder.

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Juneau Office (Session) 350 North Franklin St. Juneau, AK 99801. Phone: (907) 463-308 Distinguished Members of the 32nd Alaska Legislature: Before writing this missive, l gave considerable thought to whether or not I have anything relevant to add to your deliberations. After all, I am 95 and the contemporary political scene is much changed since I served in the Alaska Legislature News. 2021 REAA Election Candidacy Filing Deadline - August 6, 2021 Find out more information about who can file and how to file HERE Filing form must be received by the division no later than 5:00pm on 8/6/2021